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Yeah, so I lied.

It’s 2:17 AM. I just got home. The chances that this post will make any sense are very slim.

I did have big plans to do a video post finally, but that was when I thought I had my entire Friday night free. Next week – I promise.

I have a new favorite food, though. The wraps from McDonald’s are actually surprisingly tasty! I’ve tried the chipotle, the honey mustard, and the ranch, and they’re all really good and fresh tasting. While it will never replace a double cheeseburger, it’s actually been a nice little late-night snack.

Tonight (Saturday night), my wife has a party to go to. I have the choice of being her chauffeur or actually going out and watching random people I don’t know try to impress each other. I think I’ll take the driving duties and come back to my cave until she needs to be picked up. She may be going out to the party with Britt, which means that my real wife and my blog wife will be together and alone. That just seems like a really bad idea, although I have no specific reason to think that.

Tomorrow is a cookout at our house and my co-hosting of Fab’s show at 7 PM. You fuckers had better listen. I’ll know if you don’t.

Okay, now I’m off to masturbate to tranny horse porn and then to bed.

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20 Replies to “Yeah, so I lied.”

  1. bluepaintred

    I wont be listening to the live radio show, but I will download it to my ipod after it’s done.

    My son is having a sleep over and i doubt that listening to you and fab on the radio during dinner will impress the other kids moms…

  2. SleepyNita

    I am all about the double cheeseburger (no pickles) but I do like that crunchy chicken wrap with the honey mustard sauce…… mmmmm.


    Just had to add that in there, I have NEVER seen ass smileys before.

  3. Avitable

    Dutchbitch, maybe they’ll just make out with each other.

    BPR, I think the other moms would be impressed of the educational level that our show will be.

    Mr. Fabulous, you know it!

    Mike, Super Size Me was a grossly exaggerated piece of shit.

    TrishK, will there be nudity? I didn’t hear that.

    TMP, I know! Back to beef!

    Amy, I was hanging out over Britt’s. Nothing exciting.

    Metalmom, that creeps me out on several levels!

    Annie, no story – just hanging out. And it is good and fresh!

    Tracy, apparently we subscribe to the same catalog.

    Sybil Law, it will be. Maybe.

    SleepyNita, ass smileys are the new thing.

  4. Shelli

    How do you get those words like Fab and Britt to have hidden words all the time? Is it a plugin?

    I’ll be listening tonight. Only because I am required by law to listen to all of my brother’s shows. Or maybe it’s just that he’ll give me a snuggy if I don’t.

  5. briliantdonkey

    Tranny horse porn? Wow I am impressed. Thanks for the idea. It will save lots of agonizing over what to get people for xmas this year. Looking forward to the show,,,,,assuming(yeah I know about the warnings) BTR will let me in and not do that endless buffering shit like last week.


  6. Vulgar Wizard

    :shit: I missed the radio show because my husband needed the computer to study for his contractor’s license . . . BUT HE PASSED THE TEST, SO IT’S ALL GOOD! Anyway, I plan on catching the re-run sometime today while I sit on the Internet and catch up on 2 weeks worth of blogging goodness.

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