It's not always about being funny.

Are you scared?

As a result of Sunday’s prank post, I received lots of comments from people wishing me well, and it warmed the cockles of my heart, and hardened my warm cock. However, I don’t want to discuss all of the comments – I wanted to mention one in particular that I received.

Rich from Championable’s comment, in its entirety. Emphasis mine:

Here via Miss Britt.

That’s one of the best IM conversations ever. Dude, that was totally awesome that you were stunned into silence.

Way to go, Papa-to-be. Good luck.

I’d swing by more often, but the whole Hitler thing just bugs me. Nothing personal, I just can’t process humor with Hitler, what with so much of the family tree killed by him.

I’ll see ya at MB, though. Congrats, again!

Here’s my reply:

This irked me in a few ways. First, I’m not going to get into the whole obnoxious “Congrats on being a dad but yeah Hitler killed my relatives” shit. I’ll ignore the passive aggressive mixed message and bad taste that leaves.

Let’s start with “the whole Hitler thing”. What “whole Hitler thing”? You mean the ludicrous photo of me eating ice cream next to one of the world’s largest mass murderers? That’s a “thing”? I don’t fucking think so. A “thing” is something that’s significant and prevalent. Do you see any other pictures of Hitler? Anything that’s anti-Jew? Anything that’s pro-Aryan? Anything at all that shows an intolerance on my part for someone of a different race, gender, orientation or religion?

Next, we get “I just can’t process humor with Hitler.” What the fuck does that even mean? So, “The Producers”, by Mel Brooks, never made you laugh? You’ve never seen “The Great Dictator”, by Charlie Chaplin? Or “Duck Soup”, by the Marx Brothers? Did you close your eyes and run from the theater when Hitler showed up in Indiana Jones? Does this mean that the very image of a person frightens you or disturbs you so much that you have no ability to see beyond it? If you’re reading a book and Hitler’s name is mentioned, you have to put the book down? This just boggles my mind. So you can brave the evil glare of Hitler to post congratulations about my fake baby, but it frightens you too much to visit regularly? If it was a picture of me eating ice cream with Saddam Hussein, you’d be okay with it because you’re not of Iraqi descent?

This comment reminds me of the events several months ago, when the very image of Mohammad as a cartoon caused religious fanatics to riot around the globe, incited by their elders, because they put so much stock in just an image that they couldn’t even be rational human beings. I’m putting you at that same level of common sense and rational mindset.


I don’t expect a response, because clearly he feels the hurt and pain too much to read my blog, but I’d like to hear what the rest of you fuckers think.

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113 Replies to “Are you scared?”

  1. Miss Britt

    Well, you know I adore Rich, so I know you’re going to take this as biased…

    …but I think you’re kind of being an insensitive ass about it. 🙂

    He didn’t say YOU are an anti-jew hating fuck. He said HE just couldn’t get past the whole Hitler humor thing. And how can you not say you use Hitler for humor?? Of course you do. I mean, you’re not using that picture as a recruiting tool, right?

    You don’t think it’s a big deal. And I don’t think it’s a big deal. And lots of Jewish people who read your blog don’t think it’s a big deal. Cool.

    But if HE thinks it’s a big deal, that’s his perogative (fuck, I don’t know how to spell that), isn’t it? And he didn’t come over here to bash you or be hateful. In fact, as a non-reader of yours he came over here specifically to go out of his way to be KIND.

    And you called him out for it.

    Man, you’re right, I can’t imagine WHY he doesn’t come here more often. :batting:

  2. RW

    Yeah he has a right to his opinions and his opinion is stupid. And that would be my opinion, which I also have a right to.

    It’s 200fucking7 and everybody knows Hitler was a murdering sonofabitch and his brand of lunacy must never happen again. But this being so sensitive because of the family tree stuff is a lot of crap. This was 60 years ago and we won. I lost family in the Warsaw Uprising. But I didn’t KNOW them. They had the family name. What? Am I supposed to be insulted in their behalf? Bullshit.

    The photoshop makes Hitler look like a clown. Good!

    I have no patience with PC fucking posers upset about stuff that happened before they were even fucking born.

