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Ended weakly.

Here it is, midnight on Sunday and I’m left scratching my head. Where did the weekend go?


  • Up at 7, went out for breakfast. Mmmm, blueberry pancakes.
  • Watched Friday night’s Monk and Dr. Who
  • Went swimming. Ass got a bit burned.
  • Watched half of Kitchen Confidential on DVD.
  • Worked on my new vlog intro animation.
  • Did my usual work.


  • Up at 7. Started working.
  • Worked until 10. Started reading Harry Potter.
  • Finished Harry Potter at 1:30. Watched Friday night’s Psych.
  • Watched my wife paint our refrigerator.
  • Went swimming.
  • Watched the rest of Kitchen Confidential on DVD while I got Postcard Hell orders ready to ship.
  • Wrote this tripe.

I had such a long list of things I wanted to do, too, like cleaning my office (it’s an absolute pigsty right now), replying to about 180 emails, creating a new postcard design for Postcard Hell, work on relaunching IT2M, etc., etc. Sigh. I need one more day. Or maybe two. Or three.

Regarding Harry Potter – I’m not going to spoil it, but it was a decent read, and a good way to end the series. It’s just as hackneyed and clumsily written and cliched as the other books, but it’s still fun to read as long as you don’t try to be too critical.

Oh, and I seriously contemplated finding a place that would wax a man’s balls. If I had a handheld video camera, I would go down there and have them do it while I recorded my face during the procedure. But, alas, I don’t. Oh well.

Anybody do anything interesting this weekend?

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59 Replies to “Ended weakly.”

  1. Mistress

    Monk was HEE-LARIOUS this week!

    They way they had him talking “hood” with Snoop Dog cracked me up.

    I love when White people do that!


  2. Avitable

    Heather, stitches? What happened? I didn’t think HP was a slow read, though – it seemed to be pretty action packed.

    Geeky, I’m usually still as engrossed in the book and the environment when I read that fast if it’s an easy read. With a difficult book, I have to slow down or I’ll miss some parts.

    Amy, yeah, how interesting! :loser:

    Mistress, fo shizzle.

    Trish K, yup. She decided to paint it silver. It looks pretty good!

  3. Mike

    Okay, I gotta ask:

    How do you burn your ass swimming?
    (I know I’ll regret this)

    Regarding HP, I’m getting it today. I hope the “leaked version” was not the proper version.

  4. Avitable

    Mr. Fabulous, me either. My wife also painted the couch out on the lanai that you guys sat on when you came and visited.

    Wayne, if I wasn’t still dizzy from the paint fumes, I’d agree.

    ADW, with speed reading and my natural geniusnessosity, I read faster (with almost full comprehension) than anyone I’ve ever known. And I usually have to finish a book once I pick it up, too.

    Mike, the leaked version was the proper version. And I think if you really think about how I might have burned my ass in our private pool (did you see the pictures in yesterday’s post?), you’ll know the answer.

  5. Mike

    The “Pimping for a vote” post? There’s pictures of your pool in that post???

    Sorry, I’ve been out of town for the week-end, I’m catching on the posts out of order… I figured it was something like that (bare ass swimming), I guess I need a second coffee today. πŸ˜‰

  6. Julianne

    You think you read faster than me???

    And I LOVED Monk this week too.

    I got a pamposan (no idea how to spell it, one of those wicker bowl chairs) for $5 through craigslist, that was reasonably exciting

  7. Avitable

    Mike, bare-ass swimming at the park’s pool? Sounds like a good plan!

    Mr. Fabulous, the dog must have cleaned up the pus, because we didn’t notice that.

    Mistress Yoda, what was written on them?

    ADW, it’s the natural state of being a genius. I can make up words – it’s one of our rights.

    Jules, yes, I do. You naturally read fast, just like I did, but then I also had additional training, which honed my skills. A papasan for $5 is a good deal – those things are expensive new.

    Poppy, nothing? No fist fights or gun battles?

  8. Mist 1

    I don’t know about your fine state but, where I live, the state board that regulates cosmetology (and firearms and livestock) prohibits testicle waxing. Seriously. I’ve done my research.

