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Under Pressure

Two hours of my life condensed to four minutes. And yes, my left eye was bothering me which is why I kept fucking with it.

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60 Replies to “Under Pressure”

  1. Avitable

    Dave, I got those as a gift from a friend, so I do not have the 50-Color Pack. I think I might go get it, though.

    Karen, I almost plucked that fucker out and threw it away.

    Jenny, I guess I’ll have people stop peeing in it, then!

    Sheila, yeah, usually there is – must have just been a couple of hours when I wasn’t thirsty.

    NYCWD, I had just eaten four of them right before making the video.

    Denise, I think I have a slight allergy that just affects my throat and eyes – my eyes just keep watering and so I just keep rubbing them. It sucks when it’s like that.

  2. Poppy

    I think you smile a lot more than you realize because, I quote:

    4:26:58 PM Poppy: and Mel sending me some dirty piece of writing she wrote for me
    4:27:01 PM Avi: heh
    4:27:18 PM Avi: if you see my smile on my video post tomorrow in top speed, it’s probably from reading that

    So which one is the smile for me and Mel?!

    My favorite parts were (dur) you smiling, you leaning over to speakerphone(?) wit someone, and you playing with 3CPO.

  3. Avitable

    Frankie, it was one of those things that is a kid’s toy where it’s on rubber bands, and as you release one, the head moves, and when you release the other, the body moves. Hard to explain.

    Angel, yeah, I just have to make sure to turn him off so the person on the other line doesn’t hear him.

    Mistress Yoda, I looked like I was going to vomit? Do you mean when I was on speaker phone? They couldn’t hear me, so I had to lean closer to the phone.

    RW, your razor-sharp wit is above my head this time. What the fuck are you going on about now?

    Poppy, 3CPO? That’s not even a real character! First of all, it’s C3P0. Secondly, that was Robocop! And I don’t know which of the smiles was for you.

  4. Poppy


    And it looked golden shiny in the video. Clearly I need to get my eyes checked. Or Robocop Gold Edition decided to make an appearance in your video.

    I know you don’t know what smile is for me, I didn’t figure you could go two hole hours smiling only at my comment. As stated previously when I was letting Georgie type, you smile a lot.

  5. RW

    I would call that 4 hours of activity sedentary, if asked. The only thing that got a good work out were two fingers and a thumb on your left hand from picking your fucking eye to shreds. Hence, a good case for jogging.

    But the first clue the humor didn’t work was when the person hearing the gag goes “what the fuck are you going on about?” So let me just roll up into a little ball and shoot myself k?

  6. sam

    I was oddly captivated by that video. I can’t believe I sat through the whole thing.

    I watch Catch and Release (ghey) this week and every time I saw Kevin Smith, I thought of you. I dunno what that means.

  7. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, that must be my concentrating face.

    Angel, you guys are delusional!

    Poppy, yeah, nice try. Don’t blame Georgie!

    RW, yeah, I didn’t pick up on that. I spend 16 hours a day being sedentary just to do my job, so I didn’t get it. And if you really can roll up in a little ball, I think you need to make a video yourself! :sexytime:

    Sam, it’s the song. Otherwise, who would want to watch me jab my finger in my eye for four minutes? I’ve been told for many years that Kevin Smith and I share certain attributes.

  8. Fogspinner

    :poke: There does that make your eye feel better?

    I’d offer some advice for the eye, but I can’t cure my own itchy eye, so when you find a good cure, share m’k?

  9. Avitable

    Poppy, well, you do get credit for visiting first thing in the morning, so I’ll forgive this horrible, horrible transgression.

    Fogspinner, I think it’s just a combination of allergies and lack of sleep. If I’d just take Claritin it would be fine.

    Pete, that’s my usual situation. I’m the boss, so I can’t fool anyone to not give me work.

    Heather, it’s a great one, isn’t it?

    Nessa, no it’s the Robocop from one of my last videos.

    Jenny, I keep them all separate. I’m very anal retentive like that.

    Angel, the Play-Doh is behind me on stage left. And porn in the bedroom? That’s so 1980!

    Amy, is that a bad thing? And the Play-Doh is to play with! Duh.

    Heartless Lass, yeah, it was killing me, too.

    Tug, I usually work 14-16 hours a day or more. I have a $1500 office chair that keeps me comfortable.

  10. Avitable

    Brandi, yeah, I noticed that. I don’t even remember what I was reading.

    Jordie, how did you know? You haven’t even met Midget Ben!

    Angel, I actually tried to for last week’s, but it came out shitty, so I deleted it.

    Poppy, can’t have her!

  11. Kal Jones

    Oddly compelling.

    I can’t do that. I couldn’t go four hours without surfing for porn, and then the video would get all NSFW, and horses and whales would cry in shame from the sight of my manly manliness..

    Oh, and I’m really disappointed you’re the wear-a-tee-shirt-under-a-long-sleeve-shirt.

    WTF? Embrace the hairiness. Let the world see you in all your angora-look-alike splendor!

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