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Robocop and Hats

If you have problems viewing this, update your damn browser or use Firefox or Opera! You can also view it directly on Youtube through this link.

As it says in the video, leave me suggestions for two random keywords or concepts to discuss for my subsequent vlogs. Anything’s fine – I’m open to it.

Also, for another video post this Saturday, check out Poppy Cedes! She’s mean to me on video.

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48 Replies to “Robocop and Hats”

  1. heather

    OK. First of all, my action figure that says “go browns” “fight with a cat” and “I’ll get you” is way cooler than Robocop. And I would love to have seen you take that hat off!

    Next vlog? How about vacuum cleaners and bubblegum.

  2. Tug

    Yep, we need to see it come off tomorrow. THE HAT PERV……. :boobs5:

    I say speedos and turkey legs.

    I don’t know why…probably best not to wonder. :angel: :dance: :sexytime:

  3. Angel

    Okay, I’m trying this again without the url for my website filled in.

    “I am left to wonder how you are going to get that hat off of your head, and I love the “White and Nerdy” song at the end! Here are two random topics for you:

    1. Cameras

    2. Doctor’s Offices.

  4. Kal Jones

    You looked like Drex from Osmosis Jones with the hat pulled all the way over your head.

    Hmm… Two topics. How about nose and banana. C’mon. You know you want to shove a banana up your nose… Do it… Do it!

  5. Avitable

    Poppy, the cloth of a hat is not stronger than the bridge of my nose. And you made me run away and cry in my pillow you were so mean!

    Heather, nothing’s cooler than Robocop!

    Tug, next time I’ll wear nothing but the hat!

    Sheila, scarier than the Headless Horseman?

    Fogspinner, those are going to be tough.

    Angel, not sure why it got caught in the filger. Hm. And I figured “White and Nerdy” was appropriate.

    RW, you don’t strike me as the type to like David Lynch.

    Jenny, she was in bed, so I was on my own.

    NYCWD, and your mom’s butt.

    Kal, those might be too easy.

    Denise, yeah, I had to turn it inside out. It was on there really tight!

  6. Poppy

    You like it when I make you cry in your pillow. :sex014: :sex007: :fisting: :heartbeat:

    I thought of something else for you to vlog about so I’d like another chance, and as many chances as I want actually, because this should be a brainstorming area. I pick: radiation safety and Russian hookers.

  7. Jordie

    I wish you had to cut that hat open to escape.

    You look like some sort of new flat headed henchmen for some great character via Image.

    –>Comics/Chocolate Covered Burritos–how are they significant? By being amazing, that’s how.

  8. Dragon

    WTF? That was the worst segue I’ve ever heard. :lmao:

    Here are my two topics.

    1. Discuss the conspiracy theroy that the
    Apollo 11 Moon Landings were faked by NASA.

    2. Belly button lint

    Can’t wait to see the segue for those two.

  9. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, was it a wet dream?

    Britt, I don’t wish – I know!

    Tracy, yeah, that was the painful part.

    Clown, maybe next week I will. It will blow your mind.

    TMP, very carefully. Those are two good items.

    Jordie, I was able to roll it off. So you’re giving me suggestions and then answering it?

    Peggy, which dance moves? The one in this video, or the awesome one in the sidebar?

    Dragon, it was a brilliant segue, thank you very much.

    Heather, but then I’d have to rob a bank.

    Peggy, it’s okay. I’ll forgive ya.

  10. Avitable

    Amy, I don’t know if spraying a nice smell on my eyeball is better or worse than getting a hat stuck on my head.

    Poppy, oh, I know you are.

    Mr. Fab, coincidentally what I ate for dinner.

    CP’s Hotband, that’s it? A sad face? That’s all you have to say?

  11. webmiztris

    with the hat pulled down over your head, you looked like Barney the Dinosaur blindfolded and with his mouth duct-taped shut…Just how I like him. 🙂

    I suggest Viagra and Niagara Falls…

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