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Life in plastic

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36 Replies to “Life in plastic”

  1. Amy

    HA HA! I beat Britt here!!!

    Now… back to the deck!

    That was freaking HILARIOUS! Mike and I were in here cracking up!

    I want to see you lip sync to Strangers In The Night… OMG that would be GREAT!!!!


  2. Avitable

    Poppy, I’ll make sure to go back to the black shirt for the next one.

    Fogspinner and Dave, thanks!

    Angel, I don’t know how much lip synching I’m going to do.

    Heather, that’s my Ken face.

    RW, you haven’t seen me do opera. How do you know?

    Sheila, probably!

    Amy, I’ve never heard of that song.

    Mr. Fabulous, just imagine the possibilities!

  3. Poppy

    Yes, because shirtless (which I jokingly insinuated but Angel wrote outright) would actually be even more distracting than the white shirt. So, black shirt. Always. And eyebrows. And I won’t encourage you to do more lip syncing because every time you are highly encouraged to do something you stop doing it. (Reverse psychology. 😛 )

    @RW: :lmao:

  4. Miss Britt

    He he he he – your Ken face is the best.

    Although, I cannot BELIEVE you didn’t know all the words to “Barbie Girl”.

    Congratulations on generous amounts of bopping though. I appreciate you giving one of The Songs the respect it deserves. :batting:

  5. metalmom

    The fact that you had a prompt on the lyrics was a great comfort to me. I may have been crushed if it was one of your favorites!

    Was that blood trickling out of your eardrums at one point? I needed a q-tip myself. :lmao:

  6. Clown

    Metalmom, don’t doubt for a second that he does not enjoy the hell out of the song. He’s just so much of a perfectionist that he’ll use any resources available to make sure something is right.

  7. Avitable

    Poppy, I promise to always keep my eyebrows on.

    Brittney Spears, I’m so bad with lyrics that unless it’s Goodnight Saigon or Piano Man, I don’t know the lyrics.

    Clown, I’ll let you be Ken!

    Metalmom, I only knew the chorus.

    Pete, if I had done this video right after the song came out, I wouldn’t have had to, either.

  8. Mike

    Only you could make me listen to that whole song. :thumbsup:

    You might not be a Paul Potts, but you’re well on your way of being a Gary Brolsma.

    Oh, and great hommage to Grindhouse. Very classy. 😛

  9. Dee

    I found my way here from Mr Fab’s blog. What an incredibly interesting introduction to yourself :clap: What I liked the most was when you were the girl voice the wrinkles in your forehead made a perfect little second mouth and it was almost like you were a vetriloquist. Or possessed. Or something. :martini:

    I look forward to reading/seeing more :woohoo:

  10. Avitable

    Cat, maybe the princess of karaoke would be a better title.

    Peggy, have you theen any of the other videoth I’ve done where I actually thpeak?

    Mike, I thought that was a nice little nod to Grindhouse. And to my ability to accidentally “ooh” when I should have “ahh”ed.

    Dee, thanks for the visit and comment. I’m a little freaked out by the idea of the second mouth, though.

    Angel, it works fine for me – maybe just refresh your page?

  11. Angel

    Nope, I refreshed…didn’t work. I closed my browser and opened firefox again, and I still cannot see your header or your “Blog and be Blessed” banner. I am in firefox…Have not tried it in IE.

  12. Avitable

    Angel, it must be your browser. Maybe an extension or something that’s doing that.

    Mistress Yoda, you can watch it before any more major surgery.

    VW, yes, my child?

    Janelle, favoritest ever?

    Amanda, I ummm . . . ummm . . well, I already had it.

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