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For Dawg

This is a sticky post that will stay up here for the next several days. Scroll down for the rest of the blog.

As you know, the man we know as New York City’s Watchdog has had the unspeakable tragedy occur of losing his five-year old son, Puppy Monster. This is a man who doted on his son in every video I saw, and clearly adored every second of his time with him.

We can’t be there to hug him, and we can’t be there to support him physically, but we can show how the blog world can come together and help someone who needs it.

Paypal has restrictions on allowing anyone to accept donations, so we can’t take donations. However, in order to help Dawg with the situation, we are going to “sell” something that will give us revenue to send to him as a gift.

At the bottom of the post, there are four graphics created by Amy from Amys Musings.. They are $5.00 each. After you purchase one by using the Paypal link, just come back here and download the graphic you want by right-clicking and clicking “Save As”. You can even buy as many graphics as you want – just change the quantity to the number of graphics at $5.00 each, and then download it as many times as you paid for. 100% will be sent to Dawg by a cashier’s check once it seems like the “purchases” have slowed down.

Any questions, or if you want to send me a different amount of money, just email me at my first name @ my last name .com. We will be respecting his privacy, so I can’t give out his address or anything like that. If you want to just send well wishes and no money, please go visit his blog and do so.

Give big. I will be.

Update: Thank you for your generosity. I have removed the button at this time (7/2/07). If you still want to donate, please send me an email at adam at avitable dot com.

Here are your graphics!





(New ones from Mike at Lesombre)

For Puppy Monster

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113 Replies to “For Dawg”

  1. Sodapop

    I get this when I click on the buy button:

    Error Detected

    Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.
    Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.

    I’ve already posted something on my blog about him, I’ll go in and update the post with a link to your post.

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  3. Michael

    Adam, am awesome and thoughtful thing you’re doing. I did a sticky post too to link to this one to get some more support.

    Makes all the piddling little things we moan about at work just pale into insignificance.

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  5. Virginia

    I think it would be nice if we could get updates on the amount recieved. It could drive more people to help if they see the outpouring and how much we all love Dog. I’m spreading this to everyone I know, even people who don’t know him.

    Again, thank you Adam. We don’t always get along but this is a great thing you’re doing.

  6. apricoco

    I didn’t know NYC Watchdog and had never even seen his blog. But I come here occasionally although, I have never commented. Dave2 at blogography never asks for anything though, so I donated.

    Thanks for being the catalyst.

  7. Mindy

    I come by way of Mr. Fab. As a parent my heart goes out to the family. I have “purchased” a badge and will post on my site as well. This is a very honorable gesture and it makes me proud to be a part of this blogging communtiy. Please let me know of anything else that can be done to help.

  8. Elizabeth

    I saw this on The Bell Pages. Badge bought, I’ll be writing a post too.My kids went swimming yesterday with a neighbor, and it chills me now to think that something could have happened to one of them and I wouldn’t have even been there. My heart is aching for Watchdog’s family.

  9. teebopop

    You said if we want to donate more than the $5 for the graphics to email you – but I don’t know your first or last name. Can you email me the info so that I can send more than $5. Thanks. And sorry but I’ve never been here before so I don’t know who you are but I read CP’s blog and if she says you can be trusted, then I trust you.

  10. Virginia

    teebopop, you can increase the quantity on the donation page to donate more, in $5 incriments.

    Jo Ann, you are getting the default avatar because you’re not registered. If you register you can upload your own avatar.

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  12. Poppy

    Jo Ann, I agree with what Tug said. Everyone has different badness in their lives. Having loved ones in Iraq is also very hard. Thanks for sharing, and for donating. I hope your sons come home safe and sound.

    Tug, (((hugs))) for being such a sweetie. :heartbeat:

  13. Mistress

    I totally bought one and I’m putting it on my blog immediately. You are really sweet for doing this Avi. Condolences and thoughts of sympathy to Dawg. :heartbeat:

  14. Dawn

    I don’t have any use for a graphic (since I don’t have a blog) but I thank you, A.

    I thank you for letting me be a part of the giving to someone who had so much taken away.

  15. Miss Smack

    Confirmation Number: 96T87227C35861807.
    An email with your order summary has been sent to honeysmack

    Thanks mate. This is the very least I can do to show my support.

    You’re a good bloke. I’ll pop these on my site immediately, and try and get some more money for you, and Dawg.

    RIP Puppy Monster

  16. Diana

    I purchased 5…and I would like to donate them to anyone who has a blog or site to post them on, but can’t afford to give right now. I don’t have a site to post them on, but I wanted to help. I came here by way of Shelli @ Shelli’s Sentiments, so the buttons are working! You’re doing a great thing, and restoring our faith in humanity…God Bless.

  17. Andrea

    Thank you…I don’t know him, but have read his blog. As a mother, I cannot imagine the kind of pain he’s in right now. Thank you for letting us do something…you really are good people.

  18. Ev Nucci

    I don’t know Dawg or puppy monster, but Crystal at Boobs is my buddy. Please let him know that he’s touched many people’s lives…and there are those of us out there in blogoworld supporting him and praying for him and his family.

  19. DoctorMom

    Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to read this man’s blog before today.

    The story broke my heart and it is obvious this family is enduring incredible pain.

    I have made a donation also

    Many blessings to this family–

  20. Bonnie

    I just made another post asking people to contribute before it ends tomorrow. I just gave again, and it’s not a lot, but it’s as much as I can spare right now. I’m glad this has been turning out so well.

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