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Nothing to post today

Perry Bible Fellowship

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46 Replies to “Nothing to post today”

  1. Poppy

    You totally could have pulled off this post without making us feel like you don’t love us.

    Change the title to “Avitable’s fantasy” and magically this becomes something funny rather than something empty.


  2. Avitable

    Angel, my brain stopped functioning around 7 last night.

    Clown, barely.

    Amanda, uneasy? Did you click it to see his other cartoons? PBF is hilarious!

    Dave, true. I’m still trying to learn to be as awesome as you, though.

    Hilly, so you’re familiar with PBF?

    Mike, and I have absolutely no reply!

    Sheila, why? Unicorns rock.

    Jacki, I had nothing substantive to post. Not that my usual posts are really that substantive.

    Wayne, with unicorn deaths and all?

    Amy, crap? If only you had a sense of humor . . .

    Mr. Fabulous, effeminate children stand strong!

    Poppy, I almost didn’t post anything at all.

  3. The Scoot

    Whoo! Unicorns! My aunt owns a stable, and when I was 14, a friend and I superglued a broomstick to a horse’s head. Luckily, we didn’t do a very good job, and he whacked it off on a pole, leaving a bald spot between his eyes.

    I have never, ever explained that to my aunt.

  4. Avitable

    MurphBritt’s Law, you didn’t break it. We just paused it today!

    Mistress Yoda, I’ll post it one of these days.

    ADW, creepy? It’s funny!

    Dragon, I always keep one in my pocket.

    MsFreud, just a long, stressful day.

    The Scoot, seriously? Very nice.

    Poppy, maybe.

    Lynda, it’s like gay pride but pokier and meaner.

  5. Avitable

    Poppy, I always listen!

    Crystal, click the cartoon and look through his stuff – I think you’ll like it.

    EveryBritt’s gonna be alright, ha ha ha hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha hoo hoo hoo.

    Cat, you should see his other work.

    Mistress Yoda, I just need to come up with a hook for it.

    Mistress, who are you kidding? You love unicorns now. Well, stallions, at least.

  6. Trish K

    Okay, who do we go after. Obviously someone/thing has sucker punched Miss Britt…(your bully above)..but the miracle that is Miss Britt comes through….I just need to the rest here…who do we start to:jerkoff2: … ??

    We know you Know…

  7. Avitable

    Poppy, except for those times that I don’t. 😀

    Mistress Yoda, they get bored? But they’re boobs!

    Maritza, me too!

    Michael, I noticed that.

    TrishK, can you pull God down and give Him a good ol’ kick in the nuts?

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