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Mad Libs

For once in my life, I’m going to let someone else tell the funny story.

Email me at my first name at my last name dot com with your answers to the following choices. The one that ends up being the funniest with the story I’ve written will get their Mad Lib posted and if possible, I’ll even draw it, too.

1. Noun
2. Adjective
3. Verb (past tense)
4. Noun (gerund – ending in -ing)
5. Adjective
6. Color
7. Noun
8. Sexual position
9. Place
10. Song title
11. Part of the body
12. Verb
13. Cute name for someone or something
14. Adverb
15. Verb
16. Onomatopoeia sound for grunting or moaning
17. Animal
18. Type of liquid
19. Type of taste (i.e., salty, sweet, bitter, etc.)
20. Fruit or vegetable
21. Orifice
22. Movie title.

Good luck!

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22 Replies to “Mad Libs”

  1. Avitable

    Fogspinner, you did? I didn’t even think about that.

    Sheila, ok, I’m not sure what is confusing everyone.

    Usedtobeme, I think I’ll probably insert one into the story and show the other lists as well.

    Britt, and it’s all your fault!

    BPR, real.

    Poppy, all of them!

    BPR, I said real!

    Amy, just do your homework and simmer down.

    Metalmom, yup. And it will be graded.

    RW, I know you too well to find you that amazingly slow.

  2. onetallmomma

    Adam, if you call me names or make fun of me I will never read your blog again….o.k. that was a lie. Listen, not all of us are computer rocket scientists. Would you please, for the love of God (or you, if you insist)be more explicit with your e-mail address. I actually have my answers to the mad-lib done, gerund and all, but can’t figure out where to send it. Yeah, yeah, too much wine, too many kids and too much sex…I know…it messes with my brain.

  3. onetallmomma

    Frankly, it is well deserved. I will not take it personally, however. While I was unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to email you I made pasta primavera, handled one 5 year old’s temper tantrum, 2 teenage rebellions, 3 phone calls and still managed to do your mad- lib. Retard may be too mild. Bat shit crazy works for me.

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