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Avril Lavigne is a goddess

From the first time I heard the warbling melodies of Sk8er Boi, I knew that Avril was going to be around for a while. And, as always, I was right. Look at her now – she’s gorgeous. Channeling Nicole Kidman, even!

While part of me was hoping for a breakdown, followed by a leaked sex film . . . . well, all of me was hoping for that. But I’m still not disappointed. (There’s still time).

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7 Replies to “Avril Lavigne is a goddess”

  1. m

    Seems to me she is no longer “posing as a disaffected youth.” She’s become the opposite of her initial image. Not that I didn’t kinda dig Sk8tr Boi a little, but I expect her music might actually grow up a little now. That “I’m not gonna fuck you” song that the title escapes me on was really juvenile.

    Hey, Tori Amos started out as a cheese metal girl.

  2. Amy

    :help: I’m being held hostage by a small, blonde woman from Iowa (where the men are men and the cows know it) she is forcing me to make random comments on strange women’s blogs.

    Errrr, wait, I’m in the wrong place. Dammit, this means she gets one of my toes!! :omg:

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