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6 years

I love you very much, sweetie!

Here is the direct link.

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28 Replies to “6 years”

  1. hellohahanarf

    happy day!!

    the intro cracks me up. my big bad german shepherd came running across the room when it started, stuck his nose to my laptop monitor, cocked his head sideways and whined / cried. which of course made my drunk ass giggle. i don’t think louie likes the music. please do not change it coz that just really cracked me open.

  2. Dee

    I have to know! 6 years? 6 years what? I closed the window, but I feel cheated that I don’t know why…

    Have a strange hankering for waffles though :batting: Congrats! Adam :heartbeat: Amy

    Oh, and I had no idea you pronounced your name that way, so vaginavitable now sounds better in my head 😉

  3. Fogspinner

    So… Since I’m such and angel :angel: and I closed my window like a good girl, and know nothing about anthrax or waffle houses, I’m taking the following statement totally from comments.

    Happy Anniversary Amy and Adam. :heartbeat:

  4. Jean

    You’re living proof that sometimes Beauty does end up with the Beast. You and Amy are a great team, and I hope that you’re planning something romantic for her this weekend (that doesn’t involve donkeys or dolphins).

  5. Avitable

    Michael, such a fucker.

    Dave, of course I was, but only in a donkey-on-donkey way.

    Amy, didn’t realize that telling your wife you loved her was brown nosing.

    Hello, your dog doesn’t like Starship?

    Bethie, thanks.

    Dee, did I say my name in that video? Or did you watch the other one where I give instructions?

    Trish, it’s that Wrigley “Rain” gum that’s new. I love it.

    HG5, thanks.

    Metalmom, you must have awesome psychic powers!

    Jeff, you think you had me all figured out before that? Just wait until you see my poetry reading.

    Wayne, neither does mine, usually, but I told her to check it out.

    Hilly, you dirty whore!

    RW, nope. You get a cookie, though.

    Poppy, babies? Is that the 6th anniversary present?

    Fogspinner, good to hear that you followed instructions.

    Jean, how dare you call Amy a beast! She’s out of town on business, though.

    Tracy, can too!

    Angel, I’ve got some baby batter, flour, and eggs.

    AnnieB, how did you know I made a chair out of driftwood for her?

    Mr. Fabulous, oh, I’m not losing it. I know exactly where it’s going. My back.

    BPR, she saw it. I knew she wouldn’t follow directions!

    Sybil, now I have to go punch a nun in the crotch.

    TMP, thanks.

  6. Miss Britt

    I would like to go on record as saying I officially hate you and Amy.

    I have been asking my husband for a public declaration of love for SEVEN MUTHERFUCKING YEARS!! And stil, nothing.

    Oh, and, uh, congratulations – you mooshie lovey lucky sons o’ bitches.

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