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Week in Review VIII

Week in Review VIII

NYCWD’s tragic situation notwithstanding, not much happened last week of note. The only event worth mentioning, of course, is the passing of New York City’s Watchdog’s son, Puppy Monster. NYCWD, our hopes and thoughts are going out to you, and soon, we will be able to send you a small token of the support of the blogging world.

As I write this, we have almost collected $2,000 to contribute to Dawg. And while we can’t buy or barter away his pain and suffering and grieving, we can certainly help to alleviate some small portion of his other burdens. Please don’t stop yet – get the word out to your friends and family, and encourage those who have not yet donated to go to and buy a graphic or two. Each morning this week, instead of grabbing a coffee from Starbucks or a sandwich from McDonald’s, why not buy a graphic?

Every little bit helps. Your support has been amazing so far, but we’re not done yet!

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24 Replies to “Week in Review VIII”

  1. CP

    I wish I could say I am amazed by the outpouring of support from this community. I’m not. I knew that the fellow bloggers would come out in full force for the Dawg. I am so touched by the love and support everyone is giving during this tragedy.

    This was a beautiful thing to do, Avi. I can’t say it enough.

    Thank you for being an amazing friend.


  2. Tug

    Absolutely awesome! I think, too, there are quite a few people not around on weekends. This has only been going since Friday afternoon, so the new week could bring a lot more… :heartbeat:

  3. Angel

    Adam, thank you for organizing this. You really stepped up to the plate so to speak (or write), and as I have said before..
    NYCWD has some of the best friends on the internet.

    I love watching in amazement as the total continues to climb. Everyone has such a big heart…I love it.

  4. Amy

    Can you believe this? I’ve never been so proud to belong to a community before in my life. It’s one thing to say you have friends, but it’s another thing when the chips are down to see who really stands by you – no matter how far away, how well they know you, or if you’ve ever met face to face.

    Thank you everyone and especially you, Adam. :heartbeat:

  5. RW

    I think I’m not surprised one bit.

    When I became an “out of work person” last month people were posting and sending emails and calling people they knew in my behalf, all over the place.

    My situation was several billion times less important than what this family must be going through, without question. But I’m pretty sure I could have vouched for the kindness and heart of bloggers around this here part of the blogosphere, just from my experience.

    I’m proud to know you folks.

  6. Cazzie

    What an amazing contribution from so mny people…all over the globe. See, people can be wonderful to each other, it gives us all hope and faith. I am off to buy me an avatar, and hugg my 4 babies tightly.

  7. Girl, Dislocated

    Either this sector of the blog world is particularly kindhearted, or I’ve been mistaken about the human species. Whatever the case may be, I’m so happy to see all the support being offered–the donations as well as the kind words being left on his blog by hundreds of people.

    Thanks again for giving us a way to help.

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