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This was a good week. Britt started working and did really well. She trained on Monday and Tuesday, was on the phones by Wednesday, had her first sale by Thursday, and showed me her boobs by Friday. I am more confident than ever that this will work out tremendously well and that this was the right decision.

And now, here’s to a good weekend.

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23 Replies to “Recap”

  1. Dave2

    If only there was a way Britt could show potential clients her boobs over the phone! Just think of the sales she would get then! Alas, the videophone thing never really took off… though it probably would if people knew they were going to see boobs!

  2. Y2K Survivor

    Big deal Big deal…. as an overweight middle aged white boy, I am constantly being told my boobs are showing. Hey, if I show them to you can I get a job too? I’m real easy but I aint cheap… I make one of the higher wages in Oklahoma… so it would cost you at least $100 a week. And… (big selling point here) I gots hair all over them! On “slow-sales Thursdays” Britt and I could sit around and braid them into corn rows for video log Friday! Just picture Bo Derek in 10, only as hairy man cans!!!


  3. Avitable

    Sheila, I was too tired even to write a limerick.

    Angel, yeah, I know. I wanted to, but Britt kept me from doing it. Blame her.

    Andre, those were the old days. Now I make sure they’re firmly entrenched first.

    Dave, I do wait for the advent of the vidphone.

    Mr. Fabulous, you need better writers. Are you using Bruce Vilanch again?

    Turnbaby, I have to see if she will make money before I worry about her shaking her moneymaker.

    Robin, I have yet to see your boobs.

    TrishK, it just took a little warming up to.

    Poppy, 😀

    Cap, I’m a ball model.

    Tracy, I never lie!

    Metalmom, it depends on how much the royalties will be.

    Annie, no. I sell ground up elephant tusk as aphrodisiacs to desperate men.

    Amy, yup.

    RW, who said I did good? I said it was a good week. I also got sales, too, ya know.

    Britt, so you won’t mind if I play with your gut?

    Michael, she’ll get something to raise.

    Y2K, slow down, sailor. I got you all riled up now, didn’t I?

    Crystal, well, you should come down and congratulate us in person!

    TMP, if so, it was a wet dream.

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