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Speel gud

I had this clever post all ready to go. My eyes were bothering me, so I thought I would just close my eyes and type out a rambling post completely blindly. The plan was that it would be funny because I would make stupid misspellings and errors, and then trying not to go back and correct them would drive me crazy!

Yeah, that didn’t work. Apparently, I type better with my eyes closed. I didn’t make a single mistake, and I was using quotes and parentheses and numbers, too.


Well . . .

Um . . .

Just go buy some Postcards.

And go check out the latest in hilarity in the form of IM conversations over at These Walls!

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39 Replies to “Speel gud”

  1. Amy

    Oh! And, I have finally figured out why your posts have sucked so bad lately.

    You haven’t been on IM with me… no brain sucking. HAHAHAHHAHA.

    I’m your inspiration!!!!

    I’m your BRAIN POWER, man!

    Without me… your posts are WEAK and SAD!!!!


    And, now, no one will think I am a freak for wearing that aluminum foil cap on my head when I am IM’ing with you. :finger:

  2. Avitable

    Sheila, only if I can have lasers installed in my empty eye sockets instead.

    Dan, clearly, you’re thinking of his other film, “I am an Indian”.

    KG, your tits count for you?

    Mr. Fabulous, my penis does! How’d you know?

    Metalmom, how would I type on it if the keys were flipped upside down?

    Turnbaby, you’re only allowed here if you give me props, too.

    DB, and I look good in a skirt, too.

    Christie, gfpopd oidewa!@

    Britt, oh, I think I’ve posted worse than this before. And do you know me?

    Poppy, conjunctivitis from an asshole – sounds about right!

    Sybil, well, I bet your vagina is nicer than mine.

    RW, more of a surrealist.

    ADW, she bows when she backs out of a room.

    Heather, I was rambling about how I was tired and typing with my eyes closed. Exciting stuff!

    TMP, I’m always smug.

    Brandi, and a wet dream!

    Amy, how she’s possibly surprised by the arrogance just amazes me! And I am on IM, but you just don’t IM me. It’s clearly all your fault.

  3. Avitable

    Britt, this is true. That’s why I linked to These Walls!

    Turnbaby, does gigging involve vaseline and large objects, because if so, I don’t think I’m up for that.

    BPR, someday.

    Tracy, 7oui’ree gvbr9iliAN6T!

  4. Avitable

    Bossy, let me know how that goes!

    Turnbaby, that’s a noun. You used it like a verb. Giggity!

    TMP, I guess I’ll forgive you.

    Cheri, I don’t look at the keyboard when I type anyway, so I realize now that it really makes no difference if my eyes are open or closed.

    Mist, I imagine me doing lots of things to midgets, too!

    CP, I have months of archives that you’ve missed, though.

  5. Turnbaby

    Turnbaby, that’s a noun. You used it like a verb. Giggity!

    *sigh* despite the obvious fact that a lot of nouns are also used as verbs *sigh*

    forgot you are both a Yankee and a city boy


    You live in Florida–and never heard of frog gigging???


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