    Yes. I have a lot of free time.

  9. Tracy Lynn

    It took me about the same amount of time to read HP and I liked it too. Won’t read it again or anything, but it was fun, and a good ending.

    I will undertake to find and send you a handheld video camera if you find a place that will wax your balls. I pinky swear.

  10. Avitable

    Poppy, that’s true. And those are some good shows!

    Mistress Yoda, just checked it out. Very nice!

    TMP, I got a quite a bit of work done, so that was good.

    Metalmom, I can’t get into Burn Notice. I have the last few episodes saved, but I don’t know if I’m going to watch them.

    Mist, yeah? Well, do you freelance?

    The Brittstress, give me about two weeks and we’ll see who I’m talking about all the time.

    RW, that’s good. It would be ridiculous if my innocent lil’ blog was blocked!

    HG5, practice? No, that’s how you get to Carnegie Hall.

    Tracy, yeah? Can I keep it?

  11. Miss Britt

    Pfft. Whatever. You’re the worst bigamist in history. Constantly trying to get us to battle it out, setting me up to be the scapegoat.

    If you had it your way we’d fight each other to the death, leaving you with all the insurance money.

    I’m on to you, dogfucker.

  12. Princess Victoria

    Okay, so I left a comment and lost it, as I usually do. And it was witty and funny, and it took me a long time to write, because my eyes kept drifting up to the bouncin’ boobies and the booty. I mean that ass must be jam, cuz jelly don’t shake like dat.
    So the jist of my first comment was that you read the book faster than I (4 1/2 hours) and I went on a motorcycle ride w/my hubby and friends. Oh, and my pool is lame, but my 8 person hot tub, ROCKS!!

  13. Avitable

    Shaken not Britted, yeah, but then I’d get the little shits, too. You can’t trick me into killing you!

    Lynda, well, if it’s was purely about business, I’d be for no weekends, to be honest.

    Victoria, I’ll have to take your word for it on the wit. And I read faster than anyone I know, so don’t feel bad. My wife won’t let me get a hot tub until we get a below ground one. She won’t get an aboveground tub no matter how much I beg!

    Usedtobeme, sure.

  14. Mike Thomas


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    Edited by Avitable.

  15. bdogg_mcgee

    We must have been on the same wavelength or something this weekend, for I finished HP #7 last night and I watched the Kitchen Confidential DVDs too. (Not at the same time though, too distracting) Both were quite enjoyable….

  16. Miss Britt

    Did you just call my kids little shits??

    You are not allowed to call them that unless you are going to shake them soundly afterwards and then pay their tuition in a pathetic effort to assuage your own guilt.

  17. Avitable

    Lynda, I am, indeed. It’s part of owning your own business.

    Tug, yeah, that sounds boring as hell!

    Cheri, have you ever gotten a Birdie? Because I have!

    TMP, it pays the bills!

    Janna, you are a fucking genius!

    Mike Thomas, with 300 posts in little over 30 days and a clear desperate attempt at building pagerank quickly and artificially to earn money from PPP, I think I’ll pass on the spamming.

    Bdogg, really? Clearly, us smart people think alike.

    Dead and Brittied, I’ll only call them little shits if you leave them to Amy and I and we will have to take care of them.

  18. Cheri

    So what I did is hit the ball 2 times to get it in the hole. I chiped it in from 40 or so yards. I did it again last night – only last night I only got a birdie instead of an eagle. An eagle is the best you can do after a hole in one.

  19. Cheri

    I might have – oops typo. Sorry! Now I understand why you thought it’d be a hole in one – I WISH! If that ever happens you won’t hear that end of me bragging about it. As it is my 9 yr old is better than me now. I was kicking his butt all weekend but he got to practice for 2 days and last night he beat me. Ugh!!

  20. Avitable

    Cheri, I’m pretty decent at it. I wish they had more levels or fields or greens or whatever they’re called.

    Wayne, clearly.

    Annie, it’s still in the cards, yes.

    DCA, we’ll see if it happens.

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