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Clever or dumb? You decide.

Saw this somewhere and thought it would be fun to do. You can try it yourself if you’d like, in your own blog or in the comments. The goal is to write a paragraph where every word starts with the subsequent letter of the alphabet. And it has to make some type of sense.

So, here goes:

Avitable, being considerately deranged, eats fried gunk happily. Idiots, just kowtowing, lament man’s need of produce. Queerly, radicals start taunting unidentified Vegetable Worker “X”, yelling “Zealot!”.

And here’s another one:

Avitable boy can dance. Even full grown, he is just kid like, making noises or painting quietly. Recently starting treatment under Vicodin with Xanax yields zaniness.

Now you try!

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53 Replies to “Clever or dumb? You decide.”

  1. Amy

    Doh! :dunce:

    This is what the great Av has come to? What next? Are you going to do a post, “Pay no attention to the blogger behind the curtain?”

    You didn’t even use your Lazy Blogger illustration.

    I have got to start providing you with content inspiration or something… QUICK BRITT – show AVI YOUR BOOBS!!!! :boobs3: :boobs1: :boobs5: :boobs4: :boobs3: :sexytime:

  2. Amy

    Wow, I’m starting to wonder if Britt’s suspicions about you are true… have you noticed that almost all of your top commenters except Mr. Fab (and the jury is still out there) are women? I think that says something about you… :sex007: :sex014:

  3. Avitable

    Amy, you’re so not allowed to drink and blog anymore. And you were right about the Lazy Blogger one, so I changed it.

    BPR, apparently you’re awesome if you’re a top commenter! You should try it! Exercise your brain a little.

    Sheila, give it a whirl, c’mon!

    KG, so you’re not smart enough, is that what you’re saying?

    Mr. Fabulous, you’re always pulling “something”. :jerkoff2:

  4. AnnieB

    Absurd blogs can’t dictate efforts from goldbrick half-wits. Intelligent jesters knowingly leave many nuances obscure. Phrasing quick responses slyly through unrhymed verse, waspish xenophobes yield zingers.

  5. RW

    Anal bigots can’t demand egalitarian fidelity, given hate. It just kicks lazy minded Neanderthals over, peace quietly residing sans trust under very white, xenophobic, yawning zoos.

  6. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, a lethal combination indeed.

    AnnieB, nicely done! I don’t know if anyone can top that.

    RW, it’s okay. Xenophobe and xylophone are some of the only ones that can be used, other than Xerox or Xanax. Hers is better, though.

  7. Dragon

    Uggghhhh. I can’t believe you’re making my brain hurt first thing in the morning. I’ll give this another shot later….. after a nap ….. and possibly building a small fort.

  8. Avitable

    Poppy, I’ll hold you to that.

    Dragon, ooh, a fort!

    Bossy, there are still a few good ones.

    Tracy, ow!

    Erratic Scribbler, well, I’ll take points away for the ampersand usage, but other than that, very nicely done.

  9. Nuggie99

    Always be candid. Don’t ever feel guilty. Have ideas justified killing? Listen, maybe noone
    overestimated people’s qualms, right? Someone told us very wisely, xenophobia yields zip.

  10. Avitable

    Nuggie, you may lose points because “noone” is actually “no one”, but otherwise, very nice.

    Tug, why would it be dumb for you to try? I’ll only make fun of you, that’s all!

    RW, thank you, Judge RW.

    Britt, they do too! Yours is pretty decent, for a blonde.

    Dawn, and it’s you for the win! Zippermonster is the best word I’ve heard in quite some time.

  11. Poppy

    The best you’re gonna get from me:

    After being careful dodging elevators Fred got hit in jest. Keith laughed maniacally, noticing overall pain quotients reached. “Some trips up variegate wantonly,” Xavier yelled zealously.

  12. Mike

    Adam, being clever, decidedly enjoys freaking guests. He impulsively jacks-off kinky lactating mules. Not one person questions reading stories. The ultimate verisimilitude was xxx-rated year-round zoophilia.

  13. Avitable

    Dawn, I’m a whore and proud of it!

    Mike, nicely done! You’d get the win, but “zippermonster” is a better “z” word.

    BPR, you don’t get to vote on anything until you have the balls to do one yourself! :pissed:

  14. AnnieB

    Ah, but don’t forget, it was your outstanding examples that set the bar. I only aspired to be somewhere within the realm of YOUR greatness. If I succeeded in coming close to that, then I am indeed gratified and humbled.

    (Too much?)

  15. Chasey

    always be careful during eventful fist-fucking games. helpful in jackhammering knuckles low, meeting necessary organs. perhaps quick re-lubing seems totally unbearable. virgins want X-rated yearly zest.

    i tried my best. started off pretty damn good but when shit-house towards the end 😉 :clap: by the time i had finished i was through a bottle of wine 😉

    and i don’t know why it came up with your avitar Avitable … wasn’t me!

  16. Avitable

    Annie, Dawn’s was good!

    Chasey, that did start off good. I think it kept the momentum. And that’s the default Gravatar for this site – you can go to to get your own.

  17. y2k survivor

    Wow that Crisquest guy is such a retard! I mean, who in the hell forgets the alphabet half way through an exercise and never notices?? You should block his dumb ass Avi!

    “Quest really strives for unusual Vo-tech women, X-rated yet zitless.”

    What a loser! Maybe h meant to say “…strides towards unusual… or even solicits to…” What I know for sure is the word FOR makes him a complete doofus loser in the game. — Anonymous :deadhorse:

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