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So I’m thinking of doing NaNoWriMo, even though the name is retarded.

For those of you who have no idea what that is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a challenge to write 50,000 words starting on November 1st, and ending on November 30th.

Writing that much in such a short period of time means that your writing is going to absolutely suck. But just by putting the words to paper and getting them out, you’re getting closer to writing something real.

I thought to myself. “Self, even though you work constantly and have very little free time, you should also try to write a 50,000-word novel at the same time!”

Plus blog every day.

And make sales.

And supervise my unruly salesperson.

And run my household with the iron fist like I usually do.

And kill and bury my weekly underage Thai hooker in the backyard.

Anyone else thinking of doing NaNoWriMo?

Have any suggestions for how to blog for that entire month?

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51 Replies to “NaNoWriMo”

  1. karen

    I did NaNoWriMo last year, but I didn’t meet the goal. I am going to do it again this year and I feel confident that I can do it.

    But I will probably give up by like the 6th of the month.

  2. ADW

    Have the Thai Hooker blog for the month of November and here is why:

    1. You will be allowing her to live for at least an extra 30 days which will make her so happy, she will do whatever you want.
    2. We all know how funny asians are.
    3. She may be related to ManHo Cho and I wouldn’t want one of his cousins to die. Er, on second though, he’s Vietnamese..

    OK, kill the bitch and have guest posters. No don’t do that.

    Damnit, my other personalities are coming out to play today.

  3. Dan

    It’s tempting, but for some reason I feel that 2008 will be my year for it.

    As for blogging every day on top – good luck with that. I find posting every day to be exhausting enough without then writing a couple of thousand more words after I hit submit.

  4. Brandi

    Subjects: your stories are the best. Real, made up, it doesn’t matter. Just tell stories. You can make going to get a burger or a chicken wrap more interesting than the average person so keep that up.

  5. Wayne

    Doing NaNoWriMo sounds like a novel idea, but I’m booked. I know I don’t have the spine for it anyway. I’m bound to tell you that my salary would hinge on it’s success, and I don’t have the write stuff. I feel pretty gilty about the whole thing.

    My dad’s a farmer, though and has done some incredible work with world peace throughout his life, so last night he got his big award at our farm. We called it Barns and Nobel. We’re pretty informal, so it was ‘no jacket required’ at the book signing. We decorated the front with annuals. It was quiet, so we turned up the volume in the back.

  6. Girl, Dislocated

    It’s tempting, but I doubt I’ll have the time. Besides, it might take me the whole month just to come up with a plot idea.

    I’m not sure how, but I think you’d manage to get it done. Maybe you could give your wife a turn at running the household with the iron fist until you’re done?

  7. Y2K Survivor

    Dude I sooooo wanna do NaNoMiSoWiRowRowYoBoat but I have a small problem with short term memory and often get the name a bit wrong. I think I can fake it pretty well in conversation, but when it is in hard electronic print, it is more open to examination.

    Plus the only novel I have in my head is the story of a dude who’s buddy gives him a little blue pill. One night while watching Skinamax he decides to take it and the fuckin erection JUST WONT GO AWAY !!! So he panics and calls EMS and they laugh at him cause he has a boner problem, so he decides to drive himself and gets all tangled in the steering wheel so he sets the cruise control and scoots over the console. But his pants are down cuz he can’t pull them up over a raging erection and a passing cop thinks he got mooned so he pulls him over and tries to give him a sobriety test. But every time the guy tries to look up and touch his finger to his nose, his pants fall down and the cop write another ticket for indecent exposure… (should the cop be gay and really attracted to the erection?) I think the Character should have mean parents whose last name was Little. So they named their poor son Dick, out of pure meanness…. Dick Little.

    The end result is this Dick loses his job, his family wont take his calls, he cant support himself and has to live in seedy crack house motels because he is on the National Sex Offender registry and he still can’t get rid of his erection. Yup. like Mom always warned you about making those silly faces… his thang “stuck that way.”

