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A thousand words

Most of you know that my favorite thing to come out of Iowa since “Field of Dreams”, Miss Britt, is staying with me for a few days while she and her husband look for houses. In this short time, I have gotten to see all facets of Britt’s personality. I decided that there was no better way to illustrate how Britt acts in real life than to actually illustrate it! Click on the image for a much larger version.

Truth about Britt

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36 Replies to “A thousand words”

  1. Avitable

    Angel, nope, now you have to do the full monty.

    Amanda, it’s a cigarette. She holds it very daintily and at a 90 degree angle.

    Sheila, God has nothing against nipples.

    Mixednut, well, it is a stick figure. They’re bare everywhere.

    BPR, no, but you can see where I got my cool beard idea from.

    Angel, that’s what it looks like – I draw photorealistically.

    NYCWD, well, I left out the “shit”s, “cocksucker”s, and “suck my dick”s.

    Amy, I know! She’s like that old guy who brings the party with him in the Six Flags commercials.

    RW, exactly! She got ashes all over our mashed potatoes.

    Dave, as it should be!

    DaisyJo, well, to be honest, she manages to float right over the top of the table.

    Mr. Fabulous, the tranquilizer darts will probably have kicked in by the time you get here.

  2. Miss Britt

    You forgot to draw, “When Britt Beats Adam At Board Games.”

    And I’m pretty sure there was a lot of “Wooo HOOOO – FUCKYAS!!!” then. And also some “booyas!” and “suck it!!” and “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah”.

    Why did you leave that part out??

  3. Avitable

    J, and it’s alllll true.

    Mistress Yoda, drink, shout, dance, flash boobs – it’s not that mystifying.

    ReBrittfully Yours, I don’t remember that. My memory might be fuzzy in my old age.

    Trish, well, it’s actually a vodka bottle, but the light shining through makes it look dark.


    TMP, good point.

    DB, why does everybody think she’s so sweet and innocent?

    Hello, I know – I’m the next fucking Picasso!

    Joefish, you know it’s true.

    Crystal, Britt the Catholic.

    Annie, she’s ALWAYS enthusiastic.

    Lynda, no, it was the Sisters of Holy Shit Motherfucker.

    GDG, I’ve always thought of doing my own line of kids’ books. We could have a run of little Avitables-in-training around the world!

    Angel, really? Like, seriously? Ok, from now on, you’re no longer allowed to be my first commenter.

    RW, she’s a hybrid of a drunk 30-year old Boston Irishman combined with the manners of a New Jersey mobster. You should lower your standards.

  4. Mrs. Brain Bombs

    I would totally frame that picture if I were Miss Britt! I’m especially feeling the Jesus on the cross. Eat your heart out, Sistine Chapel!

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