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Already slacking

No Week in Review today. I was going to do it, but then I was thinking that it would be all about me anyways, since I’m so awesome. It will be back next Sunday.

Until then, check out my first post over at Burt Reynolds’ Mustache.

Also, go visit our posts on These Walls Have Ears – I know for a fact there will be some good ones coming up over the next few days, and if you missed last week’s posts, you are missing out!

And, finally, if you haven’t signed up for a postcard from me yet, go do it!

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14 Replies to “Already slacking”

  1. Poppy

    I see you’ve joined the trend of resetting your comments so that Britt can have the top spot.

    Why don’t you just artificially inflate her number every month so that she can always have the top spot? Or, you know, the rest of us could just stop commenting. That works, too.

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