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Sotally Tober

Yesterday’s drunk video that Britt did got me thinking about the numerous drunk dials she’s made to me at my office. My phone is one of those multi-line phones that can do everything you can imagine, including recording phone conversations on the fly! So I decided to go through the hours of drunk calls that I had recorded and pick a few choice tidbits to share with you. I tried this new soundboard website, so let’s see how it works. If you can’t view it or use it, you can go to the direct link here. Also, keep a hand on your volume – some of these are a bit loud.

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69 Replies to “Sotally Tober”

  1. Avitable

    Heather, well, I don’t ever really throw anything away! :lmao:

    Angel, she wasn’t mad at me. She was mainly telling stories about people she was mad at.

    Sheila, maybe every few weeks. I encourage it, for my own fun.

    BPR, she would stab someone in their nuts or ovaries without a thought. And did you realize that you misspelled your own fucking name here?

    Amy, yeah, I was doing that, but then figured this would be a taste. If we decide to sell ringtones, we still can! I had one where she says “God must love pussy”, but it was too quiet.

    Mistress, she’s definitely a fun drunk.

    Mr. Fabulous, I’m working on the airlift part.

    RW, I’m a good pimp, what can I say?

  2. Avitable

    Peggy, she’s actually just like that sober, too.

    Frankie, oh no. It’s from many drunken conversations.

    Jen, no, but there’s always stickam.

    Mistress Yoda, you always say you’re the best at some of these things. Pretty soon, I’m going to need proof of at least one of them.

    Dragon, she’s actually quite a bitch! But an adorable one.

  3. ADW

    I should know better than to listen to this shit at work – don’t worry I had an earpiece in, but it would have been funnier if I had let everyone else listen to it. If I have to listen to one of my engineer’s personal conversations about trailers and Schlitz, everyone else could listen to Britt threatening to stab you in the nuts.

    Too fucking funny.

  4. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, I think you should prove your other assertion first. Still waiting on that!

    ADW, yeah, drunk calls are usually NSFW.

    Mike, I guess I didn’t press the right button.

    Dawn, yeah, you might want to wait until you get home.

  5. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, ok, I’m trembling with anticipation.

    TMP, yeah, you should go home.

    Amy, she was talking about God’s plan and why she would be such a lightweight.

    Liquid, that’s Blog Wife, thank you very much. Is it creepier if I masturbate to it? :jerkoff2:

  6. DutchBitch

    I assume that Britt is right now banging down your door with her axe… The one she’s gonna be using on you soon…

    I don’t make phonecalls when drunk… I think… Nah… Probably not…

  7. Avitable

    Heather, you should let me watch this chat between you and Robin. 😀

    Mistress Yoda, and wine and liquor, too.

    Usedtobeme, I don’t think she has said anything that would affect her in an application for a job.

    RW, it’s a great quote. She was feeling severely underappreciated.

    Gunwitch, I do? Why’s that?

    DB, oh, she knew I was doing this. When we decide to sell these as ringtones, she gets 10%.

    TMP, I’m giving you authorization to go home! Just have your boss call me.

    Poppy, I should add a disclaimer that says that any given statement contains 25% falsehood.

    Bossy, do you bring a snorkel?

  8. Avitable

    TMP, if your boss was out of town, you should have just left early!

    Crystal, I’ll never believe you unless you send proof.

    Heather, you and Mistress Yoda “chat” and I’ll watch.

    Tug, she lost her internet and is waiting for it to be fixed.

    Phishez, damn straight.

    DB, she gets licensing rights, though.

  9. Miss Britt

    You know, maybe I need to go back and listen to these again. Because people keep saying how mad I’m going to be, and I might not get a job, and that they would be sooo embarassed.

    And all I can think is “what? shit. I don’t remember it being THAT bad!”

    I mean, you said you didn’t play the “god loves pussy” one, right? lol

  10. Tug

    Avi – Ah, it makes sense now.

    Britt – It wasn’t that bad. Nothing I’d think would ever keep you from getting a job – it was more fun than anywhere near bad. :thumbsup:

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