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Over on the “Save PPP Before They Go Out of Business Awards“, someone named Cassytrue left a comment for me saying, “Misogyny does not equal humor.” My initial response was to leave a smart-ass comment, which said “Cassytrue, where on my blog can you find one example of misogyny? Answer me, bitch!” This comment was censored by PPP and completely removed. Because they’re stupid fuckers like that, of course.

But then it got me thinking. Am I a misogynist? I don’t think I am. Maybe I don’t understand the definition.

misogyny: mi·sog·y·ny [mi-soj-uh-nee]
Hatred of women.

Okay, now looking at the clear-cut definition of misogyny, I know I’m not a misogynist. I don’t hate women. I love women. Calling me a misogynist is actually a pretty harsh thing to do. It’s like calling me a racist, or an Italian. Yet, this anonymous person found something in my blog that has given her the confidence to state that I am a misogynist and that I clearly hate women. And I don’t know what that is.

Now, some people might suggest that misogyny comes from objectification (which seems to go against the definition, but okay), and that I objectify women by talking about porn or always suggesting that my beautiful commenters show me their breasts or by posting some of the videos that I do. I completely reject that suggestion. I don’t post or say these things to distance myself from the personal nature of it. I do it because I love women. Clothed, naked, fat, skinny, blonde, brunette, redhead, sitting, standing, writhing – whatever. I love them all. (Well. . . except uggos. I have an unnatural prejudice against ugly people of all sexes. Not homely people or plain people – they’re okay. But the ones that are so supremely ugly that you stare at them out of the corner of your eye – like Meryl Streep or Glenn Close – I can’t bear to be near them and I wish them all a horribly painful death.) If you can accept the fact that I celebrate the naked female body not to objectify it, but to put it on a pedestal and sacrifice small animals and babies to it, then we are back at square one.

But then, after searching for this person’s blog so I could find out a bit more about her, I realized that the dense cunt actually voted for me for Best Humor Blog! So, you know what? Misogyny this, you dumb twat. Go suck a cock – having your mouth full will keep you from saying anything else stupid.

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136 Replies to “Misogyny”

  1. RW

    That comment sort of flies in the face of the audience here, who appear to be women in the majority, don’t you think?

    Is she therefore saying the women who participate here are either enablers of misogyny or just downright idiots?

    I’d like to see her say that to some of the women responders here in person.

  2. Hilly

    I’m always amazed at the misinterpretation of “misogynist”. And to add to what RW said, I would never laugh as hard as I do or comment here were you one. She really is kind of offending your women readers so yeah, suck a dick bitch!

  3. Avitable

    BPR, I figured if she was doing it right, she was using both of her hands, too.

    RW, if I could find her blog or contact information, I’d ask her.

    Hilly, to be honest, before I looked up the definition, I always thought it was a bit broader than that, but now that I know it’s not, I’m even more indignant.

    DB, oh it’s okay to say you love me love me.

    Denise, well, shit, now I know I’m not one!

    Mr. Fabulous, I am a philanthropist. Or is it a philatelist? Oh no, it’s a Philistine.

    NYCWD, that’s how I saw it! And that’s definitely a shake.

    Heather, hmmm. Maybe she’s a man in drag who secretly wants to be a woman.

  4. Poppy

    Wait, you hate women?

    Perhaps she was just giving you an FYI or a PSA or a “factoid” (which means she likes to lie since factoids aren’t true).

    Or maybe she saw the picture of you associated with your blog, misinterpreted your total cuddliness, got scared and ran away and came back and said something stupid and ran away again.

  5. Jordie

    I agree, Adam. That is awfully hypocritical of her, is it possible that her comment to you was in some sort of awkward approving jest?
    And I wonder, will she make a comment on your post today?
    Edit it when she does!

  6. Mist 1

    I don’t come here to get an education. Please, don’t get all Webster’s on me and try to enhance my vocabulary. I am too pretty to know any big words.

    I come here to see if you have finally posted a picture of Britt’s boobies.

  7. Avitable

    Heather, either that or a post-op gone wrong.

    Poppy, well, Hitler was a misogynist, I’m sure. Maybe it’s guilt by association.

    Mistress Yoda, yes. Feminists who are actually proud that they can manipulate women with their awesome boobs.

    Britt, that’s precisely why I did it. I knew you’d chime in if I didn’t.

    Jordie, I’d like to hear her rationale. Or at least punch her in the face.

    Mist, once we figure out who’s getting the larger cut from the video we made, “Brittanica Erotica”, we’ll distribute it.

