23 thoughts on “Brittstorm*”

  1. Sheila, thanks. Of course, there’s only one of each shoe – I should have drawn a pair. Oh well.

    Dave, you have to ask why she’s excited about my wood?

    Amy, took me long enough, eh?

    Mistress Yoda, Britt’s boobs will do that.

  2. My idea was “Brittbomb” but close enough. 😛 I’m really glad you drew the art with all your hair pulled out, because I’m absolutely positive that’s what you’ve done.



  3. Poppy, almost.

    Dawn, no, she lets those puppies breathe! Every woman should do the same.

    Heather, if only it were raining cats, Britts, and redheads!

    Bossy, that might be a problem with Bossy. Do you confuse shoes and penises usually?

    NYCWD, ha! I haven’t thought about Ric Flair since I was a kid.

    Mike, if that’s true, you should take a screen shot and send it to me.

    BPR, because you’re a big ol’ horndog.

    RW, no. I forgot to draw my hair!

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