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Halloween 2007 Recap Part 1

I had hoped to do this all in one post, but it ain’t gonna happen. I’m still waiting on photos from some others at the party so I can try to post as many costume pictures as possible, all at once, so that will hopefully happen tomorrow. I will give you one photo now, though, and that’s of my costume:

Camp Avitable

For those of you with bad eyes, I created a camp T-shirt and cap. The T-shirt said “Adam Avitable’s Clothing Optional Camp for Girls Aged 14-17”, and the slogan said “There’s grass on the field, let’s play!” The cap said “Camp Avitable: We’ll be on our knees, talking about birds and bees”. You’d be amazed at the number of job applications I received for potential camp counselors at Camp Avitable throughout the evening.

While I’m going to write up a real recap once I have all the photos so I can do it right, I thought, just to tide everyone over, I’d let Britt do the talking for now:

Here’s the direct link if you can’t play the video directly.

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69 Replies to “Halloween 2007 Recap Part 1”

  1. Girl, Dislocated

    Your costume was PERFECT for you! :lmao: :clap: :thumbsup:

    You didn’t seem drunk, were you? The video made me realize I’ve never seen a real drunk person before (except possibly from a distance on a street or something).

    Is there something sticking out the side of your head, or am I just looking at the photo wrong?

  2. NYCWD

    Now that I know what the roaring sound was, I can tell the National Guard to stand down. Godzilla has NOT resurfaced. It was just Britt burping.

    Did she hurl into your lap or onto the desk?

    I can’t wait for a full update.

  3. Angel

    I seriously paused the video and regained my composure, because I really thought that you were about to get a lap full of vomit. It looks like you had a rockin’ party; hopefully next year we will be able to attend.

  4. Amber


    I’ve been lurking on your blog for quite a while and read every update. But until recently, have been afraid to comment. However, Miss Britt convinced me that I really have nothing to fear.

    Your party makes me wish that I didn’t live in Colorado and had been invited. I soooo would have been there. But then, I probably would have gotten toasted (as everyone else seems to have) and started flashing my boobs. God blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view) me with a set of DD’s and I’m quite sure I would have followed previous precedent and been the “drink mixer.”

    It’s really quite simple. You put a cup between my ample cleavage, add ice, alcohol, and soda. Then I shake my boobs and “mix” it.

    Yeah, so I’m a bit slutty at parties when hammered. Oh well. I’ve got a bead collection that would rival the best of flashers at Mardi Gras, haha!

    Anyway… glad that everybody had such a great time. And that I’m no longer afraid to comment.

    By the way, your wife is a lucky woman. It’s obvious how much she loves you and you’re a very good looking man. Plus, your body type is perfect for what I prefer in a man. Do you happen to have an available brother who likes sex and wouldn’t mind trans-state booty calls?? If so, hook a sista’ up, would ya? Haha.

    Okay, it’s late… I’m overly tired since it’s been yet another sleepless night. And I’m going to stop spamming your comments now.

    From all the accounts I’ve read thus far, your party was a smash hit. Congrats on being the new party favorite!

    PS: Great costume!

  5. Avitable

    RW, I think you would have had a blast!

    Amanda, well, instead of a blood-alcohol level, I think she had an alcohol-blood level.

    Girl Dislocated, I was not drunk. I planned on drinking, but by the time the party had started, I had been working on it for 13 hours, so I decided just to drink soda. I was wearing a hat in parts of the video.

    NYCWD, she’s got quite the set of lungs on her. She actually didn’t vomit at all, but that last drink was close.

    Jester, next year your band can come play the party, in costume. It will be awesome.

    Dan, Cor Blimey!

    Angel, luckily, there was no vomiting anywhere. I was surprised.

    Geeky, thanks. I thought so, too. Of course, I got some strange looks when I had to run to the store to get more ice at midnight.

    Mr. Fabulous, yeah, you definitely need to hear the video for the full effect.

    Denise, nope, she just almost did, and I had a look of abject horror that it was going to be in my crotch. But then she was fine.

    Mike, me too.

    Absurdist, all you had to do was spend some frequent flyer miles . . .

    Trish, I should have, and if I hadn’t been exhausted, I would have remembered and done that.

    Amber, you’ve commented a couple of times, so I knew you were there. I’m perplexed that you think the gorilla body type is perfect, but I guess I shouldn’t complain about that!

    TMP, that’s what I thought, too!

  6. Dave2

    Sorry about that. The hotel I am staying at is blocking FTP and won’t let me upload to my .Mac fileshare for some reason… but I’ll upload the photos as soon as I get into work this morning.

  7. hellohahanarf

    what? not a drunk avi? then i am so glad i didn’t make the trip.

    i’ll just keep telling myself that to avoid crying here at my desk because i obviously missed a great party.

    love your costume!

  8. Avitable

    Dave, no problem. Thanks!

    Robin, you might be too shy and quiet to pull it off.

    ADW, just think. You could have been here.

    Hello, maybe next year.

    Deanna, she was awesome and fun, like always, and next year, you’re definitely coming!

    RockDog, we have an extensive interviewing process, but your name shall be considered.

    Britt, well, you were balanced precariously on my knee and I had to try to hold onto you to keep you from falling off in an undignified manner.

  9. Tug

    Perfect costume! Looks like you have a blacklight coming out of your ear in the pic though… :lmao:

    I’ll come back & check the burping skills out when my office doesn’t have people in it. I’m their boss…they must think I’m working. :boobs1: :assshake:

  10. Avitable

    Robin, well, there were plenty of shots here!

    NYCWD, she wouldn’t touch it even when I promised her more alcohol if she did.

    ADW, we’ll be waiting!

    Poppy, she’s like a rubber band, snapping back in an instant.

    Metalmom, maybe next year.

    Tug, maybe I did have a blacklight coming out of my ear – did you think of that?

    Brandi, she’s just so awesome! My second favorite person in the whole world.

    Bossy, don’t drink and be Marilyn?

    Hilly, plus more partying with Dave, of course.

    Franki, I’ll make her a trophy.

    Sarcastica, that’s what she’s like sober. Drunk, she usually start standing around quietly quoting Shakespeare.

    Dawn, so are you saying she’s not awesome all the time?

  11. hellohahanarf

    fucken a! i finally was able to watch the video here at work now that folks are gone and i think i just peed a little. hilarious! a drunk britt is quite an amusing site to behold. especially the kareoke part. and the belching. although i think i could give you a run for your drunken money in that department.

    that was an awesome clip. of course i was really hoping for a video and i’m thankful you didn’t let me down. great work.

  12. Wayne

    Definitely sorry I missed it. But I hope this isn’t the only video to surface from that night.

    Wasn’t the other video about vomiting just a precursor to the activities you had planned at the party? Was Britt imitating that?

  13. Kelley

    I am even more jealous now. While you guys were partaying on I was organising a kids party. No booze, no boobs and definitely no male appendages.

    I especially liked the part where Britt, after a burp that would make any truck driver proud, coyly said ‘Excuse me’

    Drunk as a sailor and still a lady….

  14. Avitable

    Hello, drunk Britt is very fun, and her belching skills have yet to meet a match. Guess you’ll have to come next year and challenge her.

    Memphis Steve, I had to wear mine to the grocery store during the party, but I don’t think anyone read it. And if you’re in Tennessee, half the people there can’t read anyway, so you should be safe.

    Borys, are you a cute, pint-sized blonde with the mouth of a sailor?

    HG5, maybe next year.

    Wayne, I don’t want those types of activities at my parties. Only at my orgies.

    Sybil, yeah, she did.

    Kelley, she’s as demure as ever!

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