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I hate Thursdays

It’s Wednesday night, technically Thursday, I guess. Once the day breaks, the corporate accountant comes and gets to tell me how little money the company has. Also, one of my employees who manages to bring gremlins that infect every computer he touches will be working, and I have to work for a few more hours to get his work ready for him to do. I also have several hours of tidying to do because somewhere between 5-8 tonight, I’ll be hosting Britt, her husband, her two kids, her best friend, and her brother as they pull in from their move from Iowa. They’re staying here and then closing on their brand new house on Friday morning. To top it all off, even though I know better, I had Pizza Hut for dinner, so I’m positive that I’ll be awake at 4 AM with heartburn. I’ve eaten about 43 Tums, but I don’t think it’s going to do shit.

Hopefully I’ll get some time to read blogs and maybe take a quick nap. I guess we’ll see. I also want to get all my peripherals set up like my scanner and printer and USB-operated buttplug. Then my office will finally feel like home again. Oh, and I want to go through all of my files on my old hard drive and clean out most of it so that I can keep my new computer relatively uncluttered. And I need to do laundry because my wife left me for her business trip without washing my underwear and socks! The gall!

So that’s my Thursday. Where’s Friday already?

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37 Replies to “I hate Thursdays”

  1. Dave2

    Why are you so anxious to get your USB-operated buttplug hooked up? Unless… hmmm… what kind of cheap-ass USB-operated buttplug model do you have? No battery back-up for those times your imagination makes obtaining a USB connection impractical and/or dangerous??

  2. NYCWD

    I actually like Thursdays now.

    It means just one more day to go before I get to actually sleep beyond 5:30am now.

    Good luck with the Gremlin guy though… sounds like someone who I know too and they are the WORST! Maybe you should have him work in SAFE mode.

  3. Mike

    “Oh, and I want to go through all of my files on my old hard drive and clean out most of it so that I can keep my new computer relatively uncluttered.”

    I read: “I threw away some mortgage documents and organized my donkey porn alphabetically”.

  4. MsFreud

    You’re lucky all you get is heartburn from Pizza Hut- I usually end up shitting the biological equivalent of bung hole eating battery acid in long painful watery squirts. If only that crust wasn’t so buttery and delicious.

  5. Mist 1

    I happen to like Thursdays. I can’t think of a day that I don’t like. I like Sundays because I have a source of wine despite a state prohibition on alcohol sales. I like Mondays because only the professional weekenders can carry the weekend over into Monday and I, for one, am excellent at that. Tuesday brings 50% bottles of wine at a local restaurant. Wednesday is ladies day at the oil change and is also the day that a new cask is tapped at a local brewery. Thursdays are perfectly reasonable days to start the weekend and I always look great on Thursdays. Fridays are well, Fridays. Saturdays are the best days. Every day that’s a good day is a Saturday to me.

    Nothing wrong with Thursdays.

    I don’t like the 15th of the month…no matter the day.

  6. Avitable

    BPR, awww, thanks for sacrificing your blog for my naptime!

    Dave, well, it’s an Apple product so once the battery backup died, there was no way for me to replace it myself.

    NYCWD, won’t matter. He can destroy any piece of electronics just by standing next to them. It’s uncanny!

    Mr. Fabulous, I lied. They’re actually Jigsaw’s.

    AnnieB, do you always look this hot in the morning?

    Mike, exactly! And blockquote might be disabled in my comments.

    Poppy, I like Thursday nights because of TV. But the day sucks.

    Mistress Yoda, no, she’s just clearly a neglectful wife.

    MsFreud, you don’t mince words, do you? And that crust is sooooo good! I didn’t get heartburn though, so that’s good.

    RW, when you’re right, you’re right.

    Mist, so you’re prejudiced against certain dates, eh? Do you do date-profiling?

  7. Mike


    The “you can use these tags” is a little misleading then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m just commenting to stay in the top commentors, yes? Mind you, I have no hope of getting to Poppy’s level, but I can dream… Plus I hate Thursdays too.

  8. Amy

    I’m not big on Monday – Thursday, myself.

    Do not frighten my adopted niece and nephew when they arrive or at any time during their stay. Except, Emma, you can scare her because she likes it. But, Devin is sensitive so be NICE!!!

  9. Kentucky Girl

    You know they have laundry services. Some even pick it up at your front door and redeliver it back. I mean, not that I would have ever used that sort of service when I was feeling lazy. I just uh…heard about it once. Online. Yeah…online. :thumbsup:

  10. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, I bet he likes the dungeon, though.

    Mike, damn straight!

    Amy, Devin and I will get along nicely, I’m sure.

    Angel, I’ll take a day off eventually. Maybe in 2008.

    Poppy, I will not go a day without blogging, dammit!

    Peggy, you should see what I’m doing while I write this.

    Trish, well, she might have her hands full, but buying new ones is a great idea.

    KG, you’re a genius! I didn’t even think about that.

  11. Amy

    Avi, just remember causing a kid to cry, scream, wet himself and/or all three is NOT the same as getting along.

    And, for the love of GOD, please do NOT model his mother’s bikini for him. PLEASE!!! I beg of you!!!!

  12. Avitable

    Mistress Yoda, yeah, I think so, too.

    AnnieB, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

    Poppy, I saw an opening.

    BPR, not really – I’m just harassing Dave.

    Amy, he’ll probably be modeling that type of thing eventually anyway.

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