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Week in Review V

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Amy said farewell to Sinatra Mrs. Fabulous passed the California Bar and made Mr. Fab give her pony rides Paticus reminisced about Star Wars Kentucky Girl decided that Bingo was fun Joefish tied the knot!
  1. Amy said farewell to Sinatra, the family hamster. Apparently Sinatra is also the name of some famous singer.
  2. Mr. Fabulous’s fabulous wife, Mrs. Fabulous, passed the California Bar and is now an official lawyer! In celebration, she made Mr. Fab give her pony rides around the house while she drank champagne straight from the bottle.
  3. Paticus celebrated the 30-year anniversary of Star Wars by remembering his first time with Han and Luke and Leia and Chewie.
  4. Kentucky Girl, got herself all excited about Bingo. On TV. I told her to take her fiber and calm down or her arthritis will start acting up again. Then I suggested she take her teeth out and go lay down on her Craftmatic Adjustable Bed to watch Matlock on her color TV.
  5. Joefish finally made it official by tying the knot in a small ceremony. Congratulations, Joe and Barb and Miles!
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30 Replies to “Week in Review V”

  1. RW

    Yeah I remember Kentucky Girl’s saying something about Bingo. I think she’s really hot for that. I never could figure out how all the pieces move, so I never played it. But it looks like fun. Kinda.

  2. Amy

    Awwww, thanks Avi. Very kind of you. Even if you did have to take a jab at Sinatra (not the hamster) – you poor boy, you really could use some music appreciation classes or something.

  3. Angel

    Congratulations to Joefish on his marriage. I was sad to hear that Sinatra passed away. Also, Adam, I would like to wish you a happy Memorial Day Weekend (I know that only Monday is the holiday, but I mean to say that I hope you are taking it easy this weekend)…Don’t work to hard. :sexytime:

  4. Avitable

    RW, I can’t believe it. You play. You actually play Bingo, don’t you?

    Poppy, I can’t believe a network would show shit like that but cancel good shows.

    Dave, I think she’s already done that.

    Mistress Yoda, I have a different video of him being ridden . . .

    Hilly, seriously? You’re shitting me.

    Amy, I appreciate good music from the 1980s.

    Angel, oh, I’ll be working today and tomorrow. Just another couple of days.

  5. Kentucky Girl

    Damn you whippersnappers! :crazywife: Get off my lawn!

    Thanks for making my waist so skinny. I was afraid to look and see if I was wearing a girdle or something.

    I was sad for the rodent…although rodents aren’t in my radar as pets but rather pests…but it was a family friend so I felt bad for them.

    Is Mrs. Fab going to represent us all in court when we get in trouble for blogging? :batting:

    And congrats to Joefish and Mrs. Joefish. I know she’s Barb but I like Mrs. Joefish better. :clap:

  6. Tug

    Wasn’t the Bingo dude just a carpenter on Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Cut the hell out of his hand, & now he’s yelling Bingo??

    Congrats to the Mr. & Mrs. Joefish’s!!

  7. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, I would suggest being horrified instead.

    Poppy, I have no love for France.

    RW, now I’m firmly convinced that you and the missus spend one night a week playing Bingo. I’m so sad.

    KG, in my stick figure world, everybody’s thin. Well, the women, at least.

    Tug, I don’t watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition, so I would have no idea. Thankfully.

    Mr. Fabulous, you are man of some girth. Carry it with pride.

    Angel, it’s actually the acronym for “Fab” or “Fabulous” because I couldn’t do it for “Mr. Fabulous”. It only applies to him.

  8. RW

    Well, you know, it IS a lot of fun. Especially when the dice add up to 7 six or eight times in a row and you’re standing there with everybody else’s money!

  9. Poppy

    That’s what the ” ” are for! When I say “France” I mean someplace else. “France” is code for wherever I choose to live. Because you know you wanna follow me. I’m cool.

  10. NYC Watchdog

    Was death a theme this week for you?

    There’s the passing of Sinatra, KG playing Bingo which is what old people do before they die, JoeFish getting married which is the death of his social life, Paticus remembering Star Wars and the death of Obi-Wan, and Mrs. Fab getting her law degree which could be the death of her niceness?

    Maybe its just me.

    Oh, and just so you know, the green lightsaber doesn’t show up until Return of the Jedi. Just sayin’.

  11. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, that’s better.

    RW, or when you land on Free Parking?

    Poppy, “oh.”

    NYCWD, you certainly beat that joke to death, didn’t you?

    Heather, you should make more drunk vlogs so you can make it in the Week in Review.

    Paticus, I hope I did you justice!

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