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Hobo or CEO?

Hobo or CEO?

Hobo or CEO?

Hobo or CEO?

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100 Replies to “Hobo or CEO?”

  1. Angel

    You ought to try going into a store or a restaurant with your socks showing and your hair fixed the same way that you have it in that picture, and see if you get treated any differently than you do when you have no holes in your socks (or you don’t show them) and your hair is neatly combed.

  2. franky

    Dude, take a break. Have some days of and enjoy them. Get a rest, get a spa and relax a little.

    The world will continue during those days, and you’ll come back relaxed and have power to hit it harder.
    And you’ll be shaved. Screw the socks, you live in FL and it’s summer anyway. You got some more months before you need socks.

  3. Avitable

    Angel, well, I do go out to nice restaurants and usually dress with a black shirt, black shorts, and black sneakers with red shoelaces, and on the inside, I dare them to treat me any differently. Glad you liked the Oreos!

    NYCWD, yeah, but we all know that you’re a hobo!

    Sheila, oh I see how it is!

    Dave, I actually buy Gold Toe socks online, and they’re supposed to be stronger, but my toenails can cut through tempered steel.

    Geeky, I don’t abide by smelly feet.

    Tori, I think it’s a male thing.

    Erica, are you refreshed?

    Kal, well, actually, the headshot is from three months ago – the sock pictures are current. I’m getting weekly shaves and haircuts now.

    Franky, I don’t believe in wearing sandals or anything like that. If I wear footwear, I wear socks.

    Denise, with the girly bodywash, facial moisturizer, shampoo, and hand lotion that I use, I’d be the best smelling hobo on the planet.

    Mr. Fabulous, that, and pubic hair.

    Kyra, are you volunteering to paint them? πŸ™‚

    Tracy, ooh, good idea. I should have added a third option.

    Bri, toes don’t make you hungry?

    Mike, exactly!

    Mistress Yoda, no basements in Florida. And if I am just a bum, Britt’s going to have a big surprise moving here!

  4. Poppy

    GIVE ME MY SOCKS BACK! Hay steals those socks from me all the time. But mine don’t have holes in them. Not that I actually mind, because I’m pretty sure I have about 200 pairs of socks.

    You are a rich hobo. The world’s CEO. If you ever have clients visiting (which, I understand, isn’t likely) you might want to consider tricking one of your employees into buying you some new socks.

  5. Angel

    I have tried going places looking so-so, and then dressing up and going into the same place a few days later. The service is almost always different, and then I let them know that I will no longer be shopping or eating there, and why. I don’t think that the level of service or the way you get treated should be different for people based on the way they dress or look.

  6. Dragon

    You’re a CEO that obviously need an assistant to keep him in proper socks and a decent haircut. A pedicure wouldn’t hurt either.

    How much do you pay and is there a health plan? :batting:

  7. Clown

    I’m glad I read the comments because I was going to make note that furry picture was a few months old.

    Now, with Raul in your life there’s no reason to expect you to be eating in a soup kitchen with spinach stuck in your beard.

  8. RW

    Different ways to look at it. You’re either a regular guy who calls himself a CEO because though technically true it really doesn’t mean much and just sounds big – or you’re so wealthy you wouldn’t give a shit if people looked at it that way.

    The question is… which one is true?

  9. Avitable

    Paz y Amor, I do, too. It would make them more humble.

    Erratic Scribbler, ding ding! You win!

    Angel, I’ve never had that problem, but that’s usually because my wife looks nice even if I look like a bum.

    Dragon, I pay in cookies. No health plan – just more cookies.

    Clown, what if I want spinach in my beard?

    Poppy, birds try to nest.

    Mist, what if I just let the dog do it?

    RW, can I be the former who wishes he was the latter?

    Jordie, maybe I’ve grown it back since you saw me last.

    Tug, why does everyone think that people in Florida just walk around barefoot all day? I don’t even own a pair of sandals.

    There’s Nothing to Fear but Fear Brittself, you win a job taking care of said hobo!

    Poppy, socks are important. They keep your feet cleaner, more odor-free, and they are necessary if I wear my sneakers!

    Dawn, my other toenails are sharp as razors, too.

    TMP, I can’t! It seems like blasphemy.

