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King of the Internet

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Today’s guest post is brought to you by the gorgeous and powerful Crystal.

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35 Replies to “King of the Internet”

  1. NYCWD

    With current medical technologies including catheterization, aggressive beta blockers, blood thinners, and baboon hearts… Acute Myocardial Infarctions (aka Heart Attacks) really aren’t all that serious anymore.

    Oh… and no… I’m not the gay one.

  2. Creature SH

    I’m only here because I’m compelled to gravitate around certain celestials (who look shockingly else-type with a cap and are easy to locate when silent) at times.
    Anyway, a WHOLE WEEK offline ? That’s insanity ! Madness ! It’s siiiiiiiicccck. And not the kind that of sick insane madness that I’d advocate.

  3. Roxanne

    Crystal, could you make a video for me to post on my blog for when I want to take a week off from the Internet?

    Wait! What am I saying? I can’t take a week off the Internet! That’s crazy talk!

    I’m totally distracted my the squishing of boobs and shaking of ass in the “smilie section” or should we call it the “smilie sextion”?

  4. Y2K Survivor

    Hey just because a guy checks the blog out 3 or 12 times a day doesn’t mean he is gay or even that he is gay for Avitable. I mean, eh… maybe it’s all about the chance of catching Britt show her boobs! I hear she’s gunna do it any time now and I want to be around to see it… Nothing gay about that!! Pathetic maybe, but definitely not gay!

    All these gay rumors have to come to an end (not figuratively you perv!) Confusing a poor guy about his sexual identity is horrible and can you imagine the trauma for a short, middle aged, fat, bald guy would have to deal with when rejected by two genders? I say let’s drop all the speculation male readers are gay (that includes my gossip mongering wife) and focus on the important issues this blog has come to represent…. BOOBS.

    By the way, now that we see you have a web cam….. :boobs2:

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