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Rear Window

Here’s the link.

Also, don’t forget – if you want a postcard with original Avitable art, scroll down to yesterday’s post and leave a comment!

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62 Replies to “Rear Window”

  1. metalmom

    Hey that was funny as hell!! Too bad you had the pink undies on. If you had gone commando it would have been funnier! Actually, it probably would have been hotter! :lmao:

  2. metalmom

    just wondering– how come the wife didn’t notice the hole? Is your ass worth looking at? I always notice Metaldad’s ass whether he’s going to work or out to dinner with me!

  3. Dave2

    You’re totally going to start a new fashion trend… you know that don’t you? I’m heading out to buy black shorts, an Exacto knife, and some hot pink underwear tomorrow.

    Except I’m buying MY hot pink underwear from Victoria’s Secret.

    I’m classy that way.

  4. Sheila

    I think its better that you didn’t notice the problem until the next morning. What would you of done if you realized your ass was hanging out while you were out to eat? Now, THAT would of been a story.

  5. cat

    Poor Adam! Didn’t notice the breeze, huh? In high school, we had to look for four hours for a friend’s car keys. Turns out they were in her back pocket the whole time. She didn’t even notice on the three hour drive home! We called her “numb butt” forever. You, my friend, are now carrying the torch… Mr. Numb Butt!!

  6. Avitable

    Metalmom, you did see the picture at the end of the video, right? And I think it was because I was walking behind her or next to her that she didn’t notice.

    NYCWD, yes, I agree.

    Angel, it was her fault! She should make sure I’m presentable before we leave the house!

    Dave, well, I am too sexy for my pants.

    Sheila, if I had realized while we were sitting down, I would have been horrified.

    Cat, you can’t feel a breeze on underwear! I do not accept this title. πŸ˜›

    Wench, you might have seen hairy gorilla ass.

    KG, I know – damn laundry fairy always away on business.

    Peggy, it was there as a warning to anyone else. Make sure you do an ass check!

    Girl Dislocated, that would just make for a funny article in the paper. I’m an attention whore, remember?

    Mr. Fabulous, now you’re stretching it. You’ve had 20 more years than I have, and you used to drink!

    Mistress Yoda, it’s her fault!

    Poppy, well, I guess I won’t be doing that balls video I was going to do for next week. Can’t have you hurting yourself.

  7. Avitable

    Poppy, heh. Teeth grow back. My new motto.

    Mr. Fabulous, yeah, you’ve written a few of the stories. I can only imagine.

    RW, don’t be an old fuddy duddy – go watch the video. You can handle it.

  8. Miss Britt

    I have decided, after much thought, that Amy did indeed notice. But she didn’t notice until after you were out in public already.

    And at that point she chose to swallow her OWN pride so that you could be spared the mortification.

    And, probably, so she could be allowed to finish her dinner.

  9. Avitable

    Dawn, I did not. I wish I had!

    Napoleon BonaBritt, you might be right. She’s a mean one! And yes, even if you validate me via IM, you still have to post a comment telling me how awesome I am.

    Michael, I’ll never go back to that restaurant again.

    AnnieB, yup. I think hot pink with a hole in the ass is much worse.

    TK, it’s all about pink manties now.

    Sam, there are better days?

    Heather, I thought the shot of my ass at the end was sufficient.

  10. Avitable

    Denise, studies are important. Reading my blog is more important! πŸ˜€

    Wayne, well the back of the postcard is my ass. The front is . . . well, I’ll just let you guess.

    Crystal, I think you imagined it.

    Poppy, I think she may be permanently damaged.

    Mistress Yoda, yup. “I, Amy, do solemnly swear to check Adam’s clothes for big holes that will show his ass.” It was one of our vows.

  11. Mike


    One time, as i’m sitting in a meeting at work I felt that my underwear was riding up my ass. As discreetly as I could , I quickly tug at my underwear (I was wearing bermuda shorts) and pull out this really really long knee high black sock that had stuck itself to the inside of my underwear.

    I couldn’t stop laughing.

    And it’s only now that i realize that I probably should’ve been mortified at that moment. Thank God that was 3 years ago.

    I need another drink…

  12. Poppy

    Avi, please don’t damage the Crystal. I need her.

    @Mike: Are you *still* drinking vodka?! DUDE! 1. SHARE; 2. You are going to be soooo hung over tomorrow; 3. Just kidding about sharing, I don’t drink vodka.

  13. Mike

    @ Poppy: Wes, I’m still drinking Vodka, but I’ll stop soon – I’m almost out. Yes I’ll be hungover tomorrow, but hopefully that’ll make the day go by much faster. πŸ˜‰

    Can’t you tell that I’d rather be blogging/drinking/writing comments/writing on your wall than writing that paper now?

    I would share, but there’s no Vodka smiley… πŸ˜‰

  14. Poppy

    @Mike: You are so drunk that you wrote “Wes” instead of “Yes” and failed to notice the martini smiley which always substitutes as a vodka smiley. Time to stop the drinking, my friend. :martini: :martini: :martini: :puke:

    But, yes, I can totally tell you’d rather not be writing your paper. :batting:

  15. Mike

    @ Poppy: Well now, I don’t know what happened with that “wes” thing. :dunce:

    As far as the smileys go, they’re always hidden in my browser: Sometimes I read Avi’s blog while my kids are around. They don’t read english yet but they’re smart enough to ask me what are boobs and asses doing on the website that I always read. When we have company.


    There you go.

  16. Poppy

    Excuses, excuses. My kids are used to Avi’s perverted smilies. But they’re cats. Thanks for the tini! Wow, and I don’t see any appropriate smilies to add to this comment so I won’t.

  17. Reanna

    Hey, are you gonna be at Heroes Con next weekend? I just found out I might be able to attend and was hoping you’d have some floor space in your hotel.


  18. Poppy

    Everytime I see someone ask you what the Play-Doh is about for your Rear Window post I start laughing uncontrollably. I’ve made things out of Play-Doh before, but I’ve not stuck them in the rear. :sex011:

  19. Avitable

    Angel, nobody gets to see them ever again!

    Mike, I think you told that story the last time I had an underwear incident – that is a great one!

    Mistress Yoda, I get the remote in our vows.

    Dragon, it’s her wifely duty!

    Jordie, or horrifying.

    Bethie, yes, I am. I know it.

    Vulgar Wizard, I play with the Play-Doh when I’m bored. I have lots of toys, if you haven’t noticed!

    Poppy, I like to stick Play-Doh in me bum.

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