  3. usedtobeme

    For me, this issue has a much deeper root. It would appear to me that Rich seems to base his identity in his family history. I see this with the people who are clamoring for reparations on slavery as well. Those people weren’t slaves. They had a great, great, great, great, great, great, someone who might have been a slave. Does that entitle those people now to money and apology? I think not. You are here and now so move the fuck on with your life and try to learn from history so we do not repeat the same mistakes.

    Rich is certainly entitled to his opinion, but if he came here to congratulate you, then he should do so and leave. Did you honestly care that he wasn’t a regular reader here? And do you care even more so now that you know why?

  4. Wench

    Why is it that every time people talk about hitler, I feel the need to mention that were it not for him, I wouldn’t be driving this fine piece of german engineering I like to call “mein auto”.

    Was that in bad taste?


    I kicked up a shitstorm last year with a friend of a fiend, much like this…when I equated the ginormous scratch someone left on my last car to Auschwitz…the whole post was in clearly in jest, but some people don’t have a sense of humor. Fuck ’em.

  5. Amanda

    I think that’s also why it says tact is for pussies underneath… The heading is there as a joke, and not a tactful one. But no, I don’t think you’re racist or anti-Semite. I think he’s a bit over sensitive and I understand your points about Indiana Jones and whatnot

  6. Mistress

    Well…I’m not Jewish, I’m Black but I’m sure in Hitler’s eyes, that’s just as bad.

    Anyway, he doesn’t provoke strong emotions in me one way or the other. But then again neither does the KKK or any other racist fucker. I can take a joke about any of them. They’re all beneath me anyhow so why do I care?

    People need to lighten up.

    And this is coming from me….a minority!


  7. Jester

    I noticed that comment earlier and to be quite honest, I found myself agreeing with Rich a little bit. I have to agree with Miss Britt, too.

    While I understand and even applaud humor that is controversial and sometimes offensive, I think it’s important for that humor to appear in the proper context.

    A first time visitor to your blog might not ever get past the header image to discover that you’re frequently offensive to all people. :batting:

    I have to wonder if you would be so willing to post a photo of yourself sitting next to Hitler if you were Jewish.

    Those movies you reference work because of the context. Hitler is portrayed as a buffoon, the butt of the joke, an idiot. Your header image doesn’t really do that. In fact, I could easily see an interpretation of the image as you are either a friend of Hitler, or at least so unphased by his presence that you can enjoy an ice cream cone with leisure.

    Not that I’m saying you are in any way anti-Semitic or a Nazi sympathizer, I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

    I think the issue goes far beyond the realm of political correctness. Being anti – PC is one thing, showing yourself as the buddy of a man that a huge number of people consider to be more evil than Satan himself, is quite another.

  8. Mike

    For the record, I think the Hilter banner is hilarious. The banner made me laugh (it still does every time I see it or think about it), but it’s the writing that really hooked me.

    If only they could’ve drawn Mohammad with an ice cream cone, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I believe you can solve all the problems of the world with ice cream.

    I mean come on, you torture us by signing “Life in plastic”, you make fun of your Papa, call your readers fuckers, you post pictures of you balls and Rich is uneasy with a photoshopped picture of you eating ice cream with Hitler? I guess a picture is really worth 1000 words.

  9. Jacki

    I must admit when I read Rich’s comments, I did do a bit of a double take. I thought if he had taken offence to your blog, then he should have just left.
    Not congratulate you then bag you.

    I don’t think that he meant it as harshly as you seemed to have taken it though.

    And now Miss Britt’s post makes more sense to me.

  10. jane

    I’m sure this won’t be popular, but: You stated you & wife were pg, we were happy for you & congratulated you…I don’t find that obnoxious. (oh, well, shit, I just read your previous post & now know you didn’t write the pg post. Hopefully I crossed out what I said above)

    The Hitler thing…at 1st the picture bugged me, but then I got the humor of it, it’s irony. I’m not Jewish & the holocaust wasn’t that long ago. If my grandparents were killed in the holocaust, I may not be able to find humor in it either.
    There are so many leaders guilty of ordering mass murders & during WWII, more Chinese were killed because they were Chinese, than Jews.
    So, imo at least the Jews were able to get an apology & some closure. The Japanese still deny what they did to the Chinese…that’s like putting salt in the wound.
    I guess what I’m saying is: Hitler doesn’t bother me any more than other murderous leaders.

