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Waste Your Time Tuesday

Instead of reading blogs today, spend a half hour trying to spot the differences in this creative game.

Did you find them all?

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35 Replies to “Waste Your Time Tuesday”

  1. Wayne

    I like those games. They’re even more fun at the bar when you have 4 or 5 people helping, and you call jab at the touch screen as soon as you see one. The more, the merrier!

    The only one I really had a problem with was the mary poppins girl floating in front of the hand-drawn doorway. I couldn’t find the last one FOREVER. But all the other ones, I zipped through mostly.

    Too bad it doesn’t A) count off for “wrong hits”, and B) time you so you can show off your mad skillz with a screenshot.

  2. Avitable

    Angel, it was certainly a good waste of time.

    Hilly, so you like it in the butt? I knew I liked you for a reason.

    Beth, you are L337!

    Fab, I can’t imagine it improves much throughout the day.

    Trish, responding to your later comment, yes, you have to click on them. Sigh. I thought that was assumed.

    Maritza, there are several puzzles, if you can get all 5 in the first one.

    RW, check is in the mail.

    BPR, you are? Why would you torture those poor ants like that?

    Britt, well, you’re right. Your blog was pretty awesome today. Unlike those other whiny days.

    Golfwidow, you beat all of the games in less than five minutes?

    Kellie, that one took me longest of all the puzzles.

    Amanda, drink some more.

    Wayne, the only one I really had a problem with was the very first one, in the instructions. They’re still really well done.

    Amy, they’re so calm and relaxing, too.

    Jules, like you actually work anyways.

  3. Sarcastica

    I don’t WANNA do more thinking.

    I just wanna read blogs that are full of nonsense; like this one normally is. I’m disappointed in you!! :sex007:

    Your punishment is to be this guy in the middle::bukkake: of course you probably like it!!

  4. annie

    I don’t like to be redirected so I didn’t and from what I see here, you expect me to play some puzzle game?
    Jesus, dude, that sucks.
    Happy “International Squish The Toady Day”!
    (Courtesy of RW.)

  5. Julianne

    True, tho today i was playing catch-up for the holiday weekend (not that i had it off, just the banks and mail).

    I was stuck forever on the acid-trip one – you know, the one with dude passed out with his guitar on the wall and the wall keeps “breathing” and the painting of the eye blinks. and finally beat it when i just clicked on the windowsill in desperation, i saw no difference…

  6. Avitable

    Britt, πŸ˜›

    Sarcastica, so you’re just afraid to fail, is that what you’re saying?

    Annie, it’s a “Spot the things different with the picture” game.

    Julianne, yeah, that one was tough. The bricks lined up differently on the bottom of the frame.

    Crystal, I’m surprised the answers don’t just come to you in a ray of light!

    Dawn, you’re terrifically welcome!

    Bossy, I think you just love it to death, don’t you?

    Sybil, I’m here for your ego boost!

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