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I’m spending all day today hanging things, arranging props, buying supplies, and getting ready for the big night. I’m not going to be able to set up a live webcam, but I’m hoping someone has a video camera. There will be plenty of still photos, if not.

Be jealous!

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21 Replies to “Prep”

  1. Avitable

    Poppy, let me just thank you for correctly spelling that.

    DB, and then we would have had a hot naked table dancer.

    Mr. Fabulous, I hope you enjoyed your tranny. Thanks for using Shemalia, Inc.

    Metalmom, you could have driven down here.

    RW, I’m not a complete sadist.

    Todd, only if the crowd demands it.

    Hilly, I know why you’re jealllloussss . . .neener neener neener!

    Trish, you should have come!

    Hello, slip a few razor blades in there for me.

    Brandi, Mr. Fabulous had his cock out all night long.

    CP, yay! Thanks for coming!

    Wayne, I just didn’t have time to set it up, plus post a sign alerting people that they’re being recorded.

    Poppy, too busy!

    Sybil Law, you should have come!

    TMP, definitely.

    Shelli, he would have made you stroke his cock.

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