  11. Mist 1

    I’ve stopped reading a blog because of the blackface photos. Although, if the author had photoshopped herself in blackface and starred in her very own blog minstrel show, I might have stayed around.

  12. Poppy

    I didn’t read the other comments because I need to say: You try having a bunch of your family murdered by Julie Andrews and see how you feel about pictures of her from now on.

    It’s something he needs to work through, but he was just being honest about his response to the image. You should have been super nice and encouraged him to desensitize by visiting your blog every day. 😛

  13. ADW

    So the first time I stopped on by this little Avitable site I saw the Hitler pic and I was like – eh? What is that all about? And then I looked at it and started laughing because it looked like you had made an Avi time machine (I think it would be in the shape of a cheeseburger) and plunked your ass right down in the middle of history. What’s next? A snowcone with Pontious Pilate or how about a picture of you riding one of the lions in the Colosium?

    I get why the guy is a little upset, BUT the lovely thing about the internet is that if you don’t like something, you don’t go there. So it was nice that he came over to congratulate you, but he didn’t have to add the little dig about the Hitler pic.

    Just my opinion….

  14. Angel

    I feel that each person is entitled to their own opinion. In your opinion the picture is funny. In his opinion it reminds him of a historical event that affected a lot of the Jewish community.

    Since this is “your” blog, you have the right to post whatever you want to…including pictures. If he doesn’t like it, instead of coming over here and making comments about it, he can subscribe to the feed, where it will not show up, or not come by here at all.

    Basically what I am saying is that you both are entitled to your opinions, and I think it is nice that he came here to say “Congratulations”, but him making a comment about your choice of graphics was going a little to far.

    However, in mentioning it in this post, you are not going to far, because this is your blog…created for you to voice your opinions.

  15. Dee

    I have to agree with Miss Britt et al (I so suspect that was used incorrectly, but I’m lazy and can’t be bothered checking who else agreed). I don’t think he was having a go at you as much as saying he has a personal problem with it, accepts it, and has decided that he won’t participate in anything that contains it. He’s not accusing you of anything other than having a website with a banner of Hitler that he doesn’t want to look at every time he comes here.

    I wouldn’t have thought this would be so much of a big deal… I do think you comparing him to the rioting over the Mohammed cartoons is a little over the top.

  16. Avitable

    OppoBritts Attract, of course I use Hitler for humor. I’m making fun of him. But apparently that’s too offensive. And his comment is so passive-aggressive – “Congratulations but I’m offended by your blog because the image on your header killed my family”. If he went out of his way to be kind, it would have ended with the kindness.

    RW, I wasn’t sure which way you’d go in weighing in on this. Very well said.

    Usedtobeme, I didn’t think about it that way – that is a good point.

    Dave, that is the whole idea. It’s about as far from an endorsement as you can get.

    Wench, ouch! Leave it to you to take my point, but then make it into some kinda really sharp stabby thing. I don’t go out of my way to joke about the Holocaust, but merely having a picture up there shouldn’t affect anyone.

    Amanda, it’s there as irony. There are several ways to look at it. The easiest way is just that I know some people are going to find the mere image of Hitler offensive, for no reason, and so I’m tactless by using it as the header of my blog.

    Mistress, I think that’s the point, too. If I had posted a picture of a KKK member, or Mussolini, or any of the other hateful people in history, I can’t see anyone having a problem with it.

    Jester, thanks for the comment – I always appreciate a devil’s advocate view. I do think, however, that on a blog that shows goofy pictures of my face down the side, with the tagline “Tact is for Pussies”, that shows me eating ice cream in a place and time that I could never possibly be, puts it in the right context. No, he doesn’t have a clown nose, but it’s pretty heavily implied that this is a funny picture, not an endorsement. Additionally, no image of a solitary man, no matter how evil he was, should affect anyone like this, especially 60 years later. If this was me with Saddam or Osama or David Duke or Mussolini or Stalin or Qadafi or George W. Bush, Jr. or Kim Jong Il or Mao Tse Tong, do you think anyone would say anything at all? Finally, my main point was that showing up to congratulate me in a back-handed way was a shitty thing to do.