  10. Poppy

    Actually, Tug, if it were Friday I’d be screwed (in the bad way, if there is such a thing) because my house isn’t clean and I’m going with Hay to a concert tomorrow night then my parents magically appear on my doorstep Saturday. Must put on faΓ§ade that I keep my house cleanish! But I’ll take a martini! Helps the cleaning go easier.

    And, Avi, if you don’t mind scooching over, I’d like to tell Tug that this one time when I was in college I lived with two couples and we were supposed to be spring cleaning our apartment. One of the sets of couples and I went out for cleaning supplies while the other set stayed behind, got SEVERELY drunk on Vodka, and were having very loud sex in their bathroom when we returned with the bleach and sponges. We knocked on the door before we realized what was going on and they didn’t say anything to us, just kept on screwing.

    I miss college sex.

  11. Poppy

    *eyebrows raised*

    I actually know many hot young college guys. No lie. And I’m not doing anything with them. Take your pick, sweetie, all yours.

    (And you took all the good smilies, but I ditto them.)

  12. Poppy

    Tug, I cannot believe what I just got in my email!!!!~!!@#@!!~!@ And, would you like to compare college kids just in case? :jerkoff2: :sex023:

    Avi, yes you do. And because you put this here for me: :fisting:

  13. themuttprincess

    I can only imagine. I would just throw them away and get new ones. My son, only 11, somehow thinks it is OK to wear holey clothes. No, it is not. Oh– your socks look like they have not been washed in weeks….

    I am begging you: THROW THE FUCKING THINGS AWAY. Then go to your store of choice and pick up a few weeks worth of underware and socks. OR better yet order the damn things online…. It’s not like you have to try them on…..

  14. annie

    Who the Hell ALLOWS those socks in your wardrobe, anyway? I regularly throw out my husbands clothes when he’s not looking.

    And a little bleach doesn’t hurt in the mean time. You can gargle with it, too.

  15. Avitable

    Nessa, no, why?

    TMP, nope. That’s what all of my socks look like. I walk around outside in them a lot, so they get dirty.

    Annie, if my wife sees them, she throws them away. I don’t like to use bleach because of the fact that I typically wash all of my clothes at once – darks and whites.

  16. Poppy

    Regarding your comment to Annie: YOU ARE SUCH A BOY. I had to teach Hay how to separate my clothes. He still sometimes makes my white stuff pink and then I get miffed and then he says, “you can do your own laundry!” and then I stop talking. πŸ˜€

  17. Angel

    I’m with Avi on the socks thing… I live right on the Alabama, Florida, and Georgia borders, and I wear socks all the time in the house. I only wear sandals when I am going out.

    However, I do think that a pedicure is in order, and none of my socks have holes in them. :clap:

  18. Avitable

    Poppy, I don’t do my wife’s laundry. She does all of it, or I do my own.

    Mistress Yoda, unless I wanted to make a really cool network of phones that are just cans and string.

    Annie, yeah, I would never dare. Most of my wife’s clothes are dry clean or hand wash only.

    Angel, for a pedi, they’d need an electric sander and a chainsaw.

    Michael, I don’t understand. Is that a sentence?

  19. Angel

    I’m sure they’ve seen worse, Avi. I begged my husband to go get one, and he wouldn’t do it. It must be a guy thing. In the end, I did what I thought was best. I hired someone to come to my home and do it for him. :thumbsup:

  20. bluepaintred

    *bleh* That’s icky

    My toes are pretty and painted slut red.

    I do however have a really really hard time throwing out socks. holes or not.

    But if something bad happens while I wear them, I don’t EVER wear that pair again.

    I have a drawer full of “bad sock” rejects.

    Pee ess: White socks suck.

  21. Kentucky Girl

    Oh WHAT THE FUCK? Go buy some damn socks for fuck’s sake. Those socks make me shiver in fear. You know I have sock issues, right? Well, the fact that yours have holes AND are on crooked are enough to send me to the hospital with an anxiety attack. Just looking at them makes my heart start sputtering. :crazywife:

  22. Avitable

    Tug, dirty, dirty old lady!

    KG, I’ll start taking pictures of all my socks and emailing them to you now that I know they freak you out.

    Mistress Yoda, I know. I’m a creative soul.

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