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100 Things Part 7

In 100 Things: Part 1, I told you 21 things about my family. Then, in 100 Things: Part 2, I told you 19 eccentric things about myself. Then, 100 Things: Part 3 was about my wife. 100 Things: Part 4 was all about the weird and cool things I’ve seen or done. 100 Things: Part 5 was about some of the strange things I hate. And 100 Things: Part 6 was about some of the strange things I love. And we’re finally almost done, with the penultimate Part 7!

100 Things: My Favorite Movies

As a huge movie fan, I have lots and lots of favorites, so I had to set some limitations. If there were movies with the same actor, I chose my favorite out of the group (for example, my favorites of Punch Drunk Love, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and The Wedding Singer are all Adam Sandler vehicles). I followed this same rule with directors, which meant I had to choose between Luc Besson films. Finally, I didn’t choose anything that came out this year because it’s still too hard to tell if it’s actually a favorite or just a flavor of the month. Oh, and sequels and trilogies count as one movie.

So here, in no discernible order, are my top 9 favorite movies:

10. Happy Gilmore – some of the most quotable lines in all of moviedom. Carl Weathers as a one-handed golfer, Ben Stiller as a mustachioed evil nurse, and Bob Barker as an ass-kicker extraordinaire. What could be better?

9. Superman – even with the cheese, this movie is worth it for that one scene when Superman stares up into the sky with a dead Lois Lane in his arms and screams. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

8. Leon (aka The Professional) – the European version is more sordid and twisted, but both versions tell an amazing story of love and revenge.

7. Caddyshack – While Bill Murray’s character is funny, it’s Chevy Chase’s Ty Webb that makes this movie a favorite for me. That, and Lacie’s boobs.

6. The Back to the Future trilogy – I have a heterosexual man crush on Michael J. Fox. And while “For Love or Money” almost beats the BTTF trilogy, it just doesn’t quite make it.

5. Grosse Pointe Blank – John Cusack at his best. ’80s music, a hitman, and a class reunion. The dark humor and sardonic tone means this is a movie that I can watch over and over again.

4. Airplane! – There are many parodies that I love – Spaceballs, Top Secret!, Naked Gun, etc., but I think Airplane! manages to have the most consistent sense of humor and best sense of absurdity. Spaceballs is a close, close second, though.

3. The Addams Family and Addams Family Values – Gomez and Morticia Addams are played to perfection by Raul Julia and Angelica Huston, and Christina Ricci’s Wednesday is truly outstanding. These movies are darkly humorous and showcase Barry Sonnenfeld at his best.

2. Clerks I and II – Kevin Smith’s bookend movies show his roots, his sensitivity and his growth as a creator. And Clerks II is one of the only movies that makes me get a tiny, wee, little bit misty-eyed at the end.

And that’s it. On 100 Things: Part 8, I’ll have to come up with something pretty fucking stupendous for number one. Shit.

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66 Replies to “100 Things Part 7”

  1. usedtobeme

    Everyone in my house recites several lines, from most of those movies. My favorite line from Airplane, while there are many to choose from, I use when my husband is talking shit, I tell him “don’t start your white curb shit” and he always comes back with “assume the crash position”

    Good list!

  2. heather

    I haven’t seen a lot of those, but Airplane is an awesome movie. I love when they’re getting sentimental and she says “And remember when I used to sit on your face and wriggle?” or something to that effect.

    Great movie. I may have to watch it this week.

  3. Poppy


    I have no idea what you read from my comment. I was just jokingly saying that his #1 100 things about him should be about me, but they will actually be about one of his wives, and I’m guessing you! It was actually a 1:42am version of a compliment. My compliments come out funny at that hour?

    Did Adam pee in your Cheerios?

  4. Avitable

    Tracy, well, I’ve done 99 things, so there’s only one thing left. I have no idea what it’s going to be yet, though. And of course I’m naked!

    Dave, surprisingly, I don’t like porn movies.

    AnnieB, only one more. That’s it.

    Poppy, well, since it’s a list of 100 things about ME, you’re wrong on all counts!

    Usedtobeme, the announcer stuff in the beginning is one of my favorite jokes from that movie.

    Phishez, bad acting? How dare you!

    Heather, you haven’t? You need to get watching.

    Mr. Fabulous, I knew I liked you even though you’re a pussy now.

    Paticus, have you seen the deleted scenes with him that didn’t make the theatrical cut? They’re even funnier.

    Metalmom, it was hard, because I love several of his films. Leon is the best cinematically, though.

    Joe, yeah, that’s a great scene too. “I’ve got you, miss.” “You’ve got me? Who’s got you?”

    RW, you sarcastic old fogey.

    TMP, get on it. They’re good movies.

    Britt, it was very, very close. Spaceballs has some awesome moments, but it also goes for the cheap laugh a few times, so Airplane just barely takes the lead.

    Poppy, I only pee in her Cheerios when she asks me to.

  5. Miss Britt

    Yeah, the comment came off more as snarky bitch than compliment.