    Mike, the whole point of it is to make someone laugh. And so few people don’t laugh that it’s just strange that someone could find it offensive.

    Jacki, I don’t think he meant it harshly, but that’s how it came across. If I was actually having a kid, that would be an obnoxious message to receive. It’s important to carefully consider how your words come across, and I don’t think he did that – he just felt this need to put the jab in there about the blog.

    BPR, yeah, you’re retarded. It’s okay – I still :heartbeat: you. And you should go find me on Facebook for my balls.

    Jane, it’s also the idea that a picture of him – nothing more – is somehow enough to offend someone. That just doesn’t make any sense.

    Denise, I can always rely on you to be concise and to the point.

    Mist, blackface photos? Hm. Should I change my header image and photoshop myself into Amos and Andy?

    Mr. Fabulous, Springtime for Hitler is so funny. I was in tears.

    Poppy, that’s a good point. Maybe my blog can be therapeutic for those who are scared of a picture of Hitler! They should come here twice a day until they can look at the header image without urinating.

    ADW, it was the dig that I had a problem with. I’m all for congratulations!

    Angel, well said.

    Dee, he can have a personal problem with it. It was when he decided he needed to tell me and everyone who reads my blog about it that annoys me. And I think a personal problem with an image – a two-dimensional image representing a situation that never could have happened and containing someone who has been dead for 60 years – is right on par with the rioting.

    Mistress Yoda, I think every tragedy has a dark comedic side – it’s the way that I deal with those things. I should tell you my Challenger jokes sometime.

  17. Miss Britt

    “If he went out of his way to be kind, it would have ended with the kindness.”

    I’m pretty sure he ended his comment with “See you over at Miss Britt’s, Congrats again!”

    I think you’re mistaking sincerity & honesty with passive aggression. Being not wholly familiar with those two concepts when it comes to the Internet and virtual strangers, I can understand your confusion.

    A few people have said “if he didn’t like it – he didn’t have to say anything, just leave”. Which is hysterical to me in THIS case considering you and I had a conversation earlier about you mounting an entire campaign against a guy because he looked like a dork. It’s the freaking blogosphere – we see, we comment, if it makes us think SOMETHING, we put it out there.

    In all reality, I think you would be the FIRST person to point out something that annoyed you or pissed you off on some random person’s blog. And I doubt you would have done it with the level of humility that he did.

    I think you’re just pissed he’s not swooning over you, no questions asked, like everyone else. 😉

  18. NYC Watchdog

    I can understand where this guy comes from since my grandmother on my mother’s side lost her sisters, mother, father, 2 aunts, 3 uncles, and a bunch of cousins to Dachau. The fact that she barely escaped with another aunt and cousin was never lost on me.

    However, neither was the fact that my heritage is 100% German, and considering the fact that my father’s side at some point probably goose stepped to the Fuhrer’s command, it made for an interesting childhood… constantly trying to fit myself into an oven and whatnot.

    So, while I can understand where he comes from, I also have to think that his ignorance of the true institution that is here is the same sort of ignorance that allowed a person like Hitler to come into power in the first place. By looking at just the header image he has automatically stereotyped you into something he does not like… although by his comment he would like you if the header wasn’t there. To cure his condition, I think Denise is right, he needs the stick taken out of his ass.

    I think you should contact the ADL as this is clearly a sign of anti-avitablism.

  19. AnnieB

    Wow … you’re awfully thin-skinned for an asshole! I haven’t seen this level of righteous indignation since oh, let me think … Cassytruegate.

    I thought his comment was a little odd but I didn’t view it as malicious. It certainly didn’t warrant this tirade.

  20. Avitable

    If you are receiving this comment as a result of being subscribed to comments, please let me know. It seems like some people aren’t getting comment reply emails.

    Also, the “Manage your subscription” link in your email used to be broken, but it might work now – please test it out and let me know.


    NYCWD, I like that term – anti-avitablism.

