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Two more days of prep doesn’t seem like enough time! Either that, or I need two of me. Or three of me. Hm – now that could be fun in the bedroom!

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26 Replies to “Partay”

  1. Clown

    Do I have to be in the bedroom too?

    PS. Quality is better than quantity.
    Especially when it comes to slip-sliding barf-mops that absolutely, positively, do not get sick and then deny it. :puke:

  2. Y2K Survivor

    I am hosting a Mini Avitable party this weekend for 30ish of my kid’s best friends (and a few parents) My entertainment plans is to tell them to stay the fuck out of my house. We will provide a fire, SMORES kits, hot dogs, pop and pizza.

    The kids are way too cool for costumes, party games or themes. All they want to do is get drunk and have sex. Life is terrible when your daughter thinks that is fun and your wife thinks it is a sin.

    Fate, how you mock me!!

  3. Avitable

    BPR, now you have to go and be all creepy and shit.

    Hilly, it’s only a quick four hour flight!

    Dave, they are indeed lucky bastards.

    Brandi, no, that’s what Amy would be for.

    Amanda, I guess. Sigh.

    Amy, for mes.

    Mr. Fabulous, I envy you on a daily basis.

    GirlDislocated, yeah, I am thinking about that.

    NYCWD, it just has to be for the right reasons.

    Turnbaby, we already got naked together with CP.

    Britt, I can, I can!

    Metalmom, you could have come. You were invited.

    RW, I think one is too many already.

    Hello, indubitably.

    TMP, thanks.

    Robin, you’d have to have a million dollars to come to my party? Bitch.

    Poppy, it’s not a silly challenge.

    Clown, with Avitables, quantity is definitely better.

    Y2K, sounds more fun than my party!

    Y Not I, that’s awesome. Unfortunately, I already have a penis that dispenses pina colada.

    DB, I like that plan!

    Wayne, HAHAHAHAHAHA! Very nice.

    Lynda, maybe.

    Tracy, you mean wet a little in your pants, don’t you?

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