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A limerick

There once was a blogger named Adam
Who decided to post once per diem
But when it got too late
And he still had a blank slate
He quickly wrote a post that was kinda sad-em.

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36 Replies to “A limerick”

  1. Brandi

    There once was a blogger named Adam
    Miss Britt’s boobs mesmerized him.
    Though not married for real,
    Because Mrs. Avi might kill,
    Britt’s just his online madam.

    There once was a fucker named Avi;
    With wit and with words he was savvy.
    When the would Gorilla dance,
    The ladies creamed their pants,
    Cause his cock’s so long it defies gravity.

    There once was a man from Orlando;
    With an appetite bigger than Marlon Brando.
    He ordered burgers without speed,
    In his pants he nearly peed,
    Cause the van was full of retardos.

    There once was a nudist named Avitable.
    He decided clothes were uncomfortable.
    He’s one hairy dude.
    While driving around nude.
    And he swears that ticket was debatable.

    There once was a nerd named Avitable.
    The comics he bought were plentiful.
    He caused quite a scene,
    When he creamed on his screen;
    Because his monitor was masterbatable.

    His initials were AHA.
    He posted nearly everyday.
    We thought he was going to have a kid,
    Because of that Britt and Amy did.
    I still say, “Very good play!”

  2. Avitable

    BPR, no, just more sleep. I’m not the one who’s sad – the post is!

    Amanda, yeah. It was a pretty poor rhyme, though.

    Brandi, bravo! Those are quite impressive.

    Sheila, limericks solve everything.

    Mr. Fabulous, all of my posts should be in limerick form.

    TrishK, actually, that part went really well!

    Britt, fuckin’ A.

    RW, it was the best I had…em.

    Christie, I’ll ignore the cough and reap the praises.

  3. Avitable

    MsFreud, when my mind is bored, we’re all in trouble!

    Metalmom, well, that’s a bit much, don’t you think?

    Poppy, limericky martin?

    Robin, it might be beyond you.

    BPR, just email it a picture of your boobs.

    Bossy, me either, clearly.

    TMP, she did fine! Did anyone expect any less?

    Amy, :boobs3:

    Wayne, you are the wayne-r!

    DB, woohoo!

  4. Avitable

    Poppy, I believe the word you’re looking for is heelarious.

    Robin, well, I’m beyond everyone.

    Tracy, this was substantive! Don’t judge!

    BPR, it’s in your sent mail, right?

    TMP, we weren’t dramatic – we were just nervous.

  5. Avitable

    Crystal, innerhey is my new favorite word!

    TMP, that’s exactly how it went, too.

    Mike, I know. We can’t have that!

    e.Craig, it’s okay. You can tell me that I have talent coming out of my penis. I know it’s true.

    BPR, warpath? What happened? I think you might feel better if you took pictures of your boobs.

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