    But then, people often mistake my kidding for me being serious, so I can understand.

    And, seriously?! You’ve never heard “who pissed in your cheerios?”

    Damn it, this is probably one of those bizarre things my mom always said that I assumed was a common adage.

  6. Avitable

    Britt, there are some cheap laughs, but Spaceballs goes for nut shots and fart jokes too easily. Like I said, though, it was basically in first and a half place.

    Robin, how the fuck have you not seen Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack?

    RW, gasp!

  7. Brandi

    I can’t even start to think what my list would be. I think to choose I would lay out my top movies on the floor, take a couple of hits of lsd and let the characters pop off the box and compete for *my love* places on my list. But then it would probably look more like this than my real favorites.
    1. Fear and Loathing in LV
    2. Blow
    3. Requiem for a Dream

    And so on.

  8. Britt's mom


    Leaving aside “Steel Magnolias” and Beaches” for obvious reasons…

    What about “The Goonies” – “Hey you guuuyyyyyyyssssss!”

    …or “He-Man: Masters of the Universe” – “I’ll NEVER bow to you.” “YES you will. Yes you will!”

    …and of course, words to live by from “Gone with the Wind. “I know – I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

  9. Avitable

    Brandi, it was definitely hard to narrow it down to 9. My actual favorites list probably has 50 or so.

    Mom, Goonies just doesn’t hold up on repeat viewings as well. It’s good, but it’s just not good enough. And I’ve never seen He-Man. Finally, any movie made before 1980, with the exception of Bond, Star Wars, and the Godfather, sucks. In addition, Gone with the Wind is a bloated film that bases its entire message on the good old days when there were masters and slaves.

    RW, I think you mean “rye”. With spots, having a hard crust, and good with ham.

  10. RW

    Um no, “wry” will do… as in; I’m kinda glad you think any movie made before 1980 sucks because if you liked any of them then I’d have to review my own list out of pure suspicion I may have been mistaken.

    That kind of wry.

  11. Amy

    The only reason you think that most movies made before 1980 are shit is because you haven’t seen anything decent.

    The Quiet Man
    The Philadelphia Story
    Bringing Up Baby
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    12 Angry Men
    Mister Roberts
    It’s A Wonderful Life
    Going My Way
    The Bishop’s Wife
    North by Northwest
    Rear Window

    My God, man. You should be ashamed of yourself. Go get yourself an education for the love of all things that do not suck.

  12. Avitable

    Wayne, people use it incorrectly? I’d assume that if they know what the word means, they’d use it correctly.

    Dawn, they’re awesome movies!

    TMP, so would I.

    Mom, ooh, good thinking.

    Bossy, so it’s Bossy Cusack, eh?

    Tug, yeah. It might be an age thing, though.

    Amy, the only one I’ve seen is “It’s a Wonderful Life” and that is a schlocky, boring, piece of shit. Sorry, but you were born in the wrong century.

  13. Y2K Survivor

    I of course am shocked and appalled that you left off one of the true cinematic gems of our times. May I suggest the greatest movie ever made…. Tremmors! It has that classic line by venerable thespian Kevin Bacon, “I think I found the ass end!” a true classic.

  14. Julianne

    ditto on:
    The Professional
    Grosse Point Blank (note to self:NEED to buy replacement copy of this)
    Happy Gilmore

    Gotta add:
    American History X
    Primal Fear (and no I don’t have an Ed Norton thing, just coincidence)
    Usual Suspects
    Schindler’s List

    I know, somewhat more serious a selection but…

  15. Avitable

    Mike, somehow I forgot to type a response to you! I was saying that this is the countdown from my “100 Things” list, and items 11-2 are my favorite movies.

    Julianne, American History X is good, but not really something I can watch over and over again – the same goes for Primal Fear. Usual Suspects is good, though. And I’ve never seen Schindler’s.

  16. Jared

    No. Leon is the most overrated movie of all time. Everyone and their mother loves that piece of shit, so I gave it another try. It still sucks.

    Where’s the Charlie Kaufman movies? If you wanted quotable, where’s the Judd Apatow movies?

    Fight Club, Rushmore, Requiem for a Dream, most Scorese movies are all better than Airplane, Addams Family, etc.

    Also I would even take High Fidelity over Grosse Pointe Blank.

    But I agree with Back to the Future and the Clerks movie.

  17. Avitable

    Ooh, that’s fighting words!

    Rushmore and Requiem for a Dream are not better than Airplane nor Addams Family! Rushmore is good, but too quirky for its own good. Requiem is too weird.

    Fight Club is good, but I tried to avoid movies with ending-changing twists, because they lose re-watchability.

    High Fidelity is all talk and little plot. It doesn’t have any of the dark humor that Grosse Pointe Blank has.

    And Leon is amazing. AMAZING.

  18. Jared

    Well i am impressed you had an answer for all your choices being better than mine. i saw 310 to Yuma and Shoot Em Up the other day, both are pretty good, but Shoot Em Up was a better movie experience. It was so funny, in a Snakes on a Plane way.

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