31 thoughts on “When genius collides”

  1. See, here’s a veteran of Avitable’s blog for you… I read the last few comments and then I know this video is not for me. Easy!

    But to answer your denegration, Adam, as a matter of fact (and well you know it) I AM a Quaker, but we don’t wear those hats anymore and are allowed to say piss, shit, fuck, goddam, and Jesus Christ! now.

    Still, remember, nothing is better for thee than me.

  2. 1) Where the fuck is my autographed picture?

    2) At least this video is scientifically approved.

    3) I agree with Annie… we need a live video of you and Britt… maybe a Dancing Avitable re-make or you can re-enact that song… you know… When Doves Cry… and make it When Avitables Cry. Of course… if I had Britt at my house… I’d be working on YouPorn videos… but that’s just me.

  3. That’s not what you were wearing last night… Or ever.

    While your art skills are unmatched, you need to pay more attention to the clothing in your art. No collar = not accurate!

  4. Heather, luckily, he’s dead.

    Poppy, damn straight!

    Donna, I’m the normal one. Everyone else is fucked up.

    Gemini, either way works. I’m open.

    Heather, brilliant idea!

    RW, but can you make me oatmeal?

    Poppy, that’s why you wear safety goggles.

    Denise, yes.

    Annie, just imagine a gorilla humping a cute lil’ bunny.

    NYCWD, I’m working on the autographed pictures. I’m sure we can get some video of Britt soon. Just wait until the hidden shower cam gets uploaded.

    Clown, collars are too hard to draw. I’m not Bob Ross.

    Dragon, he sounded happy towards the end!

  5. Sooo…. looks like you two had a fabulous first date. But really, FIVE TIMES A DAY?! :thumbsup:

    And what the hell are you eating that allows you to produce 16 ounces of goo at a time? damn… :tongue1:

  6. Kelly, lots of protein, with Ben Gay spread on my balls.

    Mist, I think we were separated at birth.

    Mistress Yoda, yeah, me too.

    RW, oh, well, fuck that!

    Fab, definitely worth watching later. :boobs1:

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