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100 Things Part 6

In 100 Things: Part 1, I told you 21 things about my family. Then, in 100 Things: Part 2, I told you 19 eccentric things about myself. Then, 100 Things: Part 3 was about my wife. 100 Things: Part 4 was all about the weird and cool things I’ve seen or done. 100 Things: Part 5 was about some of the strange things I hate. And now, here’s Part 6:

100 Things: Things I Love

Rather than pick up on the things that I obviously love (cheeseburgers, my wife, lettuce, etc.), I’ve decided to focus on some of the things that I love that are less obvious. Here goes.

I love:

20. A huge rolling thunderstorm that shakes the windows each time the thunder roars and pours down sheet after sheet of water.

19. Driving 110 mph through four lanes of traffic like it’s a chessboard.

18. Walking in the door and taking off my pants.

17. Watching someone open a gift.

16. Swimming bare-ass naked.

15. Taking an entitled, pretentious fuckstick down a notch.

14. When the icing on generic grocery store birthday cake has been in the fridge and is solid enough to pull off the cake.

13. Getting to the movie theater early with Amy and sitting in the middle seats in the row that has the bar in front so you get more leg room, then sitting there and talking while the trivia replays over and over again.

12. Eating a huge holiday meal, then going right to bed and sleeping until the next morning.

11. Curling up somewhere warm and reading an entire book while the entire house is completely quiet and still.

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53 Replies to “100 Things Part 6”

  1. Dragon

    You love cheeseburgers, your wife, lettuce, etc? I hope that’s not in order of affection. lol

    Thunderstorms with pouring rain is one of my most favourite things in the world, followed closedly by watching someone open up a gift. Especially if I’m the one who gave it.

  2. Avitable

    SleepyNita, it’s a great feeling.

    Sheila, I don’t know. I think someone else must have written this post.

    RW, but you’re failing so miserably!

    Wayne, thanks for reminding me – you suggested it last time, and your post yesterday was my impetus.

    Angel, this is the lamest part, though.

    Trish, no, no I am most definitely not.

    Mr. Fabulous, I knew I forgot something.

    ADW, fuckstick can be both romantic and intellectual. It’s a bridging word.

    Mike, even more fun at your in-laws’ house.

    Metalmom, I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the rest yet.

    Turnbaby, while naked, smeared in chocolate, of course.

    Poppy, maybe Wayne is psychic! Wayne, what number am I thinking of?

    Christie, that sounds dirty.

    Robin, it’s awesome, isn’t it?

    Britt, I’m not entitled.

    Dragon, oh, I only like watching someone open a gift when I’m the giver. Otherwise I don’t give a fuck.

  3. Avitable

    TMP, although you have to be careful about burning.

    Robin, 10-15 minutes is a minimum for me. Amy likes it, too, so that’s good.

    Dawn, very nice.

    Britt, ooh, you’re such a dogfucker. I’ve never been “entitled”.

    Mike, then you need to take off more than just your pants.

    Amy, it was a momentary lapse in judgment.

  4. Wayne

    For a minute there I thought you were calling me an imp’s anus. Because I was gonna peel your head if so, because I’ve worked hard to put that stuff behind me.

    And I’m a little insulted that you think you can just get me to “guess the number you’re thinking of” or something so trivial. Do you think this is a parlor game? I’m such a progressed psychic that I don’t have to guess. Who do you think *put* the number there to begin with, hmmm? That’s how advanced I am. I’m only posting this here in the comments so others know; I’m confident I’ve already placed these thoughts there in your head anyway.

  5. Avitable

    Tug, yup!

    Mike, another brilliant plan. I’ll have to try that myself.

    Crazy Lady, well, we have hurricanes, so our thunderstorms tend to be spectacular at that time of year.

    TMP, but then how will the neighbor’s daughter watch?

    Erica AP, does the Pope shit in the woods?

    Amy, it’s not weird to eat icing!

    Usedtobeme, it’s a bit sappy, though.

  6. Avitable

    Bossy, sometimes they can be, yes.

    Robin, it’s almost time to put him out to pasture.

    Mrs. RW, I bet RW is getting hammered, storm or no storm.

    Stephanie, oh, you know you’d love swimming naked, too.

  7. Mistress

    Yay I love lists like this.

    #18 I can relate to but mine is my bra…I love walking in the house and flinging that thing right the fuck off.

    My boobs love to be free. :boobs1:

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