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Forgot about sleep

Last night, I went to bed at 10, neglecting my post that I put up at midnight, ignoring the fact that my company site states that we’re available until 11 PM, and snubbing the idea that 10 is wayyy too early for someone my age to be going to sleep.

I slept until 7 and woke up completely refreshed. I had completely forgotten how nice it was to sleep sometimes!

My usual schedule involves me getting about 4-6 hours of sleep. I try to take a 20-minute power nap during the day sometimes, but that doesn’t quite get me to 100% all of the time. A cocktail of soda, caffeine mints, and caffeinated gum allow me to stay awake to do all of the things that I need to do on a daily basis, both on a personal level and on a professional one.

It used to be the case, a few months back, that every few weeks I’d just sleep from 7 PM to 7 AM one day and be completely back to normal, but it’s gotten busy and stressful enough that I haven’t been willing to do that. I might start that again – it’s probably a good idea.

So, yay for sleep!

On another note, I want you to check out a new website. Well, it’s not a new one, but it’s a revamped one that needed a special ingredient. Originally, it was just the amusing IM conversations of two of my favorite bitches. Now, however, they have added me to their mix. Our IM conversations will be posted for the world to marvel at our wit, erudition, crudeness, and mundane existences. Go check it out: These Walls Have Ears. Put it on your feedreader, and once Britt has internet again, we’ll be back in business. The business of hilarity, of course.

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61 Replies to “Forgot about sleep”

  1. Angel

    Lmao@Mr. Fab!!! I love the way these walls have ears looks, Adam. It looked good before, but I think it is a good idea to have some male input.

    Also, I don’t think I need to tell you that you really should get more sleep. :angel:

  2. Crys

    sleep is critical, isn’t it? after i got back from Prague and London, i couldn’t find my normal schedule. only now have i been able to get seven full hours a night, which i’m happy with, for the most part. if i don’t get good sleep though, i get sick and cranky and out of sorts, which ain’t fun. i think the older you get, too, the more sleep is imperative to operating optimally. so be good to yourself, Avi!

  3. ADW

    I will do the same thing that you were doing. About once a month or once every few weeks, I will go to bed at 6 or 7 and sleep through the entire night. In fact, the first time Mr. ADW saw me do this he thought something was wrong with me because I was completely dead to the world and he could not get me to wake up. Later the next day I told him that if he ever tried to wake me up during my catch up sleep again, he would find himself a testicle short – I needs me sleep.

  4. Avitable

    Mr. Fabulous, that’s what I’ll tell everyone, if you will too.

    Angel, you should comment over at the new site, too. We love comments there!

    RW, was that you trying to be snarky? Because it didn’t work.

    Poppy, I know – you’re an old lady!

    Mistress Yoda, same here, unless it’s just a quick 20-minute nap. Those refresh me.

    Bossy, is it nap time already?

    Crystal, it’ll be fine!

    ADW, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. My mother used to say that you cannot catch up on sleep, but I think she’s wrong.

    TMP, we usually talk about boys and hair and shopping.

  5. Angel

    I left the three of you a comment there, too Adam. I just :heartbeat: reading you, Britt, and Amy’s personal blogs, so a new one with the three of you together is just a bonus!! You almost made me forget my appointment with the Devil Dentist tomorrow.

  6. Avitable

    Dave, you brush your teeth before the dentist?

    Poppy, 32.75 is the new 40? Heh.

    Amy, I think this is pimping, not whoring.

    Angel, wow! Nothing like a pair of perky breasts to make a blog look awesome. I like the template and the color scheme quite a bit!

    RW, aren’t your 21 minutes of daily Internet time up yet?

    Mist, were you dreaming about me again?

    TMP, it’s what we say about them that’s fun!

    NYCWD, yeah, my 36-hour days are followed by nothing but bed.

  7. Amy

    Nope, I checked and if you will kindly refresh your memory of our comments @ Britt’s yesterday… it is I who am the pimp and you who are the whore, dear! :poke:

    Now get that sweet ass out to the corner!

  8. jenny

    I don’t know why I’m not sleeping. At first I liked the time alone before I knew something was off, but now I just lie there with my eyes open. I am finding my body is shutting down a little bit because of it and I am getting nothing done I need to during the day. Then I have The Guilt! I probably just need a change of some sort. I’m nervous about starting our business this fall, maybe that’s it.

  9. Avitable

    Jenny, you need to work yourself so hard that you fall asleep standing up – then you’ll be all set.

    Lynda, how about a blow to the head with a large stick?

    Angel, no, but my ass will be sore in the morning!

    Heather, it’s that thing that happens between being drunk and being sober and with a headache.

    Tug, dear God, woman, you have corporate in town – none of that for you!

    Amy, that’s what she said!

    Angel, still up and working!

    Tug, it sounds like a freight train.

  10. Tug

    When corporate pulled up (the one that thinks “boss” is a god) I asked what he was doing driving a pimpmobile.

    he laughed.

    I haven’t received my review yet.

    I may cry. πŸ˜‰

    Freight train hit a semi by work today…not a good ending. I’m going with earthquake. :lmao:

  11. Miss Britt

    Ya know, I’m slightly insulted by the whole “it was JUST amusing IM conversations”. It’s still “just” going to be IM conversations – and it wasn’t JUST that. The point was that people could kind of peek in, ya know?

    Dog fucker.

  12. Girl, Dislocated

    I can deal with the not sleeping. As it is, I’m living on naps, and going to bed only on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I’m still not getting everything done!

    I guess that’s why you’re a CEO, and I’m not πŸ™‚

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