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Too tired!

Talk amongst yourselves today. Next Saturday, I’ll hopefully be showing my new video intro. We’ll see.

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17 Replies to “Verklempt.”

  1. bluepaintred


    It reminds me of that one time, I was tired and I went to bed and I didn’t mean to cus it was seven at night and the kids were up and the baby was sitting on my back and the cat was chewing on my foot but still! Drugs! Awesomeness! I slept and then I had to get up to go to bed and sleep more! And now I am awake and starving and i need some soup. Do you have any soup?

  2. NYCWD

    I’m with Poppy… live Avitable from Britt’s house would be fun. Could call it “Adventures in Avitable”… as the kids run around you in circles. Just dress one up as Thor and you have the makings of a major motion picture.

    And even though I’m not with Poppy… I’d totally be presumptuous but I fear for the safety of my cereal if I was to be. :lmao:

  3. Avitable

    Amanda, tomorrow will be another day!

    Dave, clearly you are more dedicated to your readers than I.

    BPR, soup? What am I, on welfare? Ok, now I’m just recycling my joke from last week’s Lazy Sunday.

    AnnieB, because I was too tired for verbal diarrhea?

    NYCWD, I’m hoping it will be enjoyed by many.

    Crystal, oh, I’m not sad. I was just channeling Linda Richman.

    Poppy, I wasn’t at Britt’s last night. I was getting Amy from the airport and then watching TV with her, but fell asleep on the couch. We definitely should do video posts sometime from her house.

    Tracy, fucker.

    Brandi, it’s for whores and suck-ups.

    Sybil, I’ll be back on Sunday with a normal post!

  4. Y2K Survivor

    Dude you are the inspiration, the model, the height we aspire to… and you fuckin pussy out on a Saturday night because Amy wore you down on the sofa? Come on Avi, I forbid my kids from reading your site for a reason… and now it’s as if that reason is gone! I mean, what about the ten best hooters on TV or movies? Who’s the best action star? 10 babes dudes should never be blamed by wives if they ever got a chance to have sex with them. Why my toenail is thick and crusty… I mean damnit Av ther’s GOTTA be something left in the tank other than, “Damn, think I’ll take a nap.” :violent018:

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