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What a difference

This week has seemed really difficult, and I can’t really come up with a reason why. Sales have been good, thanks to my awesome new employee, I’ve been able to take the occasional break and go swimming and actually get some sun, and I’ve gotten quite a bit done.

But I’ve still been feeling rundown and, after 10 PM, I’ve been so exhausted that I can’t even come up with a good post. I’ll usually try to work on one while I’m working and finally just publish something, then go to bed around 1-2 AM.

Last night, though, I decided to do a little experiment. I went to bed at 9. And when I woke up at 7 this morning, after 10 hours of sleep, it’s amazing how much better everything is! Even sitting down and writing a post is much easier.

So, after this empirical study, we’ve learned a valuable lesson: 5 hours of sleep might not be enough to function at 100%.

I should get a fuckin’ Nobel Prize for that one.

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24 Replies to “What a difference”

  1. Mike

    For almost 13 years, I slept 2 hours a night. I got a lot done during that time, but I wouldn’t say those were optimal conditions.

    I used to think sleep was a waste of time. Now I appreciate sleep, and miss it when it’s not around.

    Oh do I miss it now.

  2. cris

    I had one of those run down weeks last week. It was terrible. I slept nearly all last weekend… maybe it was the week before… I don’t remember because, like you, I have slept since then. But this week turned out pretty awesome. We got over $300,000 a year extra in by snagging some of those grants “they give them out for anything nowadays.” and I was nominated for the 2007 Okie Blog Awards. Well… it was awesome for me anyway.

  3. Avitable

    RW, I wouldn’t want to do it regularly, but it sure was nice last night.

    Britt, no, this is the explanation of that which will result from a good night’s sleep. The result will come later. Unless I’m too tired.

    Mike, I don’t know how you functioned for that long.

    Mr. Fabulous, no wonder she keeps going to get me a “pop”!

    Squeaky, and this is definitely more than just “anything”, right? Right??!!

    Trish, oh, I have plenty of whine, can’t you tell?

    Deanna, apparently not. Phew!

    Mist, I should try that.

    Poppy, well, I think that even with one night of 10, I still average 5 hours a night.

    Amy, in two weeks.

    DB, boobs are better than a Nobel Prize anyday.

    Robin, yup. Haha!

    Crystal, I don’t think I can sleep 8 every night, but maybe I’ll start throwing one long sleep a week in there.

    Tracy, I know, it’s like magic!

    Amy, look at you – so anti-establishment!

    Cris, congratulations on your nomination.

    Mike, I was in the pool.

    Crazy Lady, 11 hours a week sounds about right.

    Dragon, good. Let me know what they have to say.

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