    AnnieB, sure it did!

  21. Crys

    avi, i have to say i completely agree. although i am usually preposterously hypersensitive to the feelings of others, i find this whole PC movement ricockulous and what’s more, this person’s comment wasn’t so much a congratulation as it was an opportunity to grand stand and put you in your place. it wasn’t at all about you potentially being a dad as about being some kind of great defender of Jews and challenger of bigots—and a bigot, i might add, is something you are not.

    it’s just ridiculousness to the nth degree.

    to assert that an image of you eating ice cream alongside Hitler somehow endorses the ideas of Hitler is just—ludicrous. i really wish he’d come back here and explain that.

    i can understand, on some level, a very visceral response by some people to seeing an image of Hitler, but at this late date, so many years later, and given the probable age of this particular guy…i call bullshit. he’s probably not seventy + years old is what i’m saying, and he’s probably got two testicles and more than enough testosterone to deal with the real world, ffs.

    sack up, hotshot.

  22. Amy

    Obviously, as Britt will probably point out, I am the opposite of her being biased in this situation. Er… perhaps I am biased in the opposite direction – so we can just get that out of the way now.

    However, that being said, I think this falls under the category of, “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.” Since he never comes here, you gotta say that he used congratulating you as an excuse to let you know that he thinks you are a jerk or something. That’s not cool.

    And, in this situation, truthfully, what was the point of saying that? What was the ultimate goal? To get you to change your header because of him? Obviously not. So basically, it was a bit confrontational, which given even a fictitious situation, was sort of rude and inappropriate.

  23. metalmom

    There are things such as irony and satire. Hitler and slavery can be as funny as retarded jokes or dead baby jokes or even Michael Jackson jokes. I get the satire. Besides, the internet is like TV. Change the fucking channel and move on!

  24. Fogspinner

    Damn that was a lot of comments. I should get up earlier in the morning. Or maybe ya’ll should sleep in.

    Anyhow, you could always change your header to “Tactless and Offensive to all” Then no one will be shocked… no wait, they would probably still be shocked.

  25. Kentucky Girl

    OMFG. Whatever, dude! If he doesn’t like your Ice-cream eating Avi and Hitler, then he can suck a dick. OH! I’m sorry. That might be offensive–maybe his family tree was gay. You should say 12 Hail Mary’s–maybe his family tree was Catholic. Or maybe some of the other groups of folks he had rounded up and shipped away like cattle. He didn’t exactly say in what way his family was in order to have been killed by such a horrid person.

    Well, he’s juat a big, poopy-doop and you’re rubber and he’s glue so everything just bounces off you and sticks to….uh…yeah. Mmhmm. I don’t find it offensive. It is a photograph. I wasn’t aware people were so sensitive to photographs. I suppose he also skipped History class in middle school, high school and college too because the imagery was entirely too painful.

    Maybe I could be offended by the US Flag. After all, many of MY (Native American) ancestors were killed by you horrid, evil Americans when you came here to steal our land. So can you please never have another US flag out in public? That would be great. It is terrible to be constantly reminded of how my ancestors were treated.

    Or should I be offended by places named after some of my family’s other heritages? You know, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc. Could you change the names of those so that I’m not so offended that you’re using MEXICAN words to describe the land that you stole from the MEXICANS? Yeah. Thanks for that, too.

    Total passive-agressive pussy-ishness. I can see why you have no time for it.


  26. Avitable

    Crystal, I think my new slogan should be “Sack up, hotshot”. :lmao:

    Amy, and this is why you are me, just with boobs and no penis.

    Metalmom, yup. The irony was clearly lost on him.

    Fogspinner, yeah, you can’t stop retards from being shocked.

    Liquid, I’m just *sob* so *sob* sad!

    KG, well put. Who knew you could be so eloquent?

  27. y not i

    OK, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, but this is my first time commenting.

    I wanted to put my two cents in even though others have already hit the mark (RW, usedtobeme, Crys, metalmom — good points, all!)

