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A limerick on April 1

I have a great prank for April Fool’s Day. But it has to play out on its own time. So I’ll use my post today to give you a few limericks to enjoy.

There was a gorilla, Avitable;
He found his hair quite irritable;
So off it was shaved;
And in a bag it was saved;
And donated for a deduction (charitable).

Last month, there was this girl I was fingering;
When a loud bell just began ringering;
She finished her job,
And wiped off my knob,
And ran to 9th grade English without lingering.

I once knew a man with nice tits,
He had breasts and kept his wits?
I asked him how?
He said “Now,”
“Not every woman is like Britt!”

Happy April 1st, everyone!

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32 Replies to “A limerick on April 1”

  1. Avitable

    Miss Misery, Happy April Fool’s! Sorry about writing about you in that limerick. :sex012:

    Poppy, I’ll just tell everyone to go over to Britt’s!

    Crys, I know. I am a beneficial god.

    Mist, does that remove semen stains?

    Britt, you’re a cute little blonde. What’s scary? :tongue:

    Amy, is he the guy who directed Jaws?

    Steph, she’ll be here in two weeks, so she won’t have to hunt me down. I’m a dead man typing.

  2. Avitable

    RW, :lmao: That was brilliant.

    Poppy and Steph, he gets my undying respect. For a man of his advanced age, that’s the best thing he could get! That or Metamucil.

    Mistress Yoda, I know what I’m good for and I try to deliver.

  3. Avitable

    Hilly, thanks! Any friend of Dave’s and Brandon’s . . .

    Heather, I only masturbate when wearing the pink fairy dress – it’s special.

    Cat, so I shouldn’t teach Modern Sexuality to the seniors of the local all-girls Catholic School?

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