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Last night’s dinner

At first, I was thinking that making a video post was lazy blogging, but then I realized with the filming and editing and uploading, it’s actually harder than writing a 500-word post. Plus, I’m putting my shit out there for the world to judge. So I don’t feel guilty about doing these. And, if your browser is too fucking retarded to see the embedded video, you can view it on Youtube directly.

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92 Replies to “Last night’s dinner”

  1. Sheila




    Is it my perfume? Do I smell bad?

    Is there something in my teeth?

    It’s not like I’ve ever even eaten SPAM. I don’t know how I keep being treated like spam.

  2. Poppy

    That was hilarious. My favorite parts:

    1. You pretending to be tough unhappy guy until you showed us the Oreos, and then you show us your pretty smile.

    2. Carefully lining up the Oreos.

    3. You smooshing the filling into a manageable height so you could EAT IT.

    4. Proud smile at the end.

    Loved the music and, again, YOUR NAILS ARE SO PRETTY. I will never believe that you just bite them to make them look that way. Never, never, ever never.

    And, by the way, the brown remnant of cookie left on the pink creme filling looks like poo. You ate poo! šŸ˜›

  3. Avitable

    Amy, that song worked well, didn’t it?

    Geeky, it’s fun making the videos and tweaking them and editing them.

    DB, maybe they were ears!

    Beth, how about Chicken Oreos?

    Angel, the Strawberry Milkshake creme is awesome – you can never eat too much.

    KG, yeah, but you don’t like Cadbury Eggs, so your opinion doesn’t count.

    Mr. Fabulous, it’s not the case with normal Oreos. These, however, fall right off the cookie.

    Kal, well, usually I do these at night after she’s in bed. But otherwise, she’s the biggest fan of my dance video. She only sighs when I’m talking about comic books.

    Geeky, she’s damn special.

    Denise, a boy’s gotta eat dinner, ya know?

    Heather, no, they’re not. These strawberry ones are amazing.

    NYCWD, this reminds me. You should get Oreo Os for your next cereal.

    Poppy, men don’t have pretty smiles.

  4. RW

    Um… no that’s ok, I’ll take your word for it. It’s getting to the point where – even though I am viewing from the home office with nobody else around – it still isn’t work appropriate around here!

    You do something disgusting with that cookie, don’t you? You screw that cookie… DON’T YOU!?

  5. Avitable

    Jen, didn’t look tasty? It looks scrumptious!

    Britterpated, thanks! I wanted to save it for Saturday, but I also had nothing for today.

    DB, mmmmm…. ears.

    Tracy, I had a Diet Coke after the video.

    RW, somebody hasn’t had their morning coffee yet.

    Dragon, I’ll have to eat cookies on cam more often.

    Bonnie, I know! I am hoarding some for the future.

    Angel, My teeth are great. I brush them very frequently.

  6. Miss Britt

    Britterpated, he he he

    By the way – I forgot to tell you. PERFECT song. And come to find out I did know it – I just didn’t realize that’s what it was called (I’m not good with song titles), and I’d never listened to the lyrics as closely. And now I must have it from iTunes. Now.

  7. Avitable

    Cheri, and such is my daily life as a 9-year old trapped in the body of a 30-year old gorilla.

    Tug, I’m sure there’s more than that. I should try to do an entire package sometime.

    Heather, yeah, they’re good, but the strawberry ones are even better.

    Britt’s a Wonderful Life, I knew once you heard it you would have known it. And yeah, I thought the song was a good fit. I went through about 100 songs before I tried that one.

    Sheila, I don’t know why you keep getting caught in spam! Are you putting something weird down for your URL maybe? Try posting without a URL one time and see if that works.

  8. Poppy

    I write an entire unabridged critique of your video and all you can say is that men don’t have pretty smiles?

    Your smile was cute? Your smile was adorable? Your smile was the fucking hawtest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life? What do you want from me?!?!?

    I think you should vlog your lunches. I would really like to see you eat one of this “chick fil-a” thingies. Or a DoubleStuf. *giggle*

  9. Avitable

    Tug, I’m sure it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    Fogspinner, your husband is clearly a smart man.

    Dawn, yes, it was. Making your own DoubleStuf is even more fun.

    Poppy, well, I agreed with the rest of it! Except the nails thing.

    TMP, that sucks! Well, at least you’ll have something fun to do tonight.

  10. Tug

    No, Avi – YOU need to do a contest to see how many YOU can fit in the gorilla mouth of yours. :sex023:

    Poppy, it’s been far too long between comment orgies. :deadhorse: :bukkake: :sex014:

  11. Poppy

    Avi – You were also rockin’ the sexy hair. The lady barber does good work. :heartbeat:

    Tug – My bad, my bad. Was feeling uninspired in the orgy area lately. Will take a double dose today, though! :boobs4: :tongue1: :sex003:

  12. Avitable

    Tug, I don’t fancy projectile vomiting on camera, though.

    Poppy, yeah, she was a good one. I think I’ll stick with her. And the smiley is moving for me.

    Jordie, everything I do is genuine! And I know I’m your hero. You have my address to send panties.

    TMP, it’s less fun than it seems.

  13. BOSSY

    Bossy is impressed with the skill in which you can pick the STUFF out of the Oreo in one swoop. Bossy usually needs to scrape her gigantic teeth across the cookie to accomplish similar.

  14. Avitable

    Tug, we can’t have you vomiting.

    TMP, I can recommend a good one!

    Poppy, stupid Macs!

    Bossy, it’s this particular type of cookie. The other Oreos don’t have that flexibility.

    Mistress Yoda, is this how you comment when work has drained your brain all day long?

    Steph, me too! You need a damn headset.

    TMP, I know! I’m like Jim Ficks.

  15. Crys!

    i would be more eloquent but the video player on your screen keeps blocking the comment box so i can’t see what i’m typing and so i don’t know whether this is filled with typos or not. probably not though, given my proficiency in all things, generally.

  16. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, you can’t claim to be really good as something and not show it!

    Crystal, you are a fucking rock star! If you’d upgrade your IE or use Firefox, you wouldn’t have these problems, ya know!

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