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Week in Review III

RW gets shit on by his boss Robin names her vagina Heather thinks about sticking animals in her vagina Dave visits Greece and thinks about doing ass to mouth NYCWD gave me an apple worth eating
  1. RW gets shit on by his employer, and if anyone doesn’t deserve it, it’s RW. The main built the business from the ground up for the employer and just got fucked in the ass and punched in the crotch. Go give him some support.
  2. Robin (aka Mistress Yoda) decides that “furkids” is a good name for her vagina, and she plans on talking about her vagina every Friday in the near future.
  3. Heather thinks about the type of person who would want to masturbate with an animal. She doesn’t admit her crush on gorillas, though.
  4. Dave travels to Greece for a bad Hard Rock meal and some time to enjoy awesome Greek ass to mouth action.
  5. New York City’s Watch Dog gives me an apple that I really want to bite into.


In creating this post last night, half-asleep (and boy, does Dave look weird in my drawing. My last Dave was much better! And why is everyone sticking their hands in the air?), I forgot that today was also Mother’s Day. Since none of you are my mother, I’m not wishing any of you Happy Mother’s Day. However, I’d like to say Happy MILF’s Day, because some of you are most definitely MILFs!

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27 Replies to “Week in Review III”

  1. rockyjay


    These illustrations of yours are breathtaking, you definitely have a career, should this blogging never take off… however, now I am so focused on that ass-shake “smiley” that I totally forgot what I was supposed to say…

  2. DutchBitch

    “furkids” Hm.. I guess it’s applicable for some vagina’s but not all…

    Talking about your vagina is the best there is though! Ahhh…. Oh no! I am confused. Touching it is the best! :boobs4:

  3. DeniseTN

    Poor RW! That stinks!!!

    I was wondering if Mistress Yoda was looking for way to blog about her vagina. She’s so smart! Pretending that it’s about a cat is genius!

    I don’t get the whole masturbating-with-animals thing. I also don’t get the let’s-have-a-dog-lick-peanut-butter-off-one’s-pussy thing either. Can someone please explain? What if the dog gets the urge to bite?

    Dave’s in Greece? That bitch! I’m jealous. I wanna go.

    You’re an Apple fan, too? What the hell is the attraction? She screams “filthy skank” to me.

  4. Miss Britt

    I am still in shock that Dave went ass to mouth for you.

    And I kind of thought you’d have some “happy mother’s day moms” thing – although now I can’t for the life of me think why I would have thought that! LOL

  5. Avitable

    Hilly, I’m totally gay for him.

    RockyJay, it’s transfixing, isn’t it?

    DB, even hairless, it could be called a furkid.

    Mr. Fabulous, how about “A safe place for your kids to play!”?

    Denise, I think a dog uses its teeth when it licks, too, but maybe some people like that shit. And Fiona Apple has a beautiful soul.

    RW, I know! Where’s proper bathroom etiquette, at the very least.

    Mistress Yoda, I hope your furkid knows to only play with Mr. Yoda!

    Dave, I’m sorry it was such a poor rendition. I’ll have to try harder next time.

    Girl, Dislocated, I’d a hundredaire!

    Britts & Ass, I added a Mother’s Day update, just for you. And my mom doesn’t read this blog, so it didn’t even occur to me.

    Heather, this gorilla is playing with his banana right now. :jerkoff2:

  6. Poppy

    Do I count as a furry [kid] MILF? If so, then thank you. :sexytime:

    I have been thinking about RW all day and I am so sad that he was kicked to the curb. Usually I am thrilled for people who get to start a new chapter/adventure in life, but I’m genuinely sad about his employer’s decision. I could never be a salesperson, just too cutthroat…

    [I originally omitted kid but then realized it sounded like I’m the furry one. And although there might be a part of me that’s furry, I’m not talking about that. at the moment.]

  7. Avitable

    Tug, I don’t know . . . at your age?

    Poppy, it is cutthroat, and he didn’t deserve it. He’ll reap plenty of benefits soon, I’m sure.

    Greg, me too! $200 worth of pudding, especially.

  8. ADW

    Avi – you are doing everyone a great humanitarian service by providing the week in review. Now if I am too busy, or drunk, to check up on all of the wonderfulness that makes up the blogging world, I can get quick updates through this post.

    And really, MILF day should be put on the national holiday calendar. Although, it would be fun to send a PTO request through with MILF as a reason why you are taking time off work… I’m just sayin’…

    I am now doing this exercise daily to firm up those problem areas:

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