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The List

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33 Replies to “The List”

  1. bluepaintred

    2. Angelina Jolie.

    but I’d prefer it to be at the same time, and since its my dream

    also. just for once, can you please open up the vlog with something other than hey fuckers? How about hows it hanging cocksucker or something? You of all people should be able to think up something new!

  2. Amanda

    Ryan Reynolds
    Shia LeBeouf
    Ryan Gosling
    Daniel Radcliffe.. I think he’s 18 now. or close enough
    Sascha Baron Cohen/Isla Fisher (I’m counting them as one because they are engaged/married and I would be perfectly happy with either or both at once)

  3. Dave2

    Less creepy? Maybe. Less scary? Not really.

    If I were in a relationship and had a list, it would be this:

    1) Elizabeth Hurley
    2) Halle Berry
    3) Angelina Jolie
    4) Aishwarya Rai
    5) Jessica Alba

  4. Fogspinner

    I don’t have a list.
    I tend to fantasize about people who I might ACTUALLY have sex with. And I can look them in the eyes later too. :lmao:

    So since you made me think about it…
    George Eads (Nick Stokes from CSI)
    William Petersen and David Caruso tie for the old man spot. I like me a red head though. Purr!
    *Smack* What am I thinking!? Duh! Tim McGraw.

  5. Amy

    Ok, so Mike and I have not had lists up until this point, since we feel like you sort of put us on the spot with this “everyone has them” thing, we decided to do it – right here, for you. (Remember, we are NOT entirely sober)


    1. Pee Wee Herman
    2. Rin Tin Tin
    3. Your mother
    4. Ann B. Davis
    5. Suzie Chapstick

    And, while I would have considered adding Edward James Olmos to my top 5, after seeing American Me, I realize that he would insist on being on top and I do have my limits.

    – Mike


    1. Sean Connery
    2. Robert Duvall
    3. Harrison Ford
    4. Anthony Michael Hall
    5. (if he weren’t dead) John Wayne

    *Note, Harry Connick Jr. is NOT on this list because WE (he and I) have something that is too pure to sully with dirty, dirty, sweaty sex. :sex011:

  6. Brandi

    1. Joshua Jackson – I am above mildly attracted to him as a person but HIGHLY, as in off the charts attacted to Pacey off of Dawson’s Creek. The idea that this actor could express the emotion that Pacey needed to leave me wet from a WB show speaks volumes.
    2. Ben Foster – He played the self-loathing Jew in Alpha Dog and Angel in X-men. His acting skills leave me forgetting the actor and loving/hating/etc the character. That is quite rare for my video-pick-apartish-mind.
    3. The entire male cast of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that is 17 or older. Yes, even Fitch. I would however have preference in what order, see below. And no, I think I would stop after the first few. I am not interested in a chain bang at Hogsmeade or anywhere else, thanks. It would be interesting to see about the Centars, but past that no half-humans, only full blooded humans and possibly Hagrid. No ghosts either although I’m not sure I would feel anything.
    4. Data – Yes, the character off of Star Trek…he has fully functioning parts and has been programed in multiple techiniques. Just ask Tasha Yar.
    5. I’m not sure that these two people count as celebrities, per se, but I will count them not only as my number five but as one person not two separate entities. The black beluga whale trainer in Viva!/Shamu Rocks Texas star and the blond-tipped main character (joker type) in Viva! Not the fill-in the one that is the best and has been performing the longest. I wish I knew their names. I think the black guy’s name is Clint but I’m not sure.

    Harry Potter List of Characters to sleep with 1-11
    1. Rupert Grint
    2 and 3. The Twins either one. Prefererably the one that makes me laugh more.
    4. Daniel Radcliff
    5. Lupin
    6. Neville
    7. Dean Thomas
    8. Seamus
    9. Dumbledore, Snape and S. Black tie for 9-11

  7. Trish K

    Sean Connery
    Clark Gable (just to say I did)
    Dean Martin (love martinis)
    Frank Sinatra (want the Kenendy secrets!)

    (you notice all but one are dead!!)

    by the way Avi, it appears the clown holes are filling in, congratulations!!

  8. Miss Ann Thrope

    I don’t have a list. I am weird and retarded.

