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Week in Review II

Miss Misery shakes her moneymaker Mr. Fab takes on his pimp Stephanie relaxes and gets a tan Denise lets us hear her cute little accent! Amy finds someone who can love her, evilness and all

  1. Miss Misery got that summer job that she needed to keep up with her habits of McDonald’s and crack.
  2. Mr. Fabulous finally realized that his pimp, PayPerPost, was a piece of shit. He’s trying to get away without getting cut, because you know how much a pimp hates losing a good ho.
  3. Stephanie took a break from life, work, and her boys to relax in the sun of Miami Beach. It would have been a perfect weekend, but I couldn’t make it down to visit. Nevertheless, she still had fun.
  4. Denise did her first video blog debut! She has the cutest lil’ accent. You can almost forgive her for living in BFE.
  5. Amy celebrated nine years of marriage to a man who can only be described as a saint. How else could he survive Amy’s insanity and complete evilness?
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28 Replies to “Week in Review II”

  1. NYC Watchdog

    I like how the pictures are getting more and more detailed. You colored in the boxing gloves, the lights to Miss Misery’s Marquee, and Amy’s flowers. At this rate, it’ll only be about 4,000 years before your ready to re-do to Sistine Chapel.

    Oh, and Denise is for given for living in BFE, just not for having dial-up.

  2. DeniseTN

    I thought Miss Misery was a teenager. Are the stripping laws different in Canada? She does live in Canada, right? Anyhoo…if it supports her habit…then way to go!

    Fab’s pregnant? Who’s the father? PPP? Larry Birkhead?

    I didn’t know that you could open the windows on airplanes. I’d be afraid to do what Stephanie is doing…my boobs might slap me in the face.

    Shit. Did you see me flash my boobs? I thought I cut that part out. Damn. (Dawg – I do NOT have dial up! I’m gonna hurt you.)

    9 years? I can’t imagine spending that much time with anyone without killing them…or getting a divorce.

    Love these drawings, Avi. You’ve got talent!

  3. Avitable

    RW, I draw ’em like I see ’em.

    NYCWD, I’ll start sketching for the Sistine Chapel.

    Mr. Fab, you had to bulk up to take on your opponent.

    Denise, she’s almost 18, and in Canada she can strip if she wants. Mr. Fab’s a lot of man to love, and that’s why I love him in that totally gay way. I took some artistic license with Stephanie, but I totally saw your boobs, and they were nice. And even though you’re a total man hater, there are good men out there who treat their wives the way they deserve. Mike’s one of those.

  4. Dave2

    Do you want to know the REAL reason that I up and went to Greece this week? It was because I was so enamored with being drawn for your first Week In Review that I figured I’d better do something drastic so I would be assured of getting in this week as well.

    Apparently, traveling half-way around the world just isn’t good enough for you. From what I can tell, I’m going to need to appear in a porn film in order to make it into Week In Review III. Is there any particular scenes I could put in my porno to be assured of it?

  5. Poppy

    I can now, but couldn’t earlier. And the day you, Amy, and Britt did the three-part story I could only access Amy’s story from work. Shrug. Also having the weird Google issue which many other seem to have off and on, although mine is with Blogger admin pages. I guess it’s my cue to go outside into the sunshine…

  6. stephanie

    I’m afraid my boobs aren’t quite that big, Avi. You’ll have to settle for these :boobs1: (No, mine aren’t as big as those either, but I did see a bunch just like em while in South Beach!)

  7. Amy

    Mike is SO not a saint. I mean, he’s not satan, but he is SOOOO not a damn saint. That man should wake up every morning thanking God that I married his ass.


  8. Avitable

    Girl, Dislocated, I just try to show the highlights. Reading blogs daily is your recommended dosage.

    Poppy, that is really bizarre!

    Heather, oh, redheads can be goofy too.

    Steph, that’s not what I saw at

    Amy, yes, he should. And he’s a saint at the same time. Remember – you’re evil!

  9. Avitable

    RW, they usually belong to wayward women, which is a good thing.

    Mistress Yoda, do you know how hard it is to pick five posts? I’ve only been doing it for two weeks and I already realize every week some of the good ones I missed.

  10. Poppy

    No it’s not. The universe wants me to get fresh air once in a while so it fucks with my ability to visit pages. It could just plant a voice in my head that says “go outside” but it chooses to act out in other ways.

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