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Well, shoot

Watch out for the bullets!

  • As many of you may have guessed, that was not really my Papa. However, it is exactly how he sounds, and I have actually asked him to do a real guest post. He’s going to email it to me in the next couple of days, and I’ll post it and let you see how close or far I was from reality.
  • I think I have 48 postcards to send out right now. I am not drawing 48 drawings – that was never the plan. Instead, I’m making between 4-8 different designs that will be randomly sent out to everyone. This is more fun than actual work, but it’s still really time consuming. I think it will be worth it, though.
  • One of the guest rooms in our house smells like something died, or like rotten vagina. We can’t find where it is coming from, though, and I’m hoping I’m not going to have to break into the wall. Maybe we can wait it out.
  • I think Chick Fil-A chicken sandwiches, with no pickles and lots of mayonnaise, may be slowly replacing bacon cheeseburgers as my favorite food.
  • I almost have enough Diet Coke Rewards Points for a free iHome clock radio and iPod dock. Send me your Coke Rewards numbers!
  • BBW was having a sale, so I ordered more scents, and some more of those wallflowers, too. I have discovered that while, in theory, Creamy Caramel would be an awesome smell to have in your house, in reality, it is smothering and nauseating. And French Lavender isn’t as soothing and wonderful as I thought.
  • Don’t forget to go check out These Walls Have Ears – we want your comments, and if you go over and leave comments, Britt, Amy and I will all get naked. Then we will leave comments on your blog – while naked! Nobody else has this level of commitment to blog-whoring that we do.
  • I need to buy more underwear. All of my pairs have holes, and now it’s tough for me to go down to the mailbox wearing only those and a T-shirt.

Okay, the barrage is over. You can come out from hiding.

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61 Replies to “Well, shoot”

  1. metalmom

    That smell you have–Did you ‘accidentally’ plaster a hooker up inside the wall?

    BBW is an awesome store and I like alot of their scents. But when I get home I don’t like them so much either.

  2. Tracy Lynn

    You may not comment on my blog while naked. I cannot be having that sort of thing, it’s unhygienic, so if you are going to be at my blog in the nuddy, keep it to yourself, fer crissake.

    I can’t believe I even have to say that. :banghead:

  3. Poppy

    Like you know what rotten vagina smells like. πŸ˜›

    I think the world tilted a bit on its axis when you published to the world that Chick Fil-A anything was replacing a bacon cheeseburger. I don’t know how to make chicken sandwiches! You’re killing me here!

    Are Coke rewards numbers “under the cap”? If so, I will be sending you something soon.

  4. Julianne

    I put in a request to my old roommate for rewards point codes. She drinks more than you believe it or not. Where are they on the 12pks? oh and I’ll take any room sprays that you feel like discarding, right now I have eau de cigarette and candles don’t cover that too well. BUT I may go back to working nights at BBW so I will reciprocate with 30% discount gifts! Plus 20% @ victoria’s secret and express for Amy πŸ™‚

  5. Clown

    For how awful it is, the smell can’t be just one of those things. Even though you think a person can’t fit in the crawlspace, I’m convinced a hooer from OBT was breaking into your place from there. She likely got stuck between the boards and died from starvation.

    If only she would have looked a bit more she would have found the Strawberry Milkshake Oreos you store in there. The scent of the magic cookies brought a hungry rat into your crawlspace. After a delicious meal of Oreos the rat crawled into the dead whore’s vagina as it seemed like a good nest. Her diseased crotch cooties killed the rat, and the smell of everything is just being enhanced by the awful Florida heat.

    Mystery solved.

  6. Avitable

    Metalmom, I like most of the scents, but I never go to a store. I haven’t been in a store in years – I do all of my shopping online.

    Heather, I recommend Fresh Lemonade, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Cinammon Vanilla, Fresh Linen, Warm Apple Pie, Spiced Cider, Bartlett Pear, Brown Sugar and Fig, and Fresh Baked Cookies. Those are the ones that I have.

    Mist, just send me a picture, and I’ll let you know.

    Tracy, too late! I do naked commenting on your blog all the time, and sometimes I’m touching myself!

    Jacki, I’m the only one who shops there.

    Angel, turnaround time of 3-6 weeks.

    NYCWD, the Wii would be nice, and it’s about time they got some good rewards.

    Girl, Dislocated, you are officially my favorite person in the whole world.

    KG, I had never eaten it until this year. You should give it a try.

    Angel, if you do, you will officially be my favorite person in the whole world.

    Mr. Fabulous, next time, don’t leave him in there with a bag of food.

    Poppy, I spent my life from age 12-14 living in the basement of a whorehouse. Oh, I know what it smells like! The rewards are under the cap, yes.

    Julianne, on the 12-packs, they are on the cardboard part that snaps off so you can get the sodas. You don’t want the caramel one, trust me. It’s vomit-inducing, especially if you mixed it with icky cigarette smell. If you work nights at BBW and give me a discount, you will officially become my favorite person in the whole world. And a Victoria’s Secret discount? Who says it would be for Amy?

    RW, I asked her if she peed on the blankets and stuffed them in the vents, but she said no.

    Clown, elementary.

  7. themuttprincess

    Please pick up some socks when you get your underware.

    The one time I had Chick Fil-A it was gross–and I love chicken. I am going to have to go with a guess that that one I went to, isn’t as good as the one you go to.

    You are welcome to post nekkid on my blog anytime. Please. I encourage it.

  8. Avitable

    Dutchbitch, that would make me go mad.

    TMP, I was going to, but the holey socks are fine.

    BPR, are you naked right now?

    Clown, well, they like me better than they like you, so there!

    Britt Butler and ScarBritt O’Hara, you’re getting paid with traffic to These Walls. Stop yer bitchin’.

  9. Webmiztris

    “One of the guest rooms in our house smells like something died, or like rotten vagina.”

    did you kidnap Avril Lavigne and lock her in your guest room? cuz that would definitely explain the rotten vaginey smell.

  10. Tug

    What the hell are you doing in your underwear to get holes???

    don’t answer that.

    All sweet smells are nauseating…go for fruity. Mandarin Cranberry yankee candles are awesome!

  11. Amy

    Have any pets missing? You know Britt hates animals – she probably killed them and crammed them into your walls.

    Naked commenting… I can totally do that… just not on cam.

  12. Avitable

    Dawn, you are officially my favorite person in the whole world. Thanks!

    Mistress Yoda, foolin’? How?

    TMP, yeah, but I go through them so fast, until they’re completely in shreds, I see no reason to get rid of them.

    Tug, it’s from stepping out of them. I invariably trip and tear them.

    Amy, she actually liked Jigsaw – I was impressed. She would pet her without even being forced to!

    People for the Britthical Treatment of Animals, I will give you that. You surprised me.

  13. Wayne

    Avitable, instead of a postcard, can you send me some custom artwork on a tshirt instead?

    On it, you should put the link to this here post, and you can put on it “I googled for ‘BBW vagina ‘and all I got was this stupid blog entry, and then I got a tshirt for it”.

  14. Avitable

    TMP, I can’t. I hate shoes that I can’t wear without socks. I don’t like having sweaty or smelly feet.

    Dawn, yay you indeed!

    Mistress Yoda, it’s what I do best.

    Wayne, I do plan on doing T-shirts at some point.

  15. Miss Misery

    I had to scroll down for like two minutes. Damn you get a lot of comments, it’s sometimes irritating :lmao:

    Anyway, I think I was going to comment on something, but I can’t really remember what your post said…since it is two minutes up the page. But I did think it was funny, as I was chuckling!!! :poke:

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