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Counting down . . .

Thirteen days until somebody moves to Florida.

Twelve days until I have to make sure that the company is all set for payroll again.

Eleven days until I rearrange my office to include a new desk and setup.

Ten days until new phones and lines are installed.

Nine days until I hope to launch a new redesign of part of my corporate website.

Eight days until I see The Ten, Bourne Ultimatum, or Hot Rod. Or maybe all three.

Seven days until one of my other employee’s last day (maybe).

Six days until Thursday. I don’t think anything happens on Thursday.

Five days until I get 300 and Hot Fuzz on DVD.

Four days until one of my oldest friends has a baby.

Three days until I get the parts for the new computer.

Two days until my wife gets home and I’ll have clean clothes again.

One day until I see The Simpsons.

12 hours until one of my employees has her last day of work.

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40 Replies to “Counting down . . .”

  1. ADW

    Damnit all to hell, you get a new toy to play with (yeah, I’m talking ’bout you Britt), a new computer AND a wife!
    Envy is a deadly sin
    Envy is a deadly sin
    Envy is a deadly sin
    Envy is a deadly sin
    Envy is a deadly sin
    Damn, damn, damn….

  2. Lynda

    9 days until my 12th wedding anniversary. Wow! Has it been 12 years? Holy shit, I’ve been married twelve years!?

    Oooh, but maybe we can see the Bourne Ultimatium! I really want to see that. Did you read the books?

  3. Avitable

    ADW, you can come hang out with us anytime.

    Poppy, one of my millions of drones.

    Metalmom, really? Must be nice to have a truck that drops things off by accident sometimes.

    Mistress Yoda, ha! I know your work ethic.

    Angel, I can multi-task.

    HG5, depressed about kids going back to school? I would think that would be a point of celebration!

    Wayne, you are so punny! Sigh. She’s 30.

    Dave, I definitely should have put that in there. It’s something that I put on my calendar every day!

    Lynda, yeah, the books were good, although the Ultimatum was the worst out of the three.

  4. Tug

    Your friend could deliver late, and then it could happen on Thursday. Unless it’s a scheduled c-section. If so erase erase erase.

    One month from tomorrow is a very good day for more Avi drawings I’m thinking, too. :boobs4: :woohoo:

  5. Avitable

    So ExBritted!, ooh, my very own set? Hairy or waxed?

    Mistress Yoda, well, if you want to work for free, I’d be up for it.

    TMP, yes it is.

    Melanie, no ladies a-leaping, though.

    Tracy, you may be right.

    Heather, liftoff happens when Britt gets here.

    Tug, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do any drawings this weekend – my scanner is hooked up to the dead computer.

    Dragon, thanks.

    Amy, I don’t plan on clogging bacon cheeseburgers.

  6. Amy

    KG – my husband is suddenly interested in setting up payroll here, he says you can show him your :boobs1: and he’ll figure out what you’re worth.

    (I’m going to beat the snot out of him for this later)

  7. Avitable

    Tug, oh yeah. Maybe I should read your comment before replying from now on.

    RW, you already have one of those Rascal scooters, don’t you?

    Mistress Yoda, it can be like rent.

    KG, I don’t know – let’s see them first.

    Amy, Mike is a smart, smart man.

    Lynda, really? I thought the first book was a fast read. A bit complex, but not overly so.

  8. Avitable

    Paticus, I just saw it – hilarious!

    TrishK, yeah? Cool. I hope the recipients like them.

    RW, so what, you don’t think I can fit in a Mini?

    Mr. Fabulous, Hot Fuzz was great. Not as good as Shaun of the Dead, but close.

    Brandi, yeah, me too!

    The Britt Lebowski, oh, I’m ready. Cup and all.

  9. Trish K

    I changed my mind…the sex change card…yeah that one. I was just on our video cams showing boobies….dad can’t walk that far..but the rest of the household in Washington state love em

  10. Avitable

    HCG, it could become self-perpetuating. By worrying about it, I could make something happen.

    TrishK, hopefully they won’t disown you! I don’t know if you noticed, but on the back of the card, there’s a message if you turn the card vertical.

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