    But with my memory, I’ll never remember what I was going to write.

  8. NYCWD

    I’m still thinking about doing it the way its supposed to be done… but of course to be able to blog and do ALL those other things… well there’s always the 30 guest posters you could line up, as Crys mentioned you could use excerpts, or you could collaborate with someone so that you write the novel on the even days and they write it on the odd.

    I think the bottom line is getting 50,000 original words out there.

  9. Sybil Law

    Chain the Thai hooker up in the basement and make her write, or maybe she can just draw some cartoons of you for us. You know, some great witticisms like, “A man who stands on the toilet is high on pot”; or “Man with hand in pants feel cocky all day”.

  10. Cap

    I’m going to try it and see what happens. It’s not supposed to be perfect; it’s just supposed to get the pump primed. :fisting:

    And to Annie: I’ll take you up on NaNoBlowMe, but you have to give me the blogger who posted the instructions on giving the perfect blowjob. :cocksuck2:

  11. Amber

    That’s easy.

    You just cut out all the important things in life… like sleep. And sex. Though not, necessarily, in that order for importance.

    I know, fat chance, right?

    I’m thinking about doing it this year. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  12. Avitable

    Karen, that’s 20% of the way!

    Metalmom, wow, you’re awesome!

    ADW, are they as hot as your dominant one?

    Hello, I won’t.

    RW, you’re already an accomplished and published writer, so yeah, that’s what I thought.

    Britt, well, not this week. Or last week.

    Deanna, I admire you for sticking steadfast to your goals.

    Dan, I might have to do excerpts or find guest posters a few days a week or something.

    Amanda, yeah, but you’re an artist. That’s what we expect.

    Sarcastica, I would like to read it sometime.

    Bossy, real = substantial.

    Mr. Fabulous, I don’t think they allow collaboration.

    Poppy, not for at least another ten years.

    Pete, that’s my fear. I have to come up with an idea that’s worth that much time and effort first.

    Brandi, I don’t think I have 50,000 words of stories.

    Wayne, did you hear me groan all the way in Austin?

    Girl, I might just do that. She’ll never give up the iron fist, though.

    Dave, you don’t have to publish your words online.

    Robin, never leaving the house should be a plus, right?

    Y2K, isn’t that the plot for American Pie 5?

    Amy, I think you could still do it.

    Angel, that’s what I’m thinking.

    Jeff, now that’s my type of plan!

    Crystal, not if it’s shit, you wouldn’t!

    NYCWD, yeah, I think if I can get that out there, that would be a good start.

    Annie, isn’t that every month?

    Sandra, a theme for the month? Hm.

    CP, thanks for the confidence.

    Trish, well, then. Don’t do it!

    DCA, I don’t think you’re supposed to be satisfied with the final product. I think you’re supposed to just feel better having written that much.

    Beth, I didn’t know you’ve done it. Have you finished each year?

    Sybil, man in glass house has toilet in basement?

    Cap, I’m good at priming my pump.

    Tracy, I will.

    Dana, that might happen. Heh.

    Amber, I can live without sleep for 30 days, and I am a sexual camel!

    Absurdist, yeah, but I want to write something original.

  13. Ian

    I’m here from Turnbaby’s blog. I’m a three-time survivor (and winner) of NaNoWriMo and intend to do it again. I’ll post various survival tips on my blog throughout the month of November. The main thing is to be sure to eat lots of comfort food and ignore the needs of your family. And to remember that you’re writing CRAP and to accept it as such. You can edit it into something publishable when you’re done. In fact, my 2004 entry was just published this past summer.

    Stop by and poke fun at me.


  14. Beth

    “Beth, I didn’t know you’ve done it. Have you finished each year?”

    I didn’t finish last year, but I was all sick with morning sickness and whatnot. The other years I’ve finished πŸ™‚

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