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Rejected Costume Ideas

Rejected Costume Ideas

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51 Replies to “Rejected Costume Ideas”

  1. The Absurdist

    I like the LA fires. Makes you look like a flamer too. Can you combine and go as several things?

    Dumbledore is a flamer. LA fires are full of flames.

    Apparently, Marcel’s body is all hairy, like Ellen’s regifted dog. So you can combine the hairy idea.

  2. Avitable

    BPR, yeah, there’s a story about Ellen Degeneres and her dog. Google it. I’m not going to do your work for you!

    Sheila, too topical.

    Girl, too late!

    Dave, he’s super, thanks for asking.

    Amanda, it takes a certain je nais se quoi.

    Amy, only if it’s an all-girl party.

    Wayne, that was a definite possibility, actually.

    Absurdist, Marcel is wearing all black – he’s not hairy.

    Mr. Fabulous, I know – that’s why I decided to forego that one.

    NYCWD, well, I’ll tell you that I can’t do high maintenance costumes that require uncomfortable clothing or anything like that. My costume’s not as good as some of these ideas, unfortunately.

    Luin, a snot rocket, eh? That’s a new one.

  3. hellohahanarf

    so if your real costume isn’t as good as these, switch it up. you have a few days left!

    no matter what, please post photos for those of us who are unable to make the journey this year to the best costume party around. better yet, a little video wouldn’t get complaints from me…

  4. Avitable

    Hello, I will definitely post photos. I’m not sure about video, though.

    Metalmom, is it better than cockslapping monkeyfucker?

    Britt, I can’t help it if I’m more sensitive and caring than you.

    ADW, that was an actual possibility at one point.

    DB, I’m up for it!

  5. y not i

    Marcel Marceau’s Corpse looks like he’s miming that he’s stuck in a coffin and trying to get out.
    Which brings up a question: if he had been buried alive, how would anyone know since he never makes any sound?

  6. Avitable

    Britt, girl, you know it’s true. Ooh, ooh, ooh. . .

    BPR, I watch normal TV. You’re the weird Canadian.

    Poppy, you’ve got the inside scoop!

    RW, did it make you drive slowly, too?

    y not i, if a mime dies in the wood and nobody’s around, does anyone care?

    Bossy, well, yes. This is me we’re talking about.

    Sarcastica, I don’t look good in pumps.

    Dragon, it’s all perspective.

    Turnbaby, I should!

    Brandi, don’t get your expectations too high. It’s not that awesome.

    Robin, yeah? Do I have to pay royalties?

    Trish, I’m just waiting for you to show up wearing it.

  7. Sybil Law

    I am ridiculously excited to know what the actual costume is! My friend once went as a pile of shit, complete with flies and corn pieces, etc. It was really well done, but then again he makes toys for a living, and knows how to work with the whole rubbery medium.
    You ARE going to post pics, right?!!!

  8. Tug

    I’m still on the video bandwagon – pass the camera around, get other people’s perspectives…then make it into many Sunday’s worth of posts. It’s not like you work or anything…. :lmao: :assshake:

  9. Avitable

    Britt, yet why do you hate me?

    Crazy Lady, there will be pictures.

    RW, now you made me spit on my monitor!

    Annie, I was thinking about that, but decided not to.

    Sybil, don’t be too excited – it’s not that good!

    Tug, I will definitely try.

  10. Y2K Survivor

    You know the Gay Dumbeldore would be great, especially if you could get a little Harry Potter Doll that seemed to be sitting in your lap… but when you stood up and walked around the doll was still attached and seemed to be in a doggie style position. …uh just thinking

    Oh how about a Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) and you could do the dance and show that magazine where he was named one of Gay dude’s main pin up boys. (Kind of like a MILF only for boys who like round boys) Britt could go dressed as Jay!!! Make her do the “tuck” scene from Clerks II! OH yeah and take pics!

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