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Week in Review VI

Here is the image in a larger, easier-to-read format, without the image map.

Heather thinks this is what happens to her when she drinks. RW learns how weird his neighbors are.  Or is he the weird one? Tracy moves to Seattle and starts a grunge band while making software and drinking coffee. Diana buys Buddha that CD he's always wanted for his birthday. CP misses her hotband's penis.  And the rest of him, too.
  1. Heather thinks she becomes Gary Busey when she drinks, even though everyone else finds her adorable. Go be enablers and encourage her to drink!
  2. RW realizes that spending all of this time at home has made him more aware of how fucked up his neighbors are. Or is he the weird one?
  3. Tracy moves to Seattle, starts a grunge band, makes software that has tons of bugs in it, wears flannel, drinks Starbucks, and holds Japanese Americans against their will. Wish her luck!
  4. Diana buys Buddha that CD he’s always wanted for his birthday.
  5. CP misses her hotband and her vagina misses him, too.
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42 Replies to “Week in Review VI”

  1. Avitable

    AnnieB, well, I am an artistic genius, so it’s about time you realized that.

    RW, I know. I’m a photorealist.

    Heather, I know what I like.

    Poppy, yes, she is. She needs to do more drunk vlogging.

    Angel, I try to add color if appropriate.

  2. AnnieB

    I can’t imagine what would possess you to say such a thing. No, I’m just going for a little walk. In the woods. Where there are bears. And snakes. Have to protect my tootsies.

  3. Angel

    Now I am jealous as well. What is this about Poppy having 52 prints, and you are charging me all kinds of naked pictures for just one?? Sheesh. I think Heather and I should get a discount now.

  4. Avitable

    Heather, I’ll get to it. I swear!

    Mr. Fabulous, you missed your chance.

    AnnieB, of course – you have to have a matching hat if you’re going to have boots!

    Angel, Poppy needed them for a video – you should go look for her 50 Things video that is drawn entirely by me!

    Scratch a Brittch, my drawing of you was accurate, too. And don’t think that you’re done commenting – I expect you to go back to every post for the last two weeks!

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