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You saw the front . . .

A few weeks ago I posted a picture to the “Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston”, a sculpture that showed the front of a seriously preggers Britney Spears, explaining that from the back, you could be horrified to see Sean Preston’s head crowning.

So you got to see the front, and now, you can see the rear:

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16 Replies to “You saw the front . . .”

  1. Janet

    That statue doesn’t even look like her. In fact, Britney gave birth by elective planned cesarian. If they wanted to make a statue of a woman birthing they could have chosen someone who actually went through it. *shakes head*

  2. Janet

    Actually some people DO give birth in that position. Standing up is also a good one. Don’t let the doctors lie to you… on your back is the worst…. (unless you have an epidural!) I still wish they had chosen someone else though, ugh, Britney is everything that is not natural….

  3. Avitable

    I’m 90% sure you’re joking, but I just can’t tell.

    That’s a statue of Kate Moss called “Sphinx” by Marc Quinn. The Britney one is by David Edwards.

    That would be an awesome sculpture, though.

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