    It’s HUMOR, people!! If you don’t like it or don’t get it, go find some Disney-fied content somewhere. Don’t hang around just to be the asshole heckler down front.
    The sub-title pretty much says it all: “Tact is for pussies”. Kind of lets you know what you should expect. Yes, the picture threw me a bit at first, but it is totally in line with the humor throughout the site.
    I’m just glad you chose to go with the waffle cone. Had it been a sugar cone, I don’t know if I would have come back. 🙂

  28. Paticus

    Wait a minute…This is not a Pro-Hitler blog ?
    You’re not writing in a deeply encrypted code, only decipherable to a precious few ?
    I have been grossly misinformed and have been wasting my time !!! I feel such a fool.
    Consarnit !!!

  29. Wayne

    I think his honest, non-offensive comment about how a portion of your site is what causes him to choose not to visit (and a short explanation of why) was well-done. He started with kindness, said his piece without malice, and then ended with kindness.

    I would totally tolerate that kind of feedback.

    If he really had a beef with you about your image, how else should he have notified you without generating such ire?

    Now, if he reacted instead like others do, by insisting you take it down, that you’re going to Hell because of your actions, and some law needs to be passed to restrict you from doing your blog because it offends him, then I can see a hot reply.

  30. Miss

    This whole situation is rediculous! If he actually enjoyed your blog, he could use a feed reader too see your witty and humerous posts. But if he did, he would probably get pissed about something you wrote on Monday, then again on Tuesday and so on and so forth. He would end up visiting every day to leave you passive aggressive comments and in turn, would end up seeing your “offensive” banner every day. :violent029: Fuck that is frustrating. Why cant we all just look at these :boobs1: and feel better about it all??!

  31. Avitable

    Y not I, I almost had the ice cream in a bowl, the horror!

    Paticus, check under the third elm on the left.

    Wayne, if you had someone that you didn’t know randomly come to your door, ring the doorbell, and when you opened the door, say, “Oh, hi. By the way, your carpet is ugly! Bye!” and then leave, wouldn’t you be annoyed? If someone who is a regular commenter wants to say that it bothers them, that’s fine. But taking the time to write a post saying that he’s offended, rather than either (a) not commenting or (b) saying congratulations and moving on, never to visit again, is obnoxious.

    Miss, boobs do make everything better!

  32. Wayne

    heh, you said someone was obnoxious. Now, THAT’s funny.

    What I didn’t mention before, but meant to, and is somewhat related, was that I think your banner serves it’s purpose. You kick away those who might be offended at the rest of the content. I personally think your banner is brilliant for it’s purpose, as is the name of the blog. You could have just as easily used the Lee Harvey Oswald Band graphic and gotten the same general effect; yours is infinitely more original though because it incorporates your patented tongue lick.

    By the way, my aunt’s cousin’s step-brother once cut his tongue on a postcard, so your whole “postcard thing” is a bit much for me (sniff) so I may restrict my future visits.

  33. Amy

    “and this is why you are me, just with boobs and no penis.” – hey! I’m not HAIRY either… why do you always forget that part. I’m starting to think I need to wax or bleach or something!!! EEEEEK!!!! I swear, I was drinking chocolate milk the last time we were on webcam… I do NOT have a mustache!!! :crazywife:

  34. Avitable

    TMP, exactly!

    Britt and Body Works, you :heartbeat: me more!

    Dawn, good point!

    Miss Misery, I only like grapes when people feed them to me. Naked people. With boobs.

    Amy, suuure. I saw the moustache!

  35. Melanie

    I have never given your header a lot of thought, to be honest. I looked at it that first time and kind of jolted a little bit – it is startling for that first second – but then I took it for what it was, a humorous image, and moved on.
    I don’t think his comment was all that terrible, but then again, it certainly wasn’t the nicest thing to do, either, especially on a post that purportedly announced your newly-minted baby…

  36. Jester

    I guess it’s a subtle difference between the picture of you eating ice cream with Hitler, and say, a photo of him giving you head. If that makes any sense.

    I must say that I’m surprised that you even give a shit what someone says in comments about your header. I don’t think he meant it as an attack. He must think highly enough of you to follow Britt here to leave his congratulations.

    I’m reminded of the Family Guy episode where a guy throws a hand grenade to kill a flea.

