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Kyoo enn Ayy

That lovely interview meme is going around again, and I asked Amy to ask me some creative questions. Instead, she asked me the following five questions, which I have dutifully answered in an entirely honest manner below. If you would like me to interview you, just let me know in the comments.

1. Favorite artist (as in art, actual art, not movies or music) aside from yourself?


2. Current favorite room spray?

I’m waffling between the “Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream” and “Vaginal Secretions” sprays.

3. Favorite Bath and Bodywork product?

They make a great Spanish Fly Potion.

4. Favorite (non fast food) restaurant and why?

If they serve a good filet mignon and dinner costs at least a hundred dollars, it’s a favorite.

5. Your last Ebay purchase?

The Fist of Fury.

Exciting, eh? You too can be a part of it by asking me to interview you!

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41 Replies to “Kyoo enn Ayy”

  1. MsFreud

    Oh, oh… Pick me, pick me! I have seriously misplaced my muse as of late. I think I accidently threw her out with the trash. Silly bitch wasn’t earning her pay anyway. What kind of questions could Avi ask MsF…?

  2. Dan

    I would ask to be interviewed, but I’m not sure I’d want to answer the questions. I try to avoid the topic of dolphin bestiality as much as possible on my blog.

    I predict you’re going to get rather swamped with requests here.

  3. Avitable

    Amy, I did the best I could with the material I was presented!

    Amanda, I’m sure you’ll regret it.

    Heather, but I had lots and lots of dirty questions to ask you!

    Usedtobeme, will do!

    MsFreud, I lost my muse, too. That’s why I’m asking lots of questirons.

    Bethie, you did? I don’t remember that you. You should refresh my memory.

    Dan, I’ll make sure your questions are friendly for your blog audience.

    Mr. Fabulous, my best shot? You want it in your eye again, or just dripping down your back like last time?

    Wayne, I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. They don’t want to accept a return on a used sex toy. That’s the nature of their product.

  4. Wayne

    You’re right. I shoulda been more explicit about explicit toys 🙂 I fully understand why they wouldn’t want to take a used Fist of Fury as a return. It would be like returning a lollipop.

    Well, the analogy has lost it’s spunk.

  5. Miss Britt

    Interview me. I won’t promise to post the answer – but it’s a good backup plan.

    And, re: Amy’s questions – I remember the last time I interviewed you and tried to give you all kinds of introspective, creative questions – and you fucked them all up by being ridiculous.

  6. NYCWD

    Funny… E-Bay won’t let RW in… but they rolled the red carpet out for me.

    They also think I’m a 13 year old girl from Thailand since I used my alter-ego login… Cremesumyunguy.

    Its good to have a back up.

  7. Amy

    @ Britt – THANK YOU!!!

    And, Avi, seriously, we talked about this. You were given material that presented a certain challenge and you totally took the lazy track out on these answers. Fist of Fury… Spanish Fly… :jerkoff2:

  8. Avitable

    Wayne, I’ll buy one and try to return it anyway, just for fun. And I bet that “it’s” is just killing you, isn’t it?

    Britt, you’d better post the fucking answers! And when you interviewed me, I answered very creatively – you asked good questions.

    RW, you might not be old enough to view that type of material. We’re trying to protect the minds of the younger generation, you know.

    NYCWD, that’s also my favorite soup at the Chinese restaurant.

    ADW, do you realize what you’re asking for when you sit naked at your computer, freshly showered and cry out, “Do me! Do me!”?

    Amy, there was no way to answer creatively with those questions, I’m sorry. I would have if I could have!

    Britt, step off, bitch. She’s mine.

  9. Trish

    I think these will be very interesting and slightly scarey questions.

    I am just stopping by to pick up a new “Blog and Be Blessed” banner since my first one was eaten by a wandering Amish person out in blogger land.

  10. DutchBitch

    “The Fist of Fury”… Hmmm.. Is that one from the same collection as the “Avitable Hairy Butt Plug” I received in the mail yesterday? (compliments of Fab)

    I mean, the EBay link required adult log in and well… I’m only 17 so I’m not allowed to go there… :angel:

  11. ADW

    I love it when people fight over me.

    Britt – just don’t pull a King Solomon on me, I would like to stay in tact.

    Avi – how do you know my computer attire? Or lack thereof?

    Great, two stalkers.

  12. Avitable

    Britt, you’re too selfish to treat her right.

    Golfwidow, I have time. I’ll just sleep less. Just for you!

    Wayne, I assumed as much.

    Robin, you can’t appreciate it if you can’t spell it correctly! It’s mignon!

    Trish, Amish people wander the blogosphere?

    Mike, game or gamy?

    DB, 17, eh? One of my favorite ages!

    ADW, hidden cameras.

    Crazy Lady, ok, sounds good!

  13. Norma Southpaw

    I have just discovered this blog and I have to wonder if people have enough to do. If they did, why would they be writing this stuff. OK, I admit that I’m a “blog virgin.” This is my first time. Be gentle….
    Just what are you suppose to write about? I am a middleaged white woman who works in the south and sleeps to pass the time…what happened to my dreams and fantanacies? I digress…what is it that I am suppose to do???

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