    My reason is because I’m met enough (many actually) celebrities to know that:

    A. They’re all neurotic.
    B. They’re not as nice looking in person, ie., Mel Gibson has horrible teeth.
    C. I’m not a groupie.
    D. Some, not all have egos bigger than yours.
    E. Are more arrogant (in a bad way not the good way…yes there is good arrogance.) than you’re average arrogant person.
    F. I personally like men that are not pretty.
    G. I like ‘fluffy’ men not hardbodies.
    H. Kenny Loggins is a fucking idiot.
    I. David Bowie is more attractive in person.
    J. Little Richard is a really fun guy.
    K. Mel Gibson is a fucking snob.
    L. Steve Tyler is unexpectedly down to earth.
    M. Eddie Vedder is a really cool, soft spoken guy. I would hang with him, seriously.
    J. I probably would do Edward Norton. That guy IS hot and laughs a lot.
    K. Morgan Freeman – I’d probably do him too. He’s really smart and funny.
    L. Sting – way ‘out there.’ Kinda scary actually.

    That’s enough of the alphabet.

    The moral of the story is people are people and celebrities are just people. Except for maybe Edward Norton. He’s definitely fantasy material.

  9. Avitable

    Angel, I don’t know who half of your list is!

    BPR, “Hey, fuckers” is my catchphrase. It’s my thing!

    Amanda, wow, you like them young, eh?

    Dave, I hate to say that I don’t find a single one of those women attractive, except for Elizabeth Hurley.

    Fogspinner, other than David Caruso, I have no idea who any of those people are. And David Caruso is freaky!

    Amy, BWHAHAHAHA! Tell Mike that Rin Tin Tin’s spoken for, okay? And other than Anthony Michael Hall, do you like anyone who doesn’t have liver spots? Jesus!

    Brandi, wow. Just. Wow.

    Poppy, take that, Carrot Top!

    Mistress Yoda, I’m a fan of small, young, petite women, but I actually have broader tastes than that.

    Clown, oooh! How did I forget Paget Brewster?? She will replace Gwen Stefani. But Amanda Peet stays. She’s awesome.

    TrishK, the clown holes are definitely filling in. Finally.

    Metalmom, you’d go gay for Jessica Alba, too, right?

    Miss Ann, you are weird and retarded! And Sarah Silverman is not just a person, okay? She’s a goddess! Having met Ed Norton, he is down-to-earth, friendly, and smart. I’d fuck him.

  10. Clown

    I think Peet is a good actress, has good comic timing, and has a great chest (Whole Nine Yards)

    Still. like Hilary Swank, her face looks far too mannish. I’d rather just hang out with her topless and play video games.

    Like we do.

  11. Michael

    1. Angelina Jolie, it’s those lips.
    2. Jessica Alba, hot dancing in Sin City or in her Fantastic Four tight costume
    3. Alyson Hannigan, who plays Lily in the show How I Met Your Mother.
    4. Cobie Smulders, also from above show.
    5. Sigourney Weaver
    6. Gillian Anderson

  12. Miss Britt

    1. Dave from Blogography
    2. Mike from Amy’s Musings (I hear that’s a ride everyone should take once)
    3. Heather from Typical Red Head
    4. Rich from Championable

    And… hmm.. uh..

    oh yeah!

    5. Heath Ledger. Also known as Hottie B. Bo Bottie from such classics as A Knight’s Tale and 10 Things I Hate About You.

    (Prince is not included because a free pass is not part of the deal. I would totally abandon my husband for him.)

  13. Avitable

    Clown, topless Wii time is our special time – don’t tell anyone about that.

    Michael, Alyson Hannigan will always be Willow from Buffy, for me.

    10 Things I Britt About You, I guess I’m not on the list since I accidentally molested your husband when he was here. He looked so pretty and delicate, though!

    Bluepaintred, want to be? Or are?

  14. Bec

    My list:

    1. David Tennant
    2. Eric Szmanda
    3. Viggo Mortensen
    4. Johnny Knoxville
    5. Dominic Monaghan
    7. Matthew Perry
    8. Ewan McGregor
    9. Johnny Depp

    Have them washed and brought to my tent. a-thank you.
    I like my fantasy men to have (at least) stubble…
    There’s something about a man with a beard… mmmmm…

  15. Vulgar Wizard

    1. Kevin Smith – the real Kevin Smith, not you (this is really the only one that would tempt me if given the opportunity, the others I just have crushes on)
    2. Zach Braff
    3. Matthew McConaughey (this would totally cause a divorce though)

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