    BTW – The comments via email work fine for me.

  37. Avitable

    Tug, some people have it hard and then like to bitch about everything under the sun, too.

    Gunwitch, awesome – I’m glad you found it funny!

    Mistress Yoda, Life is Beautiful, you mean?

    Melanie, well, that was my only issue. Why come into a thread that, if it wasn’t a prank, would have been very nice and talk about that?

    J, how did you know that I kill mosquitoes with a rocket launcher? And have you ever had a day when you just couldn’t think of something to blog about? This just happened to be one of those days.

  38. Sybil Law

    I think Rich is like a lot of people nowadays – whiney and waaay too sensitive.
    By the way – I got my postcard and it rocks! Thanks! But I do have to mention – for some reason it’s sort of sticky! (I got the gender reassignment one.) LOVE IT. :lmao:

  39. AnnieB

    So you crucify this poor, hapless individual because you couldn’t think of something to blog about? I’m sure he’s feeling a lot of emotions about this but I seriously doubt being scared is one of them.

    How disingenuous of you to reply to RW that you weren’t sure which way he’d go weighing in on this. On his blog he states, and I quote, “And Avitable just has the funniest goddamn header in the universe.” Yeah, I’m flabbergasted by which way he weighed in on that one.

  40. Miss Britt

    I would just like to point out that you made an error in your comment to me.

    I would also like you to know that I am doing a naked happy dance right now to celebrate. On cam. And you’re out with your boyfriend.

    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

    (and also that I’m still not getting emails and you need to call Joe because CLEARLY you cannot handle this situation on your own)

  41. Avitable

    Sybil, I added a little masturbation juice onto each card as a special touch.

    Poppy, eh?

    AnnieB, who said he’s poor or hapless? And since when you do stand up for the rights of the downtrodden? And I knew RW liked the header, but not how he’d react to someone being offended.

    The Great Brittsby, I saw no misspelling – must be your imagination. And I fixed your email issue!

    RW, personally, I read your archives every second I have.

  42. Schadenfreude

    The first time I came across this blog and that header, well Avitable, you had me at sieg heil.

    I’m honestly trying to see this guy’s point of view. I can see not liking and being offended by the header. I can see not giving a shit about it. I can see finding it outrageously funny. But I too am having trouble reconciling how one can take the time to give you a compliment only to mostly take it back by voicing his disapproval in such a dramatic fashion — and citing familial mass murder is dramatic. It would irk me, too and I’d lose no sleep rippin him one for it. Because in truth and in the end, it wasn’t about a compliment at all.

  43. AnnieB

    It’s in the “About Me” section under “Why I blog”. That’s hardly the Archives. Seems I’m more familiar with your blog than you are RW.

    Pure and total bullshit Avi … I found no ambiguity in RW’s declaration that would leave room for the least bit of speculation of what his feelings would be.

    Back to semantics I see. He was hapless because he had the unfortunate timing to wander into a lion’s den when he was hungry.

    Stand up for the rights of the downtrodden? No, but I do have a sense of fair play.

  44. Avitable

    The Big Brittowski, oh you had facial hair long before I met you. It’s just hard to see unless you let it grow in for a few days.

    Poppy, oh, okay. I was lost!

    Schad, and, in the end, that’s the only point I’m trying to make.

    AnnieB, if you want fair play, go tell Rich so he can come defend himself.

    RW, I love you in a completely manly way.

  45. y2k survivor

    OK I have passed this around the old office think tank and we have all taken a kick at the issue. We, as a group think tank, have reached a few conclusions we believe are illrefutable.
    1. We don’t think that picture of you eating ice cream with Hitler is even fucking real!
    2. You licking the ice cream seems homo erotic so maybe that guy is a one of those freakin fag bashing retards.
    3. Holding a margarita drinking contest at lunch is not conducive to a productive afternoon back at the office.
    4. I forget what 4 was…

    Which led us to conclude we might have ended up on your web site by mistake. Have a good day.

  46. Girl, Dislocated

    I agree with what everyone’s already said about the header image being the opposite of an endorsement. If that was a picture of a middle eastern dictator or Muhammad, the “prophet” in whose name my Christian family members living in the middle east have been killed, beaten and terrorized (even to this day), rather than be offended, I would take joy in seeing him belittled through that type of picture!

    He is entitled to his opinion, he’s entitled to interpret the picture however he wants, and it’s his problem if he simply can’t stomach the sight of Hitler, but I do think it’s strange that he commented at all if he felt that strongly about it, unless the congrats were just an excuse to make a comment about the Hitler header. If I wasn’t a regular reader of your blog and didn’t know you, but happened to come across the fact that you were expecting in someone else’s blog, I probably wouldn’t go out of my way and visit your blog just to say congratulations.

  47. Rich | Championable


    Someone just left a note for me mentioning this comment thread. Not having read the whole discussion, let me just quickly comment on your post.

    1) One quick difference between my comment (however poorly timed, see below) and the religious fanatics who rioted over that cartoon is that I would DEFEND your right to post the picture of you and Hitler all the way to the Supreme Court. If I even HINTED otherwise, you should assume that my comment was as much from me as your baby-post was from you. I’m a dues-paying, card-carrying ACLU guy. No chance I’d suggest such a thing.

    But: if you’re going to put me in the same category as Islamic fanatics even though I would SUPPORT you, I posit that you are acting in the same mode as Right Wing nutjobs who think that disagreeing with them about policy is unAmerican (or at least “giving comfort to the enemy). I’ve read enough of your comments on other blogs to know that you’re not like that. But what your saying in THIS PARTICULAR INSTANCE mirrors that logic precisely.

    Resaid: All because I don’t like something personally, that doesn’t mean it should NOT take place. All because I don’t feel like seeing the picture every day, that doesn’t mean I think you love Hitler. It’s just a blog. This is your house, Brother. Your rules.

    2) You are totally correct: the congrats on the fake baby / I don’t dig the Hitler pic combination was NOT a good mix. If I were to re-comment, I would have just said congrats. I apologize for that. Seriously.

    3) I’ll think about your “Producer’s” point, but I think there are subjective gray areas when it comes to personal likes and dislikes. All because I’m not into plain vanilla doesn’t mean I don’t dig a banana split sundae from time to time.

    But, the comment itself was misplaced, so this would have been obviated had I just said “congrats!”

    4) One problem with responding to people in this context is that most folks’ minds are already made up about people. So, you can interpret the following as arrogant, or simply truthful: It’s not that I “feel the hurt and pain too much to read your blog.” That’s just silly. I have three kids, three cats, two dogs, a company to run, etc. I may have tons of faults, but giving emotional weight to your blog’s header picture isn’t one of ’em. It was simply a visual I choose not to see on a daily basis. Again, I shouldn’t have mixed the comments.

    5) Lastly, since you comment so wonderfully on Britt’s blog, I felt like I wanted to say why I don’t come here PRECISELY because I actually like reading what you write a great deal. I DIDN’T do it well, and I shouldn’t have done it in that context.

    That’s all from me. Sorry about the offense.

  48. Avitable

    Maybe the comparison to fundamentalists was a bit of a stretch. When one needs something to blog about, one will grasp at anything.

    Your response is rational and conciliatory. I can’t find fault with that. Thanks.

  49. Miss Britt

    See!? See!? Did I not tell you that Rich was wonderful?

    Oh I am just all aflutter that two of my favoritest internet boys* are being all civil and logical and stuff. :heartbeat:

    *which is not in any way a slight to Joe the magical tech guru, Dawg, or Mr. Fab. Or any other internet boys I may have neglected to mention.

  50. RW

    That was pretty cool! A classy response.

    But I’m sure he meant to say…

    “But: if you’re going to put me in the same category as Islamic fanatics even though I would SUPPORT you, I posit that you are acting in the same mode as Left Wing nutjobs who think that disagreeing with them is impossible because their logic is so impeccable.”

    Yeah I’m sure that’s what he meant.

  51. Crys

    uh oh. now i am in love with Rich.

    and i just called you a Nazi sympathizer in my blog.

    (but as as a compromise, i really find a certain someone’s self-righteous nattering odious, and that certain someone’s name happens to rhyme with MANNIE-B)

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