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Oh God My Eyes!

Click the picture for a bigger version of the hottie that carried on a month-long sexual relationship with a 13-year old boy.


MAY 19–A 44-year-old North Carolina woman was arrested Wednesday on charges that she carried on a month-long sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy. Linda Ann McBride was arrested Wednesday at the Winston Salem home she shared with the boy and the child’s grandmother (who, cops said, is a friend of McBride’s). McBride is facing two counts of statutory rape and an indecent liberties rap, according this police report. She was booked into the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department lockup–where the below mug shot was snapped–on $50,000 bond

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6 Replies to “Oh God My Eyes!”

  1. Avitable

    Every time there’s a hot teacher who sleeps with her student, I think to myself: “Why weren’t my teachers ever like that. All of mine were big nasty pig-looking creatures.”

    I guess the pig-looking creatures decided to get some, too.

  2. Poppy Cede

    Eeeeeek! I know 13-y-o boys are horny but come ON. That’s one fug lady.

    Sorry, I’m making light of statutory rape. I’m going to hold my tongue, this is a tough subject for me to give an opinion about…

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