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Vibrators: A herstory

The best paragraph from this article:

“According to Cornell University researcher Rachel Maines, the first vibrator was invented in 1883 as a medical device. Doctors used it to give their patients “pelvic massages” to produce “hysterical paroxysm” as a cure for a disease they called hysteria. The device was designed to mechanize a job that doctors had been doing – believe it or not – by hand.”

It also identifies three states: Texas, Georgia, and Alabama that make it illegal to sell vibrators or to own more than five of them. How backwards is that? What possible legal ramification can there be for owning six vibrators? I hate idiot lawmakers – chances are each one is a white male in his sixties or older who is so out of touch with the world today that the basic concept of the Internet is alien to him.

And now, for your pleasure, here are a couple that are listed on

The Hungry Bear:

Passion Produce:

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