  8. Poppy

    Hitler was a misogynist? I thought he just hated people who didn’t have blue eyes and blonde hair. Hmm. Oh, and that he was an introvert.

    You’re not Hitler, what association do you have?

    AND STOP FEELING GUILTY FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!@@!@@!!!!1111111!!

    😛 :assshake:

  9. Avitable

    Poppy, well, I’m in a picture with Hitler, so if she’s a retard, she might make that association.

    TMP, I’m glad I’m not alone.

    Joefish, I decided to add a new one.

    Dragon, honey, that was the joke.

  10. bluepaintred

    You know, its odd, but I never noticed you eating ice cream next to Hitler before. I should start paying more attention to my surroundings.

    Also, please change the header so that you are eating a Bacon cheeseburger.

  11. Crys!

    judgmental people are going to hell. except for me, because i am worthy to judge them all. and you of course, who are worthy to judge even me, though only on Sundays, and you are never allowed to judge my vagina.

    because you are a misogynist.

  12. Crys!

    in other news, Gravatar sucks donkey anus. what is this with arbitrarily switching up my picture. this picture you see here no longer even exists. which you would know if you weren’t so busy hating women. if i were to wager a guess i’d say you were beating a woman right now. her vagina, specifically. i hate you avi, and i always will.

  13. Avitable

    CamiKaos, there may indeed be a language problem. I don’t speak retard, though, so I guess we’re at an impasse with her.

    Crystal, I am the goddess of the world. You can be my apprentice.

  14. annie

    I think it’s obvious you love women. I blog-roll very few men, only those who know how to properly bow to women and admit that men are inferior, so you should feel privileged.

    I hate your blinkies, though, cuz I can’t open the comment page in front of the baby. It might send him into fits of hunger.

    They also seem to make my computer scream. It’s annoying.

  15. Avitable

    Amy, you probably deserve an ass-kissing after all the shit I give you!

    Annie, I do feel privileged. You know, you can click the “Click for Smilies” link and it should close the blinkies away and remember it, so you won’t have to do that every time.

    Crystal, why do you hate Firefox? It is superior to IE.

    BPR, did you at least notice that I was in the picture? Or did you just not notice that I was eating ice cream?

  16. Crys!

    i will download the 7.0 though because NOW it makes sense. THE 6.0 is effing my shit UP, UP in here and i can’t have it. i don’t visit all the blogs in my que regular but YOURS and like, two others. know how special that makes you? special. SPECIAL.

    oh and poppy comments too much. i must kill her. where is she? i will kill her.

  17. Poppy

    Crys!, please don’t kill me. I am one of your loyal blog lurkers! And if you have about three more of these conversations in Avi’s comments you’ll be top commenter again. YOU went away to EUROPE, not me. 😛 Besides, if you kill me I can’t give you any channa masala and tell you how pretty your hair looks. :heartbeat:

  18. Avitable

    Miss Misery, very true. But it makes me vomit!

    Poppy, I’ll protect you.

    BPR, sniff. No, I can fix my heart all by myself!

    Annie, it should be open as it opens the page, and then close once the whole page loads.

  19. annie

    Huh? Open? Close? Open?

    It must be Opera, it seems fine in Firefox. I don’t have the nauseating ocean wave scrolling. I was about to throw up.
    Opera can be so sensitive sometimes…

    Is the new Firefox any faster? I quit using it cuz it was slower than shit.

  20. Crys!

    sorry! i had to run out for an hour. bad timing. and in the interim i have determined that i will somehow co-rule as top commenter with Poppy Cedes…

    now to find away to make 80 comments, reallll quick…

  21. Crys!

    work. that reminds me, i never did really answer your five questions, one of which was about a job. i did work, yes, for nearly ten years. I BET YOU’D LIKE TO KNOW! i should send you an email of my answers. i could answer you here! maybe i will! one answer a comment! that would spike my comments!

    oh, i bet everybody’s loving me in their email folders…

  22. Rhys

    You? Hate women? Puh-leze. You’d stand on your head naked and fart ‘Dixie’ if it would get a woman to notice you. Obviously, you love the fairer sex.

    I think somebody (ies) need to pull out a dictionary.

  23. annie

    “You’d stand on your head naked and fart Dixie if it would get a woman to notice you”

    Um, for Avi, I don’t think that’s a stretch. I can picture him doing that on a daily basis.

  24. Amy

    I DO deserve an ass-kissing dammit! I really, really do, especially since I occasionally drink 12 shots of bacardi and then flash cleavage on the webcam JUST FOR YOU. :boobs4:

    And what do I get in return? Shit. Shovels full of it! :crying:

  25. Avitable

    Rhys, well, not to have a woman notice me, because I don’t have a problem with that. But if she asked me to, yeah, then I’d do it.

    Annie, it is part of my morning ritual.

    BPR, you know, if you used Gmail, they’d all be under the same thread and you wouldn’t have to have hundreds of emails.

    Amy, I showed you my balls. What more could a girl ask for?

    Crys, we? I put the blame on your shoulders. You’re the goddess!

  26. Amy

    Actually, let me correct you here, you PROMISED me naked happy dances WHENEVER I requested them. Remember?

    You haven’t made good on this one yet. But, I’m sure there is some fucking loophole that I overlooked on that one.


  27. Amy

    Oh and why is it I get referred to as one of your favorite bitches but Crys gets the title of Goddess? Hmmmm? I mean, I know she has wickedly cool red hair and shit… but…

    I SHOWED YOU CLEAVAGE!!!! :boobs3:

  28. Amy

    Crys… please, really, I think it shows that he has more affection for YOU because he DIDN’T show you his junk.

    Trust me on this one.

    I don’t call him nutsack for nothin’

  29. Amy

    OMG, Adam, you fucking misogynist… now you have women upset for not getting a shot of your nuts (which is strange because normally women want a shot AT your nuts) – this must be your lucky day commence to monkey whacking! :jerkoff2:

  30. Avitable

    Amy, you’re the coolest bitch. Crystal is a goddess with or without red hair, self-proclaimed.

    I just say it like it is. Everyone who wants to can see the milkshake dance!

    It’s all good.

  31. Poppy

    Avi, thanks for agreeing to protect me because clearly I’m still in the comment lead so I still need some protection. Where’s the hiding behind something smiley? I guess this one will have to do for now… :fisting:

    Crys, even if you get back on top for comments just keep in mind that Avi will always truly hold the record for most comments. 😀 (Yes, I am a smartass. Yes, I know that. Yes, I still really like your red hair. :heartbeat: )

  32. Crys!

    🙂 am not sure how long i can maintain the red hair. i miss the dark quite a lot. it’s like looking at a stranger in the mirror every day. the making out part is fun though.

  33. Poppy

    Also, I totally agree with BPR and Crys, you should be holding a bacon cheeseburger in the car with Hitler. Or a burger with a kitty inside. Cuz that’s funny. (Okay, never mind the kitty, just the bacon cheese burger.)

  34. Poppy

    AVI!~ I cAN’T BELIEVe you told Crys where I live! Now I DO need to fear for my life!

    And yes, it took me a minute to realize you did that because I HAD 46 NEW EMAILS TO READ WHEN I GOT HOME. Comment subscription is evil. 😛

  35. Poppy

    Crys, the red hair is so different that I thought you were a sister rather than yourself when I first saw the photo on your blog. Avi had to explain to me that it was really you. And then he convinced me to be a redhead as well. Getting the deed done in mid-May much to the chagrin of most people around me who had hoped that my fiery temper was in check. Red hair equals booze and brawls for me. :martini:

  36. Crys!

    ooh, you’re going to get it red? see, i might have to keep mine around longer then. we can be twins. top commenters AND twins.

    see, i don’t know what everybody’s complaining about. can’t tell you how many times i’d pop open my email server and have nearly a hundred avi emails due to subscriptions. IT’S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU LOVE PEOPLE

  37. Poppy

    If you can hold out until May 12 we can take tons of redhead photos together, do a few videos, then revert instantly back to our original hair color.

    I enjoy having lots of emails that pretend they’re from Avi, but it’s such a letdown when they’re not from him but rather to him. I really enjoy talking to people in his comments, though. :heartbeat:

  38. Poppy

    Can I be a misogynist if I’m a woman? Not that I am one. Women are awesome, especially when naked. :assshake: :boobs1: I’m naked right now and I’m totally staring at my boobs.

  39. Avitable

    BPR, really? Are you fucking with me? Because I really can’t tell. Google’s email program. It gives you almost 3 GB of space for email. It also puts all emails and replies that have the same subject in one long thread, so you can read it much easier. So, all of my comment reply emails from this post are in one long conversation that I can just read, rather than 100 different emails.

  40. bluepaintred

    OK so. I downloaded this Google task bar thing because someone ordered me to do it so I could spll check comments. apparently yours is not the only head exploding.

    on the task bar thingy is a red envelope saying Gmail.

    that’s what I want to click, right?

  41. Melanie

    Any person who could click over to your site, determine that you have an assload of appreciative readers, and then make a comment to that effect? Yeah. I’m guessing she(?) just wanted to start a shitstorm. Meh. Didn